Dilemma Is A Ghost

I be lost when not be found

I see a ghost that hears no sound.

When all the mankind lay dead in their living,

It touches lost souls and spread its wing.


Tells me a fable that dusty cloak,

mesmerized; as it speaks I ask if it be a joke?


It tells me;

Its the farmer who harvests the wrong,

And survival is for the weak and not the strong.


You will fall short of glory,

and what fades will be your story.

If you choose to act on morality,

what you achieve is mortality.


Dilemma is when you listen,

when you see and your senses use you.

Dilemma isn’t when you cannot see

and you make use of your senses.


Choose to see beyond, wish to look above

the ghost merely resides within you.

It will ignite the brutal confusion,

Let you be found and the ghost be lost.

Musings of a Lonely Heart…


I look back to that beautiful day,

When my dad gave my hand away,

To a man who seemed worthy of me,

To a family who like angels seemed.


I look back to that day and now,

Wonder what i fool i was,

I believed their promises to be true,

Looked forward to life, never to be blue.


i said goodbye to my parents,

Without realizing how much i’d miss them,

T look back to that day and now,

Wonder what happened to all that glow.


Cant seem to remember the careless laughter,

Or the light bantering i enjoyed,

That unflinching love i gave to his parents,

Why has it turned to indifference?


I thought they loved me too, but it is not so,

Where did i go wrong i do not know,

I ask myself and wonder why

They behave the way they do.


I’m just a girl who wants to love others,

Spread joy and happiness,

I admit there’s a lot I do not know,

But you must give me time to learn!


Why can’t you be patient and wait for me,

Wouldn’t you do the same for your daughter?

I beseech you, please don’t compare me to others,

If you liked them better, why did you choose me?


Every girl is different, as are her habits,

But if my heart is in the right place,

Can’t you just be patient and help me walk

This path that’s new to me and confusing?


How to handle studies along with work,

Juggling time for chores and for husband?

For a girl who’s never had to balance anything before,

You must understand that it is tough on her.


Try to think about all the promises you made,

To my parents on that wedding day…

You called me your daughter, said you loved,

I need your support to get a grasp on life again.


I didn’t get married to hurt you or myself,

Or to let my parents weep and regret.

I came here to make a home with you,

To be a family, forever happy and true.


If i could make a wish upon a star,

And have it honestly fulfilled,

I can’t ask for anything more, than just,

Rewind the time a year backwards.


For i cannot bear to see anyone in pain,

Or in sorrow, worry or grief,

Especially when they believe the cause is me,

I’d rather cease to exist.


If only you could sit and listen to me,

Like a mother to her daughter,

None of us would ever hurt the other,

Because there would be nothing to misunderstand.


But you prefer not to talk to me,

And so all the blame i must bear,

Struggle I have, and struggle i will,

Because i love your son dearly and care.


It pains me to see that try i may,

You are just not willing to see,

In your stubbornness and self-pity,

You are losing a daughter, a friend who could be.


And here i thought i was

Coming home to not just a husband,

But a mother and a father to love,

That i wasn’t leaving my parents,

But coming to a brand new family.


And seeing that there is no point in writing,

For those i am reaching to would never see it,

I shall stop my ranting right now and here,

And hope my writing helps another life.

The Conscience Artist

TCA1 If there has been one thing that has kept me super busy, is the thought that what could be my next big act. Keeping the reputation of Mythbroakia, built over the past 3 years, it only feels like we are just getting started. So the next big act is going to be a short film named ‘The Conscience Artist’, which is an effort to try do something that is mystifying and has something new to offer. It is a risk, which i am willing to take at the cost of introducing something that allows people to think deep. That has always been the whole point of Mythbroakia, to make people think, rethink and do that is required. The film finds its references in INCEPTION. The plot is totally different though and to attempt something like that in a short film mode is quite a challenge. So after making http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0bvycgf9w0 which was something different and opened to a mixed response, with mostly positive reviews. I decided the next venture must be something that is even more exciting to work. It came to me in the form of ‘The Conscience Artist’ which is 80% complete and will be releasing during Christmas. It is a Sci-fi action thriller and i am looking forward to all your support, to make this experience worthwhile. Another interesting part about this short film is the Experimental Character i am introducing which has never before been used in any films till date. So watch out for updates and stay connected through the facebook page and my twitter page and follow the #TheConscienceArtist for interesting news about the short film and Stay Mystified! https://www.facebook.com/TheConscienceArtist TCA     Watch The Conscience Artist On YouTube.

Daughter Diaries

The main reason why a ‘Daughter’ needs a ‘Dad’ is to show her that not all the boys are like the ones who hurt her.

f & d

Year: 1913

Location: Mumbai

Excerpts from the Little Diary of Naina (who is currently 14yr old)

Okay, there are a few things I do not understand, and I seek answers. I do not understand, why I have to be imprisoned like this in my own home, where my brothers get to enjoy freedom, I do not understand, why I was forced to leave my education half way while my brothers continued. I simply do not get it, why I’m suddenly turning into a maid servant in my house and am punished if I open my mouth or try to express myself. I just don’t understand.

This diary, I write reflects the state in which I am and I guess, no one better than this diary can understand my situation. This diary is all I have in this world, with whom I can share my problems, anything I don’t understand and the diary, it simply listens to me and unlike others it never judges me. The diary simply absorbs every word I feed it, and it makes me feel light. I must say of all the things, my dad has done for me, I would say he educated me at least to this extent that I could at least write this diary, otherwise today I would have been nothing more than a living corpse. What happened to my dad? Why did he turn out like this? I have no answers.

Today, is 18th April, 1913. I spoke to my dad this morning, mustering enough courage to seek answers to all my questions that has troubled me for the past 3 years. The time from which, I became a pauper from a princess for my dad.

I went to him, and saw he was having his morning tea, and having some conversations with my brothers. I tried listening to their conversation, they were talking about expanding the family business. I waited for my turn, when my brothers left, and it would be just dad and me.

I slowly started pacing towards him, I was scared to speak anything, I was deeply troubled from inside and somehow I needed to speak, because I knew it if i couldn’t, then this thing would kill me. I could not bear this feeling anymore. I stood before him. He looked at me as he took a sip of his tea.

He said, “What’s the matter Naina? I have been hearing complaints from your mother, you aren’t doing your duties properly, yesterday you were supposed to clean the living room, and I saw how you did it, I must say it was very poor. You must know this thing very clearly that you will be married off quite soon, and you must know to do all the household work. It is due to this, I stopped your education and keep you home, so that you can learn what is expected of you”

I was just listening to him and couldn’t understand the need for my marriage at such an early age, I said, “Expected of me? Daddy, what is expected of me?”

That was when my father said, “Good that you asked, look you need to understand one thing, you are a girl, you should know what your role in society is, it is to obey any order that is given to you, it is to serve and keep the houshold clean and most importantly shouldn’t speak unless asked to. If you can do this, then you are an ideal woman.”

I was simply awestruck, to listen to my daddy’s definition of an ideal woman, which I could interpret in my own understanding, the more you resist, the more ideal you are to be a woman. I didn’t know what would I say after that, I was still standing there. I wanted to tell my dad about what I felt, but the truth is what should I tell him, how do I tell him that it hurts me to know what he was expecting from me. It hurts me to see, the way am treated at home. But I simply looked at him, and saw how happy he would be, when I meet all his expectations and simply perform my duties and in his words be the “ideal woman” he expects me to be. I can do that atleast, but deep down I wished he would understand what I was going through and someday he would give me a chance to speak my mind. But I know it for sure even if I got my chance, things wouldn’t change even a bit. I feel, the way this society is going, it might take a century, to overcome this situation. How I wish daddy, that for once you wouldn’t see what the society wants, and simply see what your daughter wants.

Let not the Diary become the only place they can share.

Let not the Diary become the only place they can share.



Current day

Location: Mumbai

(Reena who is 18 years old today, completes reading Naina’s diary who was her great great grandmother)

As I finished reading her diary, I couldn’t help but feel sad. That this diary has been passed from generations and it has been indeed 100years, but still justice hasn’t been done. I realized that it was ony the diary who took it all for these years, but this thing needs to be brought. This is 2013, and it is shocking that even today the situation hasn’t changed a bit.

My dad too has certain misconceptions regarding certain issues, and he considers the society above anything else, everytime I try to understand what my dad means and try to follow his orders I end up realizing that no matter what I do, there won’t be any end to this feeling. The situation today is different, girls have always been kept like some prisoner, if anything wrong happens in the world, no one’s life is as affected as the life of a girl’s father. And the one who has to face the consequences are the daughters. It is the society, who has defined how a girl should be, and has set the limits and expectations from a girl. If any girl, tries to have an open mind, she would be brought down. Like my great great grandmother asked in her diary 100years ago, Even I do not understand a few things, among which is, that is it so that girls were born so that they could complete every fathers definition of an “Ideal woman”. Does the girl not have any say in what she wants?

There is a big misconception every one has, Girls do not want anything, they just need to be understood and especially by her father. A father needs to be his daughter’s best friend, For a change try and understand your daughter’s world, try and understand all that she cannot speak because she’s scared, try and understand her mind, that is all. If your daughter is wrong in her thinking mold her thoughts into something better. No daughter wants a Hitler for a father, they want a father who truly understands the real definition of an ideal woman, and an ideal woman can only become, if she has the most understanding father, who places their daughter first and then comes the society.


 “Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” – Anne geddes

Shankaran Pillai -The BackBencher

SP sat on the last bench of his class. His place, SP’s place ,where SP sat and dreamt of all those things that no one from his class would ever think or dare to dream. It was some lecture going on. Lectures  bored every one, the weak students, the bright students, the bright students who acted weak and the weak students who acted bright. But here in this class all except SP were sitting erect with a fake expressions on their face  ‘ya, we are getting it!’ on their face. Lectures bored every single one. Lectures were for two reasons. One was to create boredom in ones life and the other was to brain wash individuals, but this lectures was more of  washing the student’s brains of all realities and trying to bring up fake and made up stories or hopes that people don’t want to be a part of, but pressures from families, friends made them do it. Those fake expressions never got washed away but their brains….ya definitely.

Monsoons had just arrived but not to the fullest. Some times it would be dry and sometimes HE would piss all over and make the whole place wet. HIS bladders could never be predicted. It could burst anytime. Some minutes ago he lost HIS pressure and it was wet everywhere. SP looked out of the window. He noticed some drops of  holy piss on the window bars  that did not oblige to drop down. They did not want to let go of the cold metal  bars. But those drops had to come down. GRAVITY always took them down. Like that rude and jealous  guru who could never see his students be better than him or dream bigger and better  than him. ‘GURU’TVAKARSHAN'(Gravity) as they call it in Sanskrit. Aakarshan(attraction) towards the guru could be dangerous. Its just like falling off a cliff and dying, even there gravity does its act. SP loved Sanskrit words. ‘GURUTVAKARSHAN’, From guru he came back down to earth, to his class.

He wished every one rose their heads up and take a view of nature, just  outside the window. But no they wouldn’t because their attendance could be in danger. SP imagined a dusky beautiful woman seducing him from the lawns of his college, “Come SP dear, come”. He could hear her saying softly. But SP couldn’t, his attendance would fall if he went out to the climate he fell for.

Mother nature in any form, different season, different times always entertains us. It depends upon us to look at her differently. When nature word arrives, most think of mountains, the valleys, the rain forests when nature word arrives in their mind. But nature is just outside the classroom window we just have to just look out of the window. The reason why we cant recognize her is because she is brutally assaulted by us and our forefathers, so accept her in whatever form she is, because we are the reason for her deformity.

There was a live orchestra going on outside. Nature’s orchestra. No music could beat nature’s music. And the great musicians have taken inspiration from nature, by feeling it. Not only musicians but also philosophers, writers, artists, scientists and astronomers. Actually there is no field that is not inspired  by nature. But most of nature’s children were interested to plug earphone into their ears rather then enjoy her sounds. Open your ears to her and jam with music being played around. Mother nature the conductor of her band and the birds, trees, high mountains and the low lying weeds, the fragrant flowers, the ignored stones, the animal kingdom all jamming together to create a meaning for existence. But in Her band its only we the humans who are the disobedient players who refrain ourselves from joining the jamming session. SP did not know weather people felt things like him, but surely from the expressions on their faces, he felt the obediently sitting mankind was being disobedient towards their conductor. Like a child being disobedient to his mother. But mother never minds and forgives. But when we go beyond the limit and don’t obey her she really gets pissed and then earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami happen. SP did not sleep last night. He was thinking about his life and his dreams and now he was left with red and tired eyes. But he enjoyed the tipsy feeling you get when you feel sleepy but refrain from sleeping. SP was drunk without taking a drink. But here there was no chance of taking a wink, because nature was at her best form today, tough she looked a bit ragged and assaulted she looked beautiful.

Many great and well known souls, be it revolutionaries, freedom fighters, film makers went to jail. It was in jail where a persons creative part is born. Be it Jaffer Panahi or Mahatma Gandhi or Che Guevera or the latest Aseem Trivedi. To seize some ones freedom instigates him more to do what he wants to do. The want for freedom brings out the real us. And freedom lovers were very scanty in this class room.

SP had a theory_

If freedom was the opposite of bondage or attachment. And Love was the opposite of attachment. Then freedom and love would be synonyms. And  attachment creates  fear.


So you decide what you want.

SP felt like a prisoner, contemplating in the prison, like he was doing now. He was in a jail without bars, but with closed gates. It was indeed a unique prison where prisoners came in the morning and were left in the evening, but instead of running away they were forced to come back to the prison the next morning. Which prisoner when left free would come back to prison the next day. SP did. The rest of the class did. The students. And to survive in such prisons SARCASM was the only savior .

SP eagerly waiting for the bell to ring and his parole to begin, looked at the every ones face and gave them a smile with a nod.

Nature Our Teacher

The crows and dogs of the crematory caw and bark at mankind..
As an abandoned child born on earth i have in me many secrets to unwind..
The crows ask us why we have come back with out knowing d value of life..
Please lend the children some time to know them self or they will be forced to pick up the knife..
People not bothered about d drizzle in the sunshine..

Because they throw a deaf ear at reality whines

But they run around and hurry when it drizzles in the dark..
Because they busy in their money making lark..
Like the kid by rail track who throws abuse at helpless train commuters..
The Aghori laughs at me for senselessly imitating the others..
For those who think the solution for their problems is dope..
Go learn and come back because its erasing the line between your stomach and HOPES..
When i sit before the panel for my job interview..
And they ask me why my educational career went askew..
I will tell them that i risked my future..
To know myself and mother nature.

WE are the animals

The train had come to a halt. Shankaran Pillai woke up. The sudden jerk woke him up from his nap. He was on his way to a friends place, for a party. Seated near the window and irritated by long halt he looked out of the window. The reflection of sun rays from the rail track pierced his eyes. He took his eyes away from it, and sight fell on a Goat. The Goat was munching leaves in front of a shack. It was tied to a iron bar which was tall, erect and rusted. Just about a meter away from the Goat stood a ‘Lion’ carved out of cheap wood. The colours on the lion had faded away but it still had it ferocious look. The Goat looks at the ‘lion’ of wood and gives it an insecure look sarcastically, and goes back to munching his leaves and totally unaware that there are bigger animals than lion who will eat him someday..

WE are the bigger and ruthless animal.

Shankaran pillai’s train moves..”things are looking up” he thought.
A smile lits his face up,thinking of what will be served to him at the party.

Its not who i am underneath, but what i do that defines me!

Firstly, it is a moment of joy to complete two years of being on the blogging circuit and the journey has been filled with mixed feelings, i have really learned, realized and experienced a lot of life that we otherwise overlooked here on wordpress. Each blog i saw here was a life itself. They have so much to say, so much to share and most importantly i have met some interesting people here on wordpress, who i just cannot stop talking about, Right from Jennifer Twardowski to begin with to Britt Skrabanek. Well the list is too long and i have decided on this eve of completing two enormous years of staying Mystified. Its time to come up with something innovative by simply activating the celebration mode in the form of Carnival of praise. It head starts the new phase of Mythbroakia by introducing the concept of mission Appreciation, something which is necessary as far as Enaisya is concerned. Yes, Enaisya the soul of Mythbroakia, i finally reveal her on 14th September, perhaps the End of Phase I. The phase I is also based on the actual end that will take place someday soon, the Complete destruction of Mythbroakia. But Before that why don’t we celebrate with this Evolution that Mythbroakia underwent for the past 2 years.



Continued from The illusions of an amazing!

There are always some defining moments in your life which tends to change your perception about certain aspects in your life which you considered differently from a different point of view. It is then that we realize that, complications lies beneath a thin layer of underestimating circumstances. We take back a lot with us from such moments compared to the momentary loss which we give more importance to, at that point. This whole scenario in the end sums up just one thing that is, am i living my life right? I have always been a person, who reasons out before attempting an act which needs any amount of justification, not that i am a god-fearing(Assume me an atheist, to avoid complications) person, but this is something which is some sort of a drill for me so that i know that i am on the track and things are under control.

Self Analysis is the beginning!

I have evolved as a person, from the time when i used to believe in any whichever thing that was fascinating to a person who may be now hard to please.  A sense prevails on a person to not sound or act dumb in order to place an impression of being smart in the society, this act can be relatively equated with masking oneself. You aren’t trying to be yourself when in fact you are trying too hard to achieve it. We all have been through such a similar phases where we create an illusion of appearing in a particular way, but when we try to reason it later, we couldn’t quite get amused that this is infact being lame. On many occasions some  have witnessed similar people trying to get attention, it becomes quite an addiction for them to get attention if they aren’t getting any. Soon we start distancing  ourselves from this thinking, that’s when we learn the beauty of attraction. Natural selection or natural way of attracting people towards you is just staying the way you are (because trust me, when it comes to attraction artificiality SUCKS!). Upon realization of this fact, i have always being myself then on. And trust me the journey became more interesting!

Think of life as the biggest journey!

Expectation is the biggest enemy of attraction. Smart way of identifying yourself is on terms of your LOOKS? (BULLSHIT! whoever said that looked damn ugly from inside). So just for once i stood in front of a mirror and thought of facing my insecurity about looks or attitude or whatever that seemed responsible for me being something else. I could see it clearly, in the mirror what i did i just got it back. If i frowned, the person in the mirror frowned back, when i smiled it smiled back. Looks like a lesson isn’t it?. So based on that fact i decided that however good or bad i may look, the reflections of me is what defines me. If i do any work worth frowning at i shall be frowned at, if i do any work worth smiling for i shall be smiled at. Well that was the basic difference you find when you mirror yourself infront of this world. Life is an amazing piece of art and evolution at certain points redifines the art and makes it appear wonderful. It actually sometimes becomes necessary for one to evolve into a person that one needs to become more than the person that the society demands you to be.

Having said that, situations play their own role in the choices or decisions one makes. Now since every situation cannot be in your favor, in such times its better first to accept whatever the situation might be. Then find your ways towards coming out of it. These things help get a better hang of the crisis or the moment. After this the other element which further enhances my illusion is the thought which i consider the world’s nicest sentence “I Don’t Know”. Its as simple as it says, that when you aren’t aware of certain things or do not know them in a better way, its better to admit this and then work towards making it better. I still believe in the existence of my illusion, that is always trying to give people an impression that i might be amazing, but i am just an ordinary guy with no ego hassles and has evolved as person with some conscience involved, well we all do. There will always remain an air of misunderstandings surrounding me that is a part of what i call as my illusion, but that isn’t a thing of my concern how people percieve my illusion as, what concerns me is that my illusion justifies the reason on how i might act and the reflections follow suit.

Its not who i am underneath, but what i do that defines me!

To All My Beloved WordPressers and every lovely Reader, Believe in no other illusion than yours!

And once again, heartiest best wishes to all who have supported and Sure enough this place shall never fall short of Surprises in its own ways. For the time being lets CELEBRATE.

And Don’t Forget to be a part of the Carnival of Praise. Submit your blogs ASAP! before 14th September for appreciation is for Everyone! 😀

The Illusions of an Amazing!

Its never easy to wage a lone war!

There is a stage that comes in everyone’s life when one is overtaken by his personal failures over his professional success. However the person tries to run away from his past, the past always catches up with him in the present and reminds of the unpleasant days that left a terrible impact on his life. One such person my friends have an image of; may not know in reality over the turmoil and the shares of trouble that has surpassed him. This is about a person who has generated an illusion into making people believe that he is amazing, and the history remained unchanged from then on, as nobody knew his struggle to keep up, all they knew was how amazing this guy could be or going to be.

Its true nobody has a perfect life and the whole life we spent in achieving something that is always close to perfect or in other terms a sense of recognition by the society or making it big in this world. This person i talk about was never so perfect from the beginning and always had a lack in certain departments, apart from a troubled childhood. What he found that he was a part of a second world which others had created for him. It seemed he suited the needs of that world and hence an illusion started generating in the minds of the people regarding his role in this world. Interestingly, despite his various shortcomings in certain areas; people thought that he is probably a guy who had the edge over the others. The best part was the encouraging word of mouth comment that he used to receive that made him believe that he was indeed amazing. But there was another angle to this thought, which in fact was the reality that; he was just another normal guy with nothing much extra-ordinary.

This is when Expectations barged in and upto some extent the scenario changed over a while. This generated haters for him and they looked down on him or started bringing up issues which might depress him. Now, it is a human tendency, you just cannot escape these untimely things, neither could he initially. Thus the struggle began. The world is always waiting for any person to fall, because when they fall the world gets a good laugh and they all feel better to see somebody who gets left behind. Well, practically speaking they aren’t wrong and in a way they will always take their own stand and think of themselves. Now the person who has fallen it is him/her who would think in terms of the-ways-of-the-world kind of philosophy. It is utterly depressing, and to tell the truth one shouldn’t waste time in thinking about those who hate them. Instead rise again and make sure, that the world will think twice before laughing at you. This person must have been real brave to go through that phase of his life, when dark clouds were all around him.

Don’t Ever Let your struggles give you away!

The most disturbing thing is to see expectations riding on somebody one by one. Personal failures extend to the certain expectations that family has on you, but sometimes you cannot live upto it, because as humans we are prone to committing a lot of mistakes unintentionally, but every time we do so various situations spring from them and it does get difficult handling them sometimes. Thus generating an illusion that people might still have about him that he is good no matter what. There has been times where he had certain expectations with his own self but couldn’t even meet them. He realized there was a need of generating an illusion, something which would keep the people around him busy in various ways and never would he let people in on his problems, his struggles or what angered him. Because even if the world knew, they like before won’t care much about it, in fact that would allow them to add to his woes.

But mostly he has been received as an able and potential person in everything he does, even though he may suck at certain things. He never believed in self-praise and tries to be modest today even after facing many failures and when people again turn up with new expectation.It is like he has been working his way towards the illusion of distinguishing himself from the others, but in reality might be something else. It did sting in the beginning to not be like everyone around and the ever-growing threat of misunderstandings all for a wrong cause and thus generating the image of what would eventually be the conclusion. Maybe things weren’t so tough as one thinks them to be, maybe some people take life too seriously. But one must start seeing the flipside of life and tell you what, this alone can warm anybody to a considerable amount.

So it just needs a belief in yourself to turn the tide of expectation and hence deliver. So to everyone whose expectations were broken by this person i talk of; intends to work towards restoring faith in the people and keeping that illusion alive, but by some means he wouldn’t want the illusion to survive at first place and on second thoughts, he wouldn’t let the burden of expectations influence him any more under any circumstances. The fact of the matter is to working on the departments where one lacks and hence fails to deliver, So the attempt must be thus to position oneself as a mirror to this illusion of an amazing and most importantly not to lose heart. This is how things are funny and nothing else, we are a part of this crazy world, Shahrukh Khan works for the brand called SRK, which is his funny way to remark his life story. Similarly he works for that so-called illusion that defines him as amazing! I Guess everyone should create an illusion and work towards making it real eventually. It is a nice way to enhance yourself!

And perhaps the person i have been talking right from word one, is none other than the creator of Mythbroakia, i am sure most would have guessed it from the start, but i am glad you all chose to Stay Mystified till the end! That’s the illusion i was talking about……..

To Be Continued……………….

Mark your Arrival in a Grand Way!

The ‘Sylv’er Lining and the Sweet Dozen!

Sylvie Ashford

So the Saga of Appreciation continues, My last two posts were about two wonderful and amazing people for whom i left no stone unturned in terms of praising, you may check them again in case missed it, Maybe i did get a feeling that i might have over done at some places, but then when appreciation regarding someone comes from the heart, i guess one should let it flow, instead of holding it back. So in that sense i guess, if Anouchka found me insane because of this then i believe i did justice with whatever i wrote for her, hahahaha. This time around yet another person from another beautiful blog on wordpress spread a smile on my face, So as simple as to my previous run in the appreciating department here we go yet again.

I couldn’t think of a more befitting title than the one which came to my mind at the time of writing this special post. Just like the ‘Sylv’ er lining on the dark clouds, one sweet morning i get news that someone sweet has considered Mythbroakia sweet enough to receive the Super Sweet Blogging Award(So Sweet). Sylvie Ashford, who has a blog by the name River Song was that person who was kind enough to recognize this blog and the award eventually. Now who doesn’t love to be appreciated, it feels special and great to hear good words about you by someone who actually means them, Every time. And i believe in appreciating someone whenever i get a good reason to or whenever i get the opportunity to do so, because it takes minimum effort to do so, and perhaps it is a magical thing, it does wonder, try it sometime, make someone’s day and see what happens.

Appreciation is a magic spell!

I have been the eldest in my family at 20, i got a younger brother who is 16, and a younger cousin sister at 17. But something which i have always wanted but was mostly eluded was that someone elder to me in my siblings and that too a sweet elder sister. Many of my friends tell me, its good to have an elder sibling looking up for you, it simply makes the process of growing up more enjoyable and you learn a lot from your elders as you look up to them as examples and follow their lead. In my case i had to be leading, well….. i have been doing fine so far, i am not a great leader. So, to say i consider Sylv as she calls herself, as that mostly eluded elder sister i never had. For many reasons, firstly she is beautiful, amazing, a warm person, mysterious and very humble which is her best quality. She seems to be more of a reserved person, but she is cheerful person and perfectly knows to make anybody smile. She does that very effectively through her poems, which to me are soulful, filled with deep emotions, and feelings that are expressed in their very dimensions with words perfectly chosen to depict the naturalness and woven together to present a classic masterpiece. Indeed i have loved and also liked each and every poem she has carved on her blog, it is so amazing, so beautiful, that for the past few occasions when i have sat down to pen down a poem on my blog, i thought of Sylv, and then i thought even words wouldn’t be ably to capture the essence it seems now, after knowing how well she could write. I very well admit the fact that nobody is perfect, but she appears to crafted for the ultimate perfectness. So under normal conditions i wouldn’t have been able to come up with any poems it seemed here on, even though i got inspired from her to write more such beautiful poems, but what looked like i was at loss of the proper words. So i had to do something about it, and then one fine morning i had words with me, words that i believe could capture the essence that i demand in Sylvie’s presence. So here we go…… Solely dedicated to the Beautiful and soulful poet, Sylv.

She belonged in the depth of my being, in the afterglow of scintillation and of squint; 

She who chose to remain in her veils in the aurora light, will be my last gift to you, my Almighty, folded in my final song.

Words have made advances yet failed to win her;

Enticement has stretched to her eager arms in vain.

Mystical as she was…..

I have roamed across the globe keeping her in the core of my heart,

and around her have risen and fallen the hike and rust of my life.

Over my thoughts and actions, my slumbers and dreams,

She reigned yet existed alone and apart.

Many a man knocked at my door and

asked for her and turned away with dashed hopes.

There was none in the world who ever saw her enigmatic countenance,

and she remained in her loneliness waiting for her recognition

So that was in my own style a way of thanksgiving, well……. and for everyone now…… i am sure….. whenever you get nominated for any award, please do take some time in dedicating a line  or a prose to the one who nominated you for the respective award, it makes the purpose of the award more successful. Well, although i do not expect anything to be written about me in particular, if i nominate someone, unless the appreciation comes from their heart, but if they wish to write i’ll be glad to read ;)(lol who wouldn’t?). So chill! 😉 Then again, it is an own perspective, one necessarily does not have to follow something they do not approve of. So its your call. 😀

So there goes rule no.1 in case this award is been bestowed upon your blog, appreciate and thank the blogger, which in my case is Sylvie Ashford again from River Song…….. If anyone loves poetry then they will definitely love her offerings…. Thank you once again Sylv, i could go on actually you know, but i guess i would keep something for my future posts, in case you nominate me again….. hahaha lol 😉

So after observing the rule 1, which i have always followed elaborately and quite happily, we move on to the 2nd rule, which is answering 5 literally sweet questions which are as follows:

1) Cookies or Cake?

Well, how about Cakies, lol….. well that is something which happens to be my guilty pleasure, its actually a cookie cake…. no idea how it is made but its delicious all that i know about it.

2) Chocolate or Vanilla?

Well, if such conflicting question arrives, my answering abilities are badly affected. So again, i would say Chocilla, i don’t know how it sounds, but i am sure its delicious as well. 😉

3) What is your Favorite Sweet Treat?

Well, Pineapple ice Cake tops the list, the List? hahaha you didn’t think i would be contented with just one Favorite sweet treat, did you?

4) When do you crave sweet things the most?

Almost every time, and whenever things are not so sweet around me, which is more often so you see these sweet things keep me busy…. Luckily i haven’t put on a lot of weight as i thought.  I am fit.

5) If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?

Well, something to rhyme with my name, how about Swyth! Sounds Sweet isn’t it?

After the ritual of answering is done, we move on to nominating a Dozen other bloggers, which happens to be something tough for me, but will take up the challenge and do it again so here we go…… the Top 12 in no particular order….

1) Britt Skrabanek who is the author of the e-book Beneath the Satin Gloves, she loves Dancing and biggest of all she is a life enthusiast. A very sweet and a warm person, honest and humble with a sweet smile, no wonder she is my choice for the Super Sweet Blogger award. Perhaps she has been kind enough to already bestow the Inspiring blogger award to me, which is really a special one, because to be an inspiration means a lot. So, we all know who’s next on the list on Mythbroakia to be honored and written about, i would be back with a post on her and the Very inspiring blogger award soon enough.

2) Sheevi is another vibrant and a very sweet blogger, she is very brave i would say that because i can understand what it’s like to be doing engineering, lol. So not only she is brave, she writes amazing, in fact i’d like to describe her as a charming writer. Her blog posts are about her experiences, and she presents them quite unapologetically and sweetly. Undoubtedly, with no second thoughts, you deserve this Super Sweet Blogger Award.

3) Ritika Upadhyay or ZeCountess as she calls herself, has a blog which has the qualities which i have always been recognized as quirky, hilarious, Zany, outrageous. But amidst all these her blog shines out on many levels and occasions, she surprises and her surprises are sweet surprises. One that you would really love, someone who exactly knows what she is doing and at the same time doesn’t actually know about it. I don’t know how just 4 out of 5 ventriloquist would recommend her blog, when i am the fifth one and has already recommended her blog. To know more hop on to Le Blog.

4) Rica Santos from The LadyBoy Mirror, simply because in the world where transgenderism is a mighty issue, it takes a clear mind and a lot of courage to present oneself before the world as a totally sane person. And one such blog i came across was of Rica’s. Rica’s writings are spot on, and very beautifully put together. And i very well know this for some reasons, this blog might be skipped otherwise to receive any awards at all, but not when it comes to Mythbroakia, albeit the very place were myths will be continued to get broken. So this sweet award for the sweet effort by Rica…. 😀

5) A dreamer, a biotech Engineer, a confused soul sometimes at her blog PSEUDOMONAZ. Now firstly, i like to give recognition to new and fresh blogs, and it has been recently started, secondly i could relate with a lot of restlessness in the blog through the post. Yes i like things and beings who are restless. Amidst all these there is an underplayed sweetness which is hard to avoid even if the air around is troubled. Mystery!, if you actually ask me, this place is a discovery. Now, a few visits to this blog may clear that air, wouldn’t it?

6) Anne the one who loves words, would love to see these words i am writing for her as well, it is simply because her blog might be a shrewd Banana, but this banana offers a lot of variety in terms of the words it uses to express lots of emotions, and then one might come to think of the irony, the banana is not that shrewd after all. A classic experiment with words, this blog is sweet and no doubt in this list. Must visit!

7) And now its time to break Myths, rules and maybe upset the blogging community if they wish to see this as a wrong thing to do, because now i am going to nominate one single blogger for 6 times and that is how i wish to complete the dozen nominations. There are reasons as to why i am doing this, the biggest of them is that this blog and the blogger deserves an even bigger recognition than this one, and for that i am ready to bend any rules and present it to them.

Alarna Rose Gray i am giving this award to you, despite the fact i know that you won’t accept this for reasons i very well know, but i have made some exceptions for you, all you have to do is just accept it. Yes, simply accept it and you do not have to go through the routine of nominations or answering, just simply accept it as a token of the incredible person and a sweet blogger you happen to be. Yes indeed, you are a very very very humble person. Simplicity is something that oozes from you, you are one of my favorite bloggers and really i appreciate your stand for not accepting awards, but i guess we need to make  exceptions in life sometimes, so while i make this exception for you by nominating you 6 times by breaking the rules and tell you that you do not have to further elongate the chain by nominating more bloggers, i would be indeed happy that in return if you accept this award and make this effort worthwhile. You just have to accept it and this to me would be your special award, for being  a unique blogger and truly standing out! So just a humble request……. Make an Exception accept this and that’s all i ask. Let the blogging community get pissed at both of us, lol I am sure they will understand! 😀

Alarna Rose Gray


Well, for others after doing the above rules(i do not particularly wish anyone to follow exactly what i did, i am known to be firstly a Myth breaker and now a rule breaker, so do as you please and enjoy the process.)

So with that, let the vicious positive energy of appreciation and spreading joy and smiles to everyone continue……… and let all of us Stay Mystified! for who knows what and who i might come up with the next time around. hahahaha

P.S. All the images used in this post aren’t mine, the images have just played the role of enhancement and for the beauty purpose. 😀

So, Sylv thanking you once again…… Specially for you ‘Stay Poetic’ 😉

Last But not the least….. the award logo…… which the nominated persons must display on their blog! This is equivalent of winning the award for the blog! 🙂

Anouchka and the ‘Bun’dle of Joy!

Firstly apologies, that this post is coming quite late, when it should have been out a week ago. But as the saying, all good things happen at their own time, so maybe this had to happen when the time was, and when i had the time. Anyways, its heartening to receive some initial recognition after almost 2 years of blogging. Maybe i should say, i didn’t go all out to promote my blog so as to get noticed, but i let it take its own time to come to the fore and build the world gradually, maybe the pace was too slow. But its never too late. So, the process which Jennifer Twardowski started more than a week ago, took a ‘beautiful’ turn earlier this week, by this ‘Bun’ny girl….. (read Funny). Well, indeed Funny because, she has a good sense of humor and is quite a pleasant blogger i have come across. The nature of this post and the coming posts under the awards category, if ever i happen to receive any further awards would be similar to this post To Jennifer and Appreciation. So here we go……

Enter Anouchka from Belgium, a student just like me, maybe more ‘Beautiful’ than me of course. She happened to come across my blog and thought if not me, but my blog seems beautiful. Hence the beautiful blogger award was passed on to me by her. That is really endearing of her. Now, firstly the thought which came to my mind was, couldn’t there have been a handsome blogger award for guys and the beautiful one for the girls. Well, i immediately flushed the thought and thought of quietly accepting the award and happily as well. It is no matter a beautiful feeling after all to receive an award isn’t it? So now a few lines for the wonderful, delightful, energetic, exuberant, lively and highly vivacious Anouchka, well also to add she is beautiful, even if she wouldn’t accept it, but she is purely beautiful.

The “Bun”dle of joy!

Since the last two paragraphs have been dealing with the word beautiful, let me dedicate this paragraph to Anouchka and the ‘Bun’dle of joy. Anouchka has a blog by the name Life of Bun. Where, she talks about her perspective on a colorful life that she lives the random experiences of her life, and make-ups and recipes, and her experiments and her photogenic face, the expressions. We get so lost in all of these that we forget all about the ‘bun’ in the blog. Well, to know about the bun, head over to her blog and find out about the colorful life she leads and get inspired to start your own. So, this award has its own conditions to abide by once you receive it and then dedicate a sweet paragraph praising the person who thought you were beautiful and in return make them feel even more beautiful for their gesture and thinking so. Then proceed to give away seven things about yourself. Now i have previously gone down this route, in my previous award acceptance post. So this time i would tell you about 7 newly arrived blogs i like the most.

Here they are, in no particular order…..

1) Sarah from Curiosity is my motive a week ago i passed her on with the Reader Appreciation award, and why not. The blog has a very pleasant appeal and simply puts a smile on your face for the efforts. Sweet and lovely. Joyous and lively and full of life. Definitely a blog which i love to visit!

2) An irish girl from All Things Girl Related a blog for the fashion enthusiast, and especially for girls. Well, nowhere there is any restriction on the blog that men cannot enter, so anyone can visit and marvel at the thoughts portrayed by this wonderful person. Perhaps its ‘Beautiful’.

3) Cjackplay as the name goes is yet another recent blog which i came across, deals with fitness and health and amazing ways to have a beautiful body which is fit and strong and energetic. The process has been showed through pictures and some wonderful descriptions. In other Words Beautiful.

4) Brittany from The New Girl in the Glasses , i found this blog very interesting and loved the part that the author is so young at 15 and very expressive with the poems she has written or the thoughts expressed. One can easily relate with it, and for a change feel light and better.

5) Stephanie from The Bow Tie Butterfly she is an artist and a very intriguing one, the photographs tell it all. A blog which will let you sit back and relax and take in the beautiful view that is out there.

6) Madhura Dabholkar is yet another soulful blogger. Though she is around the blogging world for almost a year now, but i always feel new and refreshing while visiting her blog, the poems are just mesmerizing. As far as i am concerned, i won’t be able to try my hand at such beautiful poetry. It is a talent.

7) Sahbinah Violet Flynn and Shakespeare said it rightly, what’s in a name. A beautiful name though and an even more beautiful blog. The beauty of this blog is the words, they soothe you, they calm you down and they make you feel beautiful. They are inspiring and to me very meaningful.

So once the seven things routine is done, time to nominate some more beautiful bloggers who deserve recognition for the sheer beauty they bring to the blogging world. So any no. of bloggers can be nominated according to me. I have already nominated 7 such beautiful bloggers myself, well they are nothing but the 7 blogs i mentioned above to me they are simply new, refreshing, joyous and beautiful blogs. Their creators are beautiful as well. So no doubt this award rightly goes to them.

And of course the award logo needs to be put on the blog after receiving!

To me….. from Anouchka 😀

So once again, thank you Anouchka, thank you so much. Thank you for the ‘Bun’dle of joy and for making the day ‘Beautiful’ for me….. I indeed feel more beautiful now, maybe more than you….. hahaha!

Appreciation makes things Beautiful!

Our House Below


This song is performed by Cecile Corbel and appears on the album The Borrower Arrietty (2010).

When I heard this song for the first time, I had just one thought in my mind — every child born in this world should be able to sing a song like this – where everything is happy and wonderful and pleasant, where the parents are loving and kind, where there are no quarrels in the household to trouble the child’s mind, a childhood full of love and care and trust.


Supper is done and night has come
My father worked hard all day long
Let’s have tea together near the fireplace
And talk for hours

My house, my home
Is so small, so pretty
My mom, my dad
We are family
Joy everywhere
In the house I adore

Mama hangs a picture on the wall
It’s time to sleep and daddy yawns
Let’s have tea together near the fireplace
And talk for hours

My house, my home
Is so small, so pretty
My mom, my dad
We are family
Joy everywhere
In the house I adore

My house, my home
Is so small, so pretty
My mom, my dad
We are family
Joy everywhere
In the house I adore…

^_^ This soundtrack might be from a fairytale story, but what’s stopping us from doing the best we can to create a home so beautiful for those we love, right? ^_^

The Neglected Garden…


From the Japanese animated movie – “THE BORROWERS ARRIETTY”

Written by: Hayao Miyazaki & Keiko Niwa, based on the 1953 children’s book by Mary Norton about a young borrower – a race of tiny people who live hidden from the human race and “borrow” unneeded food and utilities from their hosts – who befriends a human called Shô when he moves into the house under which Arrietty’s family live.

Shô’s nanny Haru treats the borrowers as vermin and attempts to find and destroy them, while Shô simultaneously attempts to befriend the human-averse borrowers and save them from the many perils which threaten their tiny lives.

Presented from the point of a view of a borrower 10cm tall interacting with a human-sized world, Arrietty‘s wondrous settings fill you with an indescribable sense of awe, from the wide expanses of a garden in which small puddles are lakes and a leaf makes the perfect umbrella to the borrowers’ house peppered with re-purposed human objects and dollhouse furniture.

Every hand-painted background is overflowing with striking colour and detail, the likes of which are rarely seen in these days of ever more affordable computer-generated animation, and bring to mind the ornate backgrounds and fluid character animation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Fantasia, which were so expensive and time-consuming to produce that they nearly put the Walt Disney Company out of business.

The movie brilliantly conveys a rather beautiful moral – “Friendship is a bond so beautiful that it can begin and survive through even the weirdest and most troublesome circumstances.”

Even thought its coming a bit late, I’d like to wish everyone a Very Happy Friendship Day! ^_^

The Mercenary approach of Sustainability

I was preparing for my technical seminar on ‘Sustainable energy’, that is when i came across a very interesting thing. A question was posed in a video: ‘is sustainability fair?’. Now my first reaction was that what kinds of idiots post videos in youtube. The second thought that raised in my mind was that, the basic idea of sustainability is to provide a constant scenario which is quite rare to see in this fluctuating world.

Taking the example of petrol, now you might be thinking how petrol prices are fluctuating, to be frank its always exponentially high, but thats when we the people agitate against inflation and the government to end the aggression reduce the price by  50 paisa to a rupee and a half. Not much but enough to suppress the matter. thirdly if we don’t bring sustainability among the world either the world would be a heaven with people with compassion, morality and innocence (Which will not happen) or the world will go unorthodox. Only after following the video and facts I realized its a pretty good question raised.

The video starts with the question raised that ‘is sustainability fair?’, the person who posted the video was related to the oil department or maybe his area of interest. He says that most of the people related to the oil department must have watched Prof. Albert Bartlett‘s most celebrated lecture called “Arithmetic, Population, and Energy: sustainability 101”. Albert Bartlett is the professor of physics in the university of colorado who has gained his doctorate in the university of Harvard in 1951.

His lectureis based on the paper he published in 1969 called “ The forgotten fundamentals of Energy crisis”. He has been taking lecture since then & has taken it nearly 1600 times in a span of 36 years through out the world.He regards the word combination “sustainable growth” as an oxymoron, since even modest annual percentage population increases will inevitably equate to huge exponential growth over sustained periods of time. He therefore regards human overpopulation as “The Greatest Challenge” facing humanity. In the middle of the lecture is a very interesting example he lists out:

There are two tables, one table consists of all the good things like motherhood, peace, laws, medicine, public health, sanitation etc. The other table consists of all the bad things like abortion, famine, small family, murder, accidents, war etc. The paradox is that all the good things actually make overpopulation worse. At one point, the world will reach at 0% population growth. That is when the birth rate will equal the death rate. Now whether the people debate on the fact that they like 0% population growth or not, it is absolutely certain.

To address the issue either we will actively use the things from the ‘bad table‘ or through our inactiveness or indecision, nature will choose for us. He also used the example of peak oil crisis, where in one interview of BBC where a person David Strahan replies regarding the crisis that there is no sensible approach towards crisis. The interview was quite clear, he was directly pointing the fact that, every time when people realize that there is a shortage of oil coming they only look for alternative sources, consuming the commodity up till then.

This got me thinking that even i have been part of the whole alternative strategy plan.

The message is quite clear the path of sustainability requires regimentation. even though we might succeed in sustainability we would be sacrificing some of our own in the process. Coming back to Dr. Albert’s approach on overpopulation,there will certainly be a day when there will be neither be any population growth or decrease. Owing to the unawareness of family planning and advances in medical technology there would be high birth rate and less death rate, but nature or we humans would settle that with war, epidemic, calamity. Countries like China who have a punctilious approach towards family planning are very stern in controlling their population. Situations like this would certainly lead to a day as Dr. Albert said ‘0% population growth’. Firstly there would be a environment of turbulence among people to whether it is a beneficiary thing or not. In spite of the turmoil nature or even human nature wont change, there would be natural disasters, wars inflation, recessions joblessness, shortage, then we would look back & think whether our approach to bring sustainability was fair or not.

This question actually reminds of the fact that we are incapable of being sustainable ever in our life. Either we screw our life by making wrong decisions or fate make’s decisions for us. Because we are self sufficient today doesn’t mean that you will be tomorrow. The basic reason for this failure is the fact that we don’t have a sensible approach towards sustainability and the approaches we hold are what we consider as sensible. Energy crisis is a perfect example to explain, you realize today that there is a shortage of electricity, so what do you do? we go for an alternate source of electricity, thermal power for example. You realize that coal is going to be exhausted and then what do you do? again look for an alternative source, and up till then you would be using coal after all you have invested a lot in infrastructure. What we learn here is the fact that we always look for alternative sources rather than giving it up obviously you don’t need electricity to survive so why don’t you give it up un till you find a better harmless source, but what do we do we use the source un till we find the alternative and it is researched, tested certified and sponsored.

The basic key to sustainability is a sensible selfless approach, but there is never going to happen. How much ever i talk about the ‘sensibility‘ of sustainability we are never going to go to that way as that kind of life only suits a monk and of course I am not a monk. I need electricity to charge my laptop, and run my broadband cable which I use to connect to the world wide web and write the stories for this blog. So my fellow readers its something to think about, we can never go to a noble or ideal approach to sustainability, as far as it is concerned we all are mercenaries….

– Phenomenon

To Jennifer and Appreciation!

Before i begin what i actually intend to say, this is all about the word “Appreciation”. A word which momentarily brings a smile to anybody’s face, when brought before them. It is magical and some sort of satisfaction as well. It is one nice positive feeling which if described flows like one positive energy and transforms into a chain reaction, passing from person to person and making somebody feel worth it. I personally believe there is no harm in appreciating somebody, and saying them so, because it is in fact a form of encouragement and this is something which is a necessity and one of the true “Secrets of Happiness”, which in my case i am mighty sure Jennifer would agree, isn’t it? So once again, i would take some time to finally reach the main issue, and in the process give appreciation a new look, albeit a poetic one, well this one’s specially for you Jennifer Twardowski from LotusTarotBlossom, here we go:

I ask for a moment’s indulgence to sit by your side.

The works that i have in hand i will finish afterwards.

Away from the sight of your face my heart knows no rest nor respite, and my work becomes an endless toil in a shoreless sea of toil.

Today the summer has come at my window with its sighs and murmurs; and the bees are playing their minstrelsy at the court of the flowering grove.

Now it is time to sit quite, face to face with you, and to sing dedication of life in this lent and overflowing leisure.


Well, now all those wondering about who must be this Jennifer, well she is the one who nominated me for a Readers Appreciation Award as simple as that. And it was really kind of her to do so, and she put my name first on her list of nomination(Wow, i liked that part, lol) anyways.

So accordingly there are some rules while one is conferred upon this beautiful award, i mean come on, its a matter of honor for any blogger, to get recognition in terms of their reader’s appreciation. So firstly anyone who receives the nomination has got to do the following things that i will be doing as follows :

Firstly, i will be identifying the person who nominated me for this award, in my case it is Jennifer of LotusTarotBlossom.com it is a beautiful blog, filled with positivity and i have always found myself smiling whenever i visited the blog, Jennifer knows the secret of happiness as well, her company may will let you in on that secret. Its what i’d call Jennifer’s Secret. 😀

Secondly, take a little time to appreciate them for their kind gesture, i did it by dedicating a poem to her, you may want to go for a prose or maybe even a rose that is your wish.

Thirdly, the logos are added to the My Blog Awards page.  Click over there and you will find what you need for your blog award if you’ve received one.

Fourth, Well seven things about yourself :

1) I love interacting with new people and make lots of friends.

2) I love to eat, eat and eat. If i am a metal, food is my magnet a powerful one. But Luckily my weight is under check and i see to it that i stay fit always.

3) I love reading a lot, Books fiction, non-fiction and everything in between, but i hate romance novels, a lovey-dovey thing is just plain boring, but an erotic one is any day welcome.

4) I am an interesting person once you get to know me, because i have got lots to me to keep you busy and loaded with, so in a way i can be an addiction. Yep, that is perhaps the no. 5) I love bragging up to some extent, well who doesn’t and no harm in that.

6) I love travelling, going on adventures and exploring new places its always thrilling and a joyride that is apart form the bigger adventure of being a Chemical Engineering Student.

7) In the department of arts, i am into singing and a little bit of dancing, though untrained you are assured to have a great time with me around. (the no.5 will keep appearing most of the times, never mind!)

So all in all that is me, still not sufficient then get some more of me Here .

Now the last part is nominate 5-10 other bloggers whom i think deserve this award. Well Honestly i feel every blogger who loves to write deserves an appreciation for their efforts, but still going by the rules i would quickly shortlist a few amazing bloggers:

1) Sarah WITH an H!  Curiosity is my motive  which is a new blog, and i found it recently, read all the posts she had to offer and i found a distinct sense of positiveness she had, her encouraging words and her efforts to start her own website is wonderful, i would rather recommend a new blog for this honor compared to an already established one and for many reasons. Sarah is humble and hard working!

2) Enakc at Amour Rire Vie  I do not know her real name, i just know it is a new and upcoming blog with full potential to be a blog to look out for. The best thing i found about this blog was the challenge of doing 101 things in 1001 day, i guess it is a wonderful idea. Highly recommended for anyone who is fascinated by such ideas.

3) Khaula Mazhar  She is perhaps a more intelligent blogger, i have recently come across. Her words are smooth and there seems to be an ease in her writings that the message she conveys is very lucid and easy to understand. Definitely a blog which i loved just by reading 3 posts from it. You are wonderful, ma’am.

4) Betty R. at Soy Luna y Me expreso  yes quite truly this is not just a blog, then what is it? Well, it is everything a blog should be like. It has got the appeal of a different kind, curious why don’t you head over and see for yourself.

5) Nick wood at Pointlessly Epic Don’t go by the title, if it was really pointless i wouldn’t have suggested and if it is really EPIC, then you must make it a point to visit it. Point noted!

6) Felicity at  The Felicity Style A blog on everything Style and stylishly presented. Style varies from person to person but the best part is how one person captures it and places it before us. This blog just has the perfect balance of Style and some quality writing, English literature can do great for a blog!

7) Sylvie Ashford at The River Song  Awesome, Fantastic, splendid poetry. Seriously, one of the greatest modern day poetry i have seen so far. Words were never so attractive. It is a must to visit this blog for the sheer beauty a poem could bring to life.

8) Audacious Amateur Blogger  No clues to the real name, but yet another blog i found where the writings were spot on, and as if it had a life of its own. Amazingly captured emotions and yet there is no moment of regret. It is fun, and according to me worth reading every single word posted. As far as the name suggests, it is an audacious and amateur blog or is it? Decide for yourself.

9) Zahra Siddique at Unspoken , A mystic charm in her words. Though the title of her blog is unspoken, she candidly speaks about a lot of things and all of them mostly her own thoughts, which is presented in a different kind of inspirational way which is not too philosophical and not too complicated. Simply to me that is a talent to look out for. So You are rightly on this list.

So the above 9 are really worth every recognition because of their individuality and a distinct identity they have created of their own. I really appreciate the fact and anyone who attempts at presenting something new and different, will always have my support for sure. Appreciation is a power, one must always use it.

Finally with that, i thank everyone who has been appreciating and reading my works. I believe, divided we can never achieve what we set out for, but together we could be one community with a massive force. Take care people and Stay Mystified.

P.S. Jennifer thank you once again.

Why Do We Fall?

“So that we learn to pick ourselves up”

I have seen that movie a lot of times, but still there is something defining about it that i come back to watch it again and again…….. and again! It all began in the year 2005. After a seven year itch, the question which started it all still rules most of my situations and whenever i lose all my hopes. I watch this film’s beginning and i ask myself, why am i watching a movie to get my senses back? It may seem silly or a stupid thing to do, but it all reduces us to mere humans and as humans we are a lot more vulnerable when it comes to emotional stuffs. what i mean to say is the mind, it is always in search of some sort of definition, a starting point. An inspiration, to be precise, yes and why not we all need it. This is how the greatest of things began. But the process where we find answers to the question that haunts us to the point that we may be broke is the one which is extremely strenuous and leaves us exhausted.

It all began with a fictional character called Batman and not exactly the one we knew until Christopher Nolan reintroduced us to this caped crusader in the film Batman Begins. In one of the opening scenes of the film, the protagonist Bruce Wayne during his childhood, while playing falls into a well. He notices a cave where he falls. Soon after bats start flying out of the cave, and young Bruce is frightened and extremely scared. Who would know that this young boy who was scared of the word fear itself, would install fear inside the minds of the most dangerous criminals in the darkest hour of the night. This was possible because he conquered fear, very true to the word as shown in the film that “to conquer fear you must become the fear” is so true. But the most interesting thing and the reason why i come back to watch this superhero flick so many times, is the question Thomas Wayne(Bruce Wayne’s father) asked Bruce when he fell inside the well, Why Do We Fall? and then he answers himself, “so that we learn to pick ourselves up”. A simple question with an even simpler and an apt answer.

Rise….. the only answer for your FALL!

I cannot speak for others as to how they would answer that question, but the answer to this very question holds the key to the very purpose of our lives. We all have purposes in our life, and its all unclear as to what it could be, until we are close enough towards the edge from where we are about to fall, and once we fall it is then we rise, quite aptly Christopher Nolan decides to end his inspiring Dark Knight Saga with the title The Dark Knight Rises, because you can only rise when you have fallen. I believe for every fall we get ourselves a reason, a purpose to rise, rise to the levels where we can face ourselves, our demons and look them in the eye and say “You cannot pull me down”.

So the next time, you fall i am not saying watch  any movie to get inspired, but instead just ask yourselves this one question and close your eyes let the question repeat in your mind and suddenly open your eyes to reality, the answer will be before you!

There maybe 6 different reasons for your fall, but you have to RISE alone!

Mumbai University Anthem (dirty Version)

Presenting the English version of the M.U. Anthem
(A song which tries to capture the angst, essence and moods of the 21st century engineering students from the most reputed university in this world, A.K.A. Mumbai University. Every engineer of M.U. is sure to relate with this song. So here’s presenting the dirty version of the M.U. Anthem, in the lingo which every engineering student identifies with!)

The M.U. based engineer
Change their gears every semester
From the first year to the fourth year
Life is a hell route to the future.
So make some noise and also cheer,
The M.U. based engineer.
Listen up this don’t you frown
Never feel yourself going down,
Forget all your fears
You’ll be someday an engineer.

The whole world sees the world we make
Its only us who can eat and have the cake
So sing along with me my fellow peers
Make some noise and also cheer
We are all M.U. based engineers!

The moment one gets a K.T.
Life fucks the shit outta you matie
And if assignments aren’t complete
Submissions no doubt take a backseat.
And then when the situation tells “Fuck you”
The feeling comes that why the fuck did I enter M.U.?

But aren’t we M.U. based engineers
We have no kinds of fears whatsoever
After all we are the motherfucking achievers
All the M.U. based engineers!
Change their gears every semester.
So make some noise and also cheer
Every M.U. based engineer.

We win battles the most toughest and daring
Be it on campus bunking or off campus flirting
Shivaji, BATU and Pune
In front of M.U. they have no say.
The entire world knows our value
Don’t mess with us, you’ll pay bitch I tell you

Fucking the shit out of every brains
The syllabus is an ass that takes a lot of pains
But we belong to M.U. my dear
Please wipe all your tears
We were born to rule this sphere
Obama says change is here
He was probably referring to us engineers!

M.U. based engineers
Know the best way to chill is to have a beer
And thus M.U. based engineers
Change their gears every semester
And all that we want is the tag of all clear
Am just kidding, no fooling here!

Spread the Anthem \m/

My Feminist Co-passenger II

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I have a habit of getting bored at railway stations, well obviously not out of habit; it is kind of a usual thing to get bored when you are traveling alone. More because I arrived almost an hour ago on the platform, not that I knew the train would be an hour late. I have another of my habit in such situation, that I easily calm myself down by reasoning “this is India”, it is so normal when things are not on time here, in a way it makes the journey more interesting. That philosophy of mine wouldn’t find its place in the books of those Indian travelers who just need a reason to get pissed off and eventually start playing the most favorite Indian game namely “The Blame Game”. Meanwhile I thought I’d check out some good books at the railway book stall. As I hit the store, I found this cute girl looking for a particular book in the store; she was most probably not an Indian, funny how easily you can make out who’s what. I could sense her confusion, and saw the shopkeeper was clueless as well, so again out of habit, I offered to help. I spoke to her, gauging from her response and her English accent I realized she must have been French and her appearance claimed that she must be 22 or 23 years maximum. She was polite and greeted me with her cutest smile when I offered to help. She was looking for a good Rabindranath Tagore book there, but was not so sure which one to look for as she had never read a single book by him before. All she knew was the name. Well this seemed a no brainer for me, even though the person she mentioned probably wrote books which needed a lot of brains. I started looking for some of the books I knew about that guy. This particular bong had an enviable fan base amongst the foreigners. I came up with something light and perhaps one of his greatest works till date, Gitanjali. She seemed really happy, with the book and no points for guessing that we actually began a conversation.

“A Habit to make people smile is actually a good habit!” – Natalie

“So what’s your name?” I asked her.

“Am Natalie, I have come to India to study history and thus am going to Chennai, I know a professor there who would guide me in my studies, also I have a friend there, and what about you?” she smiled. Indeed it’s quite true there is something about girls; be it from any ethnicity that she brings a smile to your face when she speaks nicely with you. Just when I thought that; I heard a girl go past us who just said a series of cuss words to someone she was talking to over the phone, my thoughts were brought back to reality, and all I did was give a Cheshire cat smile over my thoughts!

“Am Aryan am an engineering student, and I’ll be stalking you to Chennai” I paused to see her expressions to that, well she did get surprised but kind of she knew I was kidding.

I cleared the air and told her my reasons of going down south. She smiled.

“So are we in the same train?” she enquired, and by now she seemed to open up a bit.

“Well, I wish we were in the same coach though, I would have a good company as you know this is gonna be a long journey” I winked at her.

“Hmmmm…. I know I enquired about it; it will take us more than a day’s time to be there. And even I am traveling alone, I might get bored, but looks like our seats are not even remotely in the same coach…..” Before she could finish her sentence there was an announcement on the platform, about the train arriving. We got up and arranged our luggage, and moved to our respective coach positions and bid each other goodbye for the time being. I thought later I might ask the TTE for a seat exchange if am lucky enough.

Flirting- No guy can deny that, no girl can escape that!

I entered the train, and found my seat, it was a window seat and I was glad to find that. I have always loved a window seat, well who doesn’t?


The time I was at the station with Natalie, Anvesha was on the phone with someone, unbeknownst to me in within a matter of moments we both were about to take the most interesting journey of our life together.

On the phone,

Voice from phone: Anvesha, look you are acting really silly, I mean this is totally ridiculous of you, I bet someone has filled your ears….

Anvesha: I don’t have to reason with you, calling another girl bitch, and verbally abusing her maybe a normal thing for you, but I don’t think the same.

VFP: Well, i… er, I was doing this rap thing, where I needed to you know, so I uhm thought I would do try myself in public first….

Anvesha: What a lame excuse, you already had a problem with my friend Rhea, you were just looking for an excuse to insult her. Don’t give me any of your bullcrap, you sonovabitch! Motherfucker, asshole, pathetic dick, and yeah and definitely a cocksucking faggot and obviously not my boyfriend! So fuck off!

VFP: babe…. Am sorry how can you be so rude to me? It’s not like I have cheated you…

Anvesha: would it explain if i tell you what I just said was a fucking rap, how does it sound…. Look vinay, you don’t have respect for women, you are not going to stay in my life, did you get it. Perhaps it is not just because of Rhea, but on many other occasions I have heard of you being disrespectful towards women, and you know how much I hate it. It’s all you fucking men’s fault, whenever a woman sets out to believe that a man is good, he breaks no… no… make it shatters her trust. Every time…. Fuck off, and don’t expect me to send you a notice to tell you that it’s over between us.

Hell hath no fury like Anvesha scorned!

VFP: Don’t bring the entire woman fraternity along with you, it is just your problem, your feminist mind does not want to think straight.

She disconnected immediately. Probably Anvesha was already in a state of disgust when she entered the train. And to top it all the entertainment I provided her for the first one hour into the journey, would definitely piss anyone for the day, and this was going to be a journey of day and night.


“So what is it?” Anvesha spoke.

“Well you see, there was this girl, who was in love with a guy who lived miles away from her, they couldn’t meet each other because of the distance, but their love was more than the distance between them” I said and paused for a while and took a brief moment savoring the beauty that she was, and then suddenly realizing the task now laid before me, and that was to make up to her for a bad start of the journey. It was maybe not required, but again out of habit, I decided that this one was one thing I have to get involved.

Anvesha said, “Hmmm… then?”

“Then what, the place she currently lived she met a boy there, the guy fell in love with this girl, you know “Love at first sight”.

“hmm…. Then what did she do?”

“As any girl in her place would have done, she rejected him!”


“But the guy did not give up, he tried to impress her through many ways, somehow he wanted to convince her how deeply he loved him and that he could do anything to prove his love.”

“Was he an idiot? I mean have some self-respect at least”

“Well, you think quite like this girl…. Well but it did not matter what she thought, because after trying to convince her and sticking around for over a year, all he could manage is a good friendship. But he still had his hopes pinned on for her”.

“What about the girl? What did she think of him as?”

“Maybe a part of her liked him, but with the guilt of deceiving her bf, miles away she did not give in, she remained friends though. She was always surprised by the amount of love this guy had for her. She was confused, and one day this guy cleared her confusions totally”

“What did he do now?”

“He proposed marriage….”

“Wasn’t one rejection enough for him?” she smirked.

“Quite exactly, she did the same thing as you guessed.”

“Well, you see, this story of yours is getting so predictable, that I think its tending to bore me”

“So before I stop go ahead and predict the next act?”

“He never gave up, kept stalking her, such a loser!”

“In fact, he committed suicide, and the guilt stayed with the girl for the rest of her life, partly ruining her personality…..”

For a brief moment it looked as if she was the girl from the story, and that guy actually had died for her. She sat quiet, looked at me and said, “Stop it right there, I don’t want to listen further”

“Well, that’s what happens when you start getting a feeling that things are so predictable in life, it turns out this way, isn’t it the same situation with your life too? Perhaps something which you are running away from”

“You don’t know anything about my life”

“I know something…..”


“That you are not happy, and this is the least I know about your life”

“Well, I see, Mr.Sherlock Holmes is predicting things which he himself is not sure of”

“What could be so worse, than to end up in an asylum, for someone who does not deserve to be there?”

“What??? Who are you talking about?”


“This is ridiculous!!!! I mean yes you are somewhat cracked up there, but an asylum, means you are totally insane”

“Well I am, actually I was…. Back in my 10th standard, I was diagnosed with….” I paused for a while and looked at her, she was listening intently and a part of me hinted that she was concerned, I might have been a terrible liar otherwise, but it seemed that whatever I said was actually believable to her.

“….. With Bipolar Disorder” I couldn’t think of anything more scary.

“Are you serious? I mean, okay how did it happen, and are you cured now??”

“That’s not the point, I am perfectly fine now, as you see I look normal, and you have no reasons to get threatened by me, I am the most safest bet as a co-passenger trust me” I winked her with my rarest charming smile.

Nothing captivating than a blushing girl!

I sensed she kind of blushed, as she looked down and smiled, but immediately brushed away her thoughts and looked at me, and said, “Well am sorry to hear that, and I am really sorry how I initially behaved when I entered the train, actually I was really upset….”

Before she finished I cut in, “And I pissed you off, right? Well now we are talking!” I smiled again suddenly realizing that the situation which looked out of control some time ago suddenly was turning out to be something sweet.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Anvesha asked me and she looked serious.

“A mad guy like me, well who do you think would want to take the risk to be MY girlfriend” I looked back at her, she smiled and looked away.

“I have a boyfriend” she paused this time to look at my expression, which unbeknownst to her was a jaw dropping look from within but I managed it with an “Oh! That is so romantic!”

She sensed the tone in my voice. She said what happened before she entered the train. And was dead serious again, the feminist inside her suddenly woke up and she was unstoppable.

“I seriously hate and disgust those guys who cannot respect women, they show their attitudes, and think they can do whatever they want, with whomever they want to. They can say anything as they wish, but not with me.”

“Well, I know that, if any guy does that he would be the biggest fool in this galaxy and maybe several other galaxies, depending you don’t have any competition out there” I smiled again, somehow, now when I knew she was single I couldn’t stop smiling.

She laughed at that comment, and said, “You know what I bet you weren’t properly treated in the asylum”

A moment where you forget all, and for once you feel you are alive!

“How did you know, well you know actually my doctor was a feminist herself, she hated guys badly, and thus treated them badly” as soon as I said that we both started laughing, perhaps she knew I had taken a dig on her, but maybe this time she chose to be a female and not the feminist. She looked at me, looked down all the time while she was smiling, somewhere she had forgotten who she was, and that was the moment I saw Anvesha in her pure form, no issue, no stands, no arguments, no male bashing and definitely no feminism, just herself, just Anvesha.

Can it be the end? Only Time can tell and maybe a third part…… Stay mystified!

The END?

or is it…….

Stay Mystified!

My Feminist Co-passenger! part I

It is something which usually wouldn’t amuse you or make you smile, well let’s put it this way, you are going out to see a film which you have no idea about, you enter with some expectation in the theatre hoping the film you are about to watch might turn out the best one you ever saw, as the film begins, thus begins the journey, where a lot more is revealed than expected, it then slowly develops and grows on you, you find it stupid, idiotic, or even laugh at some scenes not meant to be funny by the filmmaker’s standards. But it all happens there, and you begin to enjoy the whole process without realizing the fact that it was a silly movie. Though you regret watching it as you come out, also make jokes about the film and laugh, but you know it that you enjoyed all those silly moments, it is then that something comes to the surface and that is, the most enjoyable things in life are also the most silliest.

A somewhat similar incident happened with me in one of my journeys, no it wasn’t any film, but it could become one, by the time this story reaches its conclusion. I would change the names in this story, because I wouldn’t want her to know about it, but I am sure she would know of it, once she reads this wherever she might be. Also I owe an apology to her for how I behaved initially, and also publishing whatever happened on my blog might also piss her off, but in a way I will be truthful to myself and let everyone know how good you were and how foolish I was. So wherever you are I hope to see you someday again, if fate permits (I refer that to her actually, because I don’t feel she might consider seeing me again). But as always hope floats itself and keeps you going, so believing this might reach her somehow (of course I know, she might knowing or unknowingly search for my blog over the internet, as I had mentioned her, I am quite sure she would find this, and my goal would be accomplished). So I begin this story with this hope, that wherever she might be, she is as she was when she was with me.

It was a moment when one can only smile.

I was in the second year of my engineering, and by now I was pretty much acquainted with the world of engineers and their marvels and was very fascinated by it too, it was after some looking about and searching for what an engineer must do in their duration of course study to get closer to the real world of engineers, I came upon an interesting thing called technical paper presentation. It is one such event specially designed for the engineers to show their overall skill as an engineer, where technical knowledge regarding a particular field related topic wrapped in a wardrobe of confidence and oratorical skill needs to be displayed in front of a panel of judges, who would then ask some related questions and test the presenter’s command over the subject. In all its glory this event surely gave any engineering student an opportunity to prove their point or make their mark whichever way one might want to put it. So was myself when I learnt about this National level competition at an engineering college, which had an event about paper presentations, I am sure most engineers would know what the event is about, but for those who don’t it is an event where a paper corresponding to any technical research topic is presented in the form of a presentation with the support of powerpoint slides explaining the concept graphically and making the understanding of the subject simpler. It was to take place at an engineering college in Chennai. At that moment I was in Mumbai, I enrolled myself for the competition, submitted an abstract of my presentation topic, it got selected (mostly those participating the paper is usually selected, unless of course one is participating for any international format of the event). I got a call from one of the college representatives; she greeted me on the phone, “Hello, is that Aaryan Banerjee?” I just said “hmmm….” And was imagining about the girl at the other side of the phone, because believe me her voice sounded so calming and soothing that I kind of melted. But I came back from my land of dreams, and tried to listen what she had to say, that’s when I realized that she had already spoken what she was supposed to and now for the past 30 seconds she was waiting for a response from me. I suddenly replied to her repeated attempts of finding out whether I existed or not. I said, “Yes, I get that… thanks for telling me that… I am happy, I was waiting for your call, not as in desperation, and not that I knew that a beautiful voice would greet me, oh! Am sorry got a little carried away, never mind, I will be there as per my schedule and thanks again”. As soon as I finished I realized that she disconnected the phone that very moment. I thought that was a little rude, but then I realized why would she be interested in knowing what I had to say apart from the competition. Well, but all my necessary queries were answered regarding the event, she was very clear, and somewhat friendly. They made staying arrangements for students coming from outside Chennai. I thought about that girl, she said her name was Nivedita Radhakrishnan (Name changed), her voice was really soothing, and she can easily qualify for a hypnotist if not an engineering student herself. After that conversation, I decided something, if there is something I am going to Chennai for obviously after my presentation of course, would be to get to know this Nivedita girl, and at least become friends. This further thrilled me to go to Chennai and explore my possibilities there.

Imagining Nivedita on the other side of our conversation…

I knew my journey would be something I was really not looking forward to, that would kick the crap out of me, as it takes a good more than a day’s time to get there by train. So I prepared myself, with lots of stuff, to kill my time in the train, unless of course I chance upon a hot co-passenger, who is good enough for a company. Alright if not a hot chic then at least some bunch of young people with whom you could easily mix up with. But one should always prepare for the worst, I remember these lines told by my good friend whom I would always remember after this incident happened or call it an accident. I took all my stuffs that would keep me engaged in the journey, should I have to have some co-passengers I really am not interested to talk to. I had my Laptop, my novel, my camera (I have heard about the scenic view down south so it is a must if you going anywhere down south). I entered the train, as it was there on the station before it was to start from C.S.T. as on my ticket I searched for my seat, and was happy to know that it was a window seat. But due to some reasons I sat on the window seat which faced opposite to mine (Later I would go on to regret doing so). It was one of those two seats, at the sides you have in every compartment, total there are 18 of them in every compartment or coach, and are known as passage seats. Well I was lucky to get one, now all that I wanted was that the person who would be sitting facing me should also be the one I am ready to face as well.

Zooey… my dream Co-passenger!

A few moments later, I saw many passengers boarding the train searching for their seats and passing me by, with each passenger I would think no, they can’t be, and luckily they weren’t. After few moments a simple girl entered the train, she had a simple yellow top on it hugged on to her, and a blue jeans below, had straight a little below the shoulder length hair, she wasn’t glamorous, but in every way she was elegant. There was not a hint of makeup on her cute face, apart from some lip gloss and maybe some moisturiser. She even had no jewellery, some girls are extremely careful and have certain travelling habits and having no jewellery on been one of them. She was not the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, but she was perhaps an elegant one, one who is worth knowing about, and one with whom you can be happy. She was beautiful but in her own way, overall she really looked good, and for once I wished her seat was on which I was sitting at the moment. I saw her advancing towards; I tried to look away, and buried myself in one of novels which I was reading back then White tiger by Aravind Adiga.

The elegance Anvesha displayed could never be underplayed!

I heard a pleasantly feminine voice calling out to me, “Excuse me that is my seat you are sitting on, please get up immediately and go to your seat”.

I couldn’t believe she was to be my co-passenger for the journey, I looked at her in disbelief and said, “well if you don’t mind you may take my seat, it’s the one facing mine, here this one”, I even placed my hand on the other of the passage seat and motioned for her to sit. “it is a window seat too, I hope that is cool with you”.

She got angry and said, “Look, don’t act smart, what rubbish, if you have your seat here why don’t you sit where it is, why this one, please get up and do not create a scene, don’t make me go to my wrong side”.

“Oh! I didn’t expect that” I quietly moved to my seat and sat there quietly feeling a little bad to make the wrong impression on her even before the journey began, I thought that I owed her an explanation for this, I really did, as I had this strange habit.

I said, “Look… madam you don’t have to be that rude….. “

She said, “Why what are you gonna do?”

“Look I had a reason for sitting there” I said trying to sound reasonable but I knew the reason I was about to give would even further piss her off.

“Oh! Really, I would like to know what could be a reason strong enough to make me believe that someone occupied my seat when there seat was beside me?” She said and looked in total command.

“Well you see…. I….. er…. Uhm… have this tendency…..” I paused in between realizing how stupid I would be if I said it. “I like to sit on the window seat which goes in the direction of the train, it makes looking out easier…..” I stopped abruptly noticing her raised eyebrow as if questioning my sanity. She looked cute even in her state of anger and that arched eyebrow raised, she looked all the more sexy. But no way was she now going to give me any company for the remainder of our journey. She must be thinking how pathetic I was.

After a shocking brief moment of pause, she opened her mouth to speak again, “You are an idiot”.

And I said, “I hate stupid women”. It came out like some reflex action.

“Excuse me, did you tell me stupid”. She was even angrier this time.

“Uh! No not you…. I said that in general”. I said but not meaning the words I just spoke.

“Do you think I am really that stupid not to know those were actually meant for me, which another girl is present here at this moment to whom you can say that?”

“Well, that was for me actually okay, I am stupid”.

“What??? But you said stupid women?”

By now, I had really lost all my patience and lost all hopes that I would ever have of getting to know this girl, I said, “Well, you see, I used to be a girl before I had this sex change operation and became a guy, well does that answer your question, I said it to my previous self, so it was not for you…. Okay! I hate a stupid woman that was me….” I could literally see her taken aback with what I just said.

“Ewww…. That is so creepy”. She paused for a moment and said again, “What do you think huh! You are making fun of me, right from the moment I entered, by telling me stupid things, are you a nut, I know guys like you who think they are smart and with their talks fool girls, listen dude, girls aren’t that stupid like you think, so just shut your mouth and mind your own business” Then she mocked me with what I said earlier, with some added effects and facial expressions and that mocking tone and said, “Ooooooo! I was a girl before my sex change operation”.

Beware the Feminist!

That was the moment when some of the passengers went past us and they were all staring at her in disgust when they heard what she just said, obviously unaware why she said, but they wouldn’t know and the damage was already done. They all hurried their way back to their seats and by looking I could say, they all now had a topic of discussion for the journey.

She looked at me boiling with rage as to what just happened, I couldn’t help myself and burst out laughing….. And I just kept laughing for almost a minute. She was livid with anger now and wanted to kill me then and there, that is when she calmed herself as the TTE arrived, She stood up from her seat and asked the TTE, “Excuse me sir, could you allot me another seat or better let me exchange my seat with somebody else, please?”

“May I know the reason madam?” the TTE looked puzzled.

“Actually this seat here is a little too dusty, and I am allergic to dust, so…” She was looking for some excuse, and was surprised she came up with this one and my suddenly broke into another spell of laughter. That was when the TTE realized something was wrong. He said, “Is anyone troubling you madam?” The TTE was perhaps hinting at me, and I could get in real danger if she said yes, no matter I did anything wrong or not. In public places girls in any situation have an upper hand, at that moment she teasingly looked at me as if she had a control in that situation as if her one nod could get me to crying quite contrary to what I was doing moments ago and that was laughing. Suddenly my laughs died, The TTE sensed it, but the girl did not say anything as if she wanted to still maintain her impact. It just made her case stronger and the TTE while he did not say anything to me stared at me angrily and I instantly knew that I am now officially on his watch list for the rest of the journey. So I better be extra careful now. The TTE helped the girl to some other compartment and allotted her a replacement seat. She quietly settled there and must have heaved a sigh of relief. I got down from the train and checked the reservation chart and I realized her name was Anvesha Kaul (Name changed) F 21, So basically she was a year older to me, well that is no problem. I started to take a tour of the train to check which compartment was she now in. I suddenly came upon her she was two coaches away in the S7 coach. She did not notice me, as i was standing in a way she couldn’t find out, I was near the door. She had found herself another passage seat, I saw the TTE talking to an old woman in that same compartment. I sensed something was wrong. Then I saw a bunch of boys entering the train and taking their seats which were besides the passage seats where Anvesha was, she got a little more uncomfortable. She found the guys looking at her, smiling and probably laughing and discussing about her, I was waiting her to react, that is when I heard the siren, the train wa about to leave the station, I thought of getting back to my seat.

As I came back, I found another person was now already on the seat which was Anvesha’s seat before. It was a woman probably in her late thirties, but had maintained herself, looked like she was married, and wore a simple short kurti with jeans. It complimented her as she was not like those usual fatty aunties her age. She looked matured and smart as well, she sort of reminded me of my mom. But I did not have any issues, I went there and took my seat, and I do mean my seat, this time I did not want to sound stupid to someone who seemed a bit wise. I quietly sat there, and she asked me with a smile, “Student?” I smiled and answered back, “Yes, actually I study here in Mumbai, am going for a college festival in Chennai, and you auntyji?” She was very nice and told that she was visiting her parents in chennai for a family function, as she had married recently. We were in the middle of our conversation and I completely forgot about Anvesha. It must be an hour exactly the train started running, I heard a luggage thud, and moments later I found the TTE standing near our seat, aunty was surprised, the TTE began, “I am sorry madam I told you to trade places with that girl, but somehow this girl wants her seat back, I am really sorry for the inconvenience, but she was throwing tantrums and even cried, if you won’t mind you may take your original seat and this matter would end here and you won’t be bothered again”. Aunty looked at Anvesha, this time I was ignoring her, but when I heard she was crying, I thought it must be those guys. Aunty was really nice, she smiled and rose up, I offered to help aunty get her luggage to her new destination, in the process collecting my brownie points from the TTE as well, and now claiming the title “Who’s the boss now” from Anvesha whom I thought I would later get back to. Aunty was thankful to me, for helping her with the luggage when I reached there, I saw the boys, there. I really could not blame them as I realized she must have made an issue out of nothing here as well. By the time I returned, Anvesha was settled on her seat, and her tears had dried up and from the look at her face, she looked this cute girl who did not get what she wanted, and was sitting there looking down at the ground.

I realized she has had a tough time in this journey so far, and I was to blame for ruining it for her, so somewhere I was responsible for those tears. I now saw she was sitting on my seat and kept her seat vacant for me, as if she had given up and this could be really worse than what I thought. She did not look at me when I arrived. I tried to speak but she was looking out of the window, that is when I said, “More of a void, but never employed”. Loud enough for anyone close by to listen. She turned to face me, and eyed me as if to know why did I say that?

I gauged from her expressions that she now wanted to listen what I had to say, but only if it is relating with those words I said, because at this moment she was in no mood for any shit. I said, “You are running away from something aren’t you?” She looked at me in disbelief as the words struck her ears. She was in loss of words, she looked away, and then back to me. I said, “At least you are lucky, you never had to deal with what I dealt, you would slap me when I tell you this or even puke on me, or may actually start believing in fantasies if I tell you this”. I saw her turning shades of curious to what I had to say now, she listened to me keenly, she suddeny wanted to hear.

Perhaps we all know this situation, don’t we?

(To be continued…….)