The Halloween Post! Part II

I just wanna play with you!

(Disclaimer: The following part of the story is purely fictionalized, and there is no evidence that can be held as facts that state this story maybe true, nonetheless the story goes as far as the legend remains. This halloween sure makes Robert the doll more than a legend. So lets not spoil anything in the disclaimer itself, lets believe in this legend as a spirit of this Halloween and proceed for a spooky trick or treat!)

Year 1994, October 31

Max and Sean, two crazy youngsters who were known to be extremely active around the Halloween time of the year. Perhaps the two of them grew up feeding themselves on creepy stories and legends of Halloween all these years. To say Max and Sean were brothers, after a strange accident killed their mother when they were quite young, they were raised by their father. Their father believed in ghosts and haunted stuffs, and he used to tell his boys a different story every night which had something to do with creepy ghosts, vampires or anything with some haunted construction. The brothers enjoyed these tales a lot, and compared to kids their age were more fearless of the dark and this also lead them to be much stronger. They were always clueless about one thing though, the death of their mother, which was a very big mystery!

Today, Max is 22 and his elder brother Sean is 26. Their father went missing 2 years ago, under strange and mysterious circumstances. All they remember us that their father went to buy some stuffs in the night of Halloween 1992, and never returned. Initially the boy thought their dad must be scaring them, and hence did not pay much attention but they started to sense something wrong, when he never returned for 3 weeks. The two have searched till this day, and it was just a month ago that they found the corpse of their dead mother and their dead father, together. The autopsy report suggested that their dad died the same day, their mother had. The revelations at the hospital stunned the brothers and the moment they came to know the truth, a cold chill ran down their spine. Who was the person with whom they were living so far? This was just one of the many questions haunting the two of them at the moment.

“I really do not understand, what should we make of this? i mean it is evident that the person who raised us wasn’t our father for sure, he looked like our father, who could he be? what was his motive?” asked max who looked very disturbed.

“The thing is whoever he was, he definitely did not want to directly harm us, in fact he protected us these many years and with all those training he gave us, to fight anything that comes our way, his motive was something else and he knew about our parents and their death.” reasoned Sean, who was very clearly analyzing the situation now.

“Then why did he went missing suddenly two years back, and then our search resulted in this revelations, i don’t get this, what’s going on?” Max was confused as he said that.

“I think, whoever he was he planned all this, maybe he wanted us to get on our own and get to the bottom of all this, and if that’s so, then now is the time” Sean said that after thoroughly thinking about it. “On our own, and where do we start?” said max. Just as he finished his statement, they get a knock on their door. Sean gets to the door, he opens it. Some kids are standing at his doorway wearing various Halloween costumes and when Sean greets them, the kids shout “Trick or Treat?” Sean motions max to get something for the kids, meanwhile he looks at their costumes, of which he is amused to stare at one of the costumes, to which he asks the kid, “Hey you there, i have never seen any costume like that before, so what are you?”

The kid beamed proudly and looked at his friends with his head held high and stated, “I am Robert, the doll hahaha!” Sean smiled at him as he heard of this name the first time. He repeated the name under his breath one more time, “Robert, the doll aahhhaa…. interesting” After a while the kids leave. Sean turns to face max, “Tonight is Halloween, we begin tonight, i have a friend in Key West in Florida he maybe of some help tonight” Max looked at him, “you mean a Halloween party, do we have any costumes” To which Sean replied,  “Well we can get it on the way you know”.

It was 6 in the evening and Key west was an hours drive from there place. On their way they stopped at a shop to get their costumes, Sean entered the shop and asked for some good costumes and perhaps some cheaper and easier ones. The shopkeeper suggested, “Sir i believe you must try out the Robert, the Doll’s costume, its a sailors suit with a porcelain mask and its damn simple and hassle free, plus its the cheapest and in demand too” Sean looks mysteriously at the shopkeeper and later decides to go the party without any costumes at all. Though before leaving he takes one good look at the costume he was suggested. It creeps him to no extent, and somehow he feels some answers must be hidden with it.

They proceed to the party and on their route they pass by the Otto mansion, which looked quite creepy and the same vibes that Sean received on both the occasions when Robert, the Doll was mentioned came back to him as he saw the mansion. He immediately diverted his minds. Max looked at him and asked, “Hey, you okay?” Sean did not respond until he reached the party. “You stay here, i’ll go and speak to this person, he specializes in supernatural stuffs, Our estranged  “Father” figure whoever he was, once told me about this guy, i think he has some clues to whatever is going on” said Sean and he went inside.

He met with James, who was the person he came here for, after everything Sean told him. James motioned him towards the area where the party was going on. James looked at Sean gave a wide smile and grinned, then he spoke, “I’d like you to meet someone” Then he called a person from the crowd who was wearing some halloween costume, as the person was nearing Sean, he could see that the person was wearing that same freaky costume which he recently got introduced to. Perhaps from which he was getting some strange vibes. James spoke yet again, “Meet ROBERT, the Doll and perhaps something that might answer your questions, if you would know who is Robert actually?” As james finished saying what he intended to, the person standing in the costume of Robert the doll, started removing his porcelain mask to reveal his face. The truth stood right before the eyes of Sean, as he saw the face of the person behind the mask, it was looking exactly like him. Sean was beyond shocked to see this, he looked at James with a dozen more questions.

James finally spoke again, “You don’t have to get shocked my child, you have been perfectly chosen as the part of a conspiracy, which is ages old. You are related to the Otto’s right, a part of the family that branched out. Well, nothing and no one can hide from us, You aren’t exactly dead, you know what you and your brother are in a state of Limbo, perhaps you guys are functional vampires, if you’d ask me, and this person standing in the costume of Robert the doll is actually the real you, or should i say your body, inhabited by the soul of the evil. Sounds pure Halloween stuff right?”

Sean couldn’t come to terms with whatever James said, but he still listened. James said, “The entire otto clan is part of a big curse, and what did you think with the death of Eugene, the curse would end, you silly son of a bitch, the curse will remain as long as generations of the Otto’s live in this world. This is what satisfies the soul of the one who created Robert, the doll. So as to say, you have been a Vampire for the past 2 years actually, the time from when your Acting “Father” went missing, he prepared you for what we wanted you to be prepare, but the truth was a hard pill to swallow. We killed your mother and yes your father, but we wouldn’t kill you that easily, Robert the doll is in a playful mood, he wants to play with you guys, he has always wished this. He was played with when he was used as a toy, now you are his toys and he is the master of your fate, accept it or remain as you are now.”

Sean ran away from the place and immediately went towards Max, He noticed that the place where max was standing, he couldn’t see Max’s reflection, he tried to catch his own reflections in the mirror, but he couldn’t see anything. He touched himself he found he was so cold, his complexion fair than he could ever remember, and any passerby couldn’t even see him standing there. He realized everything and it all finally came falling into its place. He remembered the story of Robert the doll his father had once told him in the childhood, the curse related with it, and then he remembered what he had told him after that.

“Sean and Max, let me tell you something, this is destined that someday you guys will end the curse to Otto family”

Sean looks inside the building one last time and says, “So now i am a vampire, well Robert the Doll, you now have somebody to play with, the only catch that i am the player actually, you messed with the wrong one bitch” and he smiles wickedly, perhaps the Vampire smile comes into play.

18 years Later Present day! The Legend of Robert the Doll has faded into mere stories and this is all we know about it. Max and Sean are dead today and so they say is the spirit of Robert the doll and its creator! About how this was squared could be a story for next Halloween.

Till then Have a Happy Halloween, Stay Safe and not every doll has the reputation of Robert!

Happy Halloween Folks – Robert the Doll

3 thoughts on “The Halloween Post! Part II

  1. Hey there!
    I have surprise for you!!! :)
    I have nominated you for MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOG AWARD 2012…
    It was an honor for me nominating you for the award… :D Here’s a link… Go check it out… enjoy it with a cup of coffee… ;) no wait… it’s hot out there… Why not to enjoy it with a smoothy… better idea you know… STRAWBERRY SMOOTHY… yum :)

  2. Thanks for the belated scare! You’re quite a storyteller Amyth, looking forward to future posts. Keep your voice Loud and Clear!

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