The face behind that laugh

Many people have a varied definition for the word ‘dark’.Some relate it with ghosts,some take it as something not good,some believe dark is evil,then there are those who shrug it off as an attitude.Infact the word ‘dark’ has become an evolutionary word so far and the latest feather in its cap was put by Christopher Nolan.

He redifined the word ‘dark’ in his blockbuster movie ‘The Dark Knight’.Indeed the movie had a dark dimension to it when you attach it with that attitude thing.Sophisticatedly zooming past ahead of all the different versions of the caped crusader presented in the past by other filmmakers but not quite creating the hype that Nolan garnered through his representaton of ‘The Dark Knight’-a silent protector who waits in the dark and bashes the enemy unleashing their true colors and making them seemingly helpless! just to say that it was crafted as any other masterpiece would be an understatement but nevertheless it was a piece of cinema that really had something new to offer. oh! not to forget his nemesis The Joker(we shall always remember you for the defined performances you gave throughout your career cheers to the Lt.Heath Ledger).

The depiction of a face that draws you smiles,the symbol of laughter,the joker as we say and perhaps the very one of which we had a fond memories of the childhood would in our wildest nightmare turn out to be a menace to the core perfection and as well be associated with something possibly dark.

Presenting a new face behind those laughs.Filled with a sadistic appeal and a psychic upfront.The enaction of sarcasm combined with that perfect blend of agressive supremacy and that perfect dose of fear-the biggest weapon of mental destruction.

The joker thought that his jokes were bad, but actually he reminds me of the faces that i have often seen in my life among people i know very well or so i thought.Though they are far behind from a league where the joker belongs but in a perfect resemblance to his image,the reality dawned on me that for a long time many people gave a tribute to the efforts of this clown every single day with an unusual display in their characteristics.

Day after day its getting increasingly difficult to understand the mindset of a certain face,the motive and the purpose.For those of you who believed the exhibitionism of an endearing face with a pleasing personality who induced warmth,later found it as a disgust when this perfectionism got exposed out to be a bad dream!(too bad)

Quite rightfully looks are getting decieving and shifting more towards the ‘darker’ side.This only brings us closer to one conclusion that those sweet smiles and specially the laughs cannot be trusted(sorry! but i couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that i could not even miss out on our politicians for this).But if there is anyone who can actually be trusted very well that is you-yourself.Nolan laid the foundation of start believing in yourself concept,because there is a joker in everyone but surely there isn’t any batman out there to save you out there in the real world.

So even though you may not be able to read faces,never mind read it at the point of deception and go reverse by make believing the fact that if i find it difficult to believe in myself so far(for those who haven’t,and those who have continue with it dnt think otherwise)then how am i going to believe an unknown face.

It might be an insane world out there,right from the darkness that surrounds you completely when its night to the people who surround you in your world when its day. Night or day its ‘dark’.And the only light in this world of darkness is inside you,inside us and perhaps anyone who believes so.

Finally fear cannot be eluded from life and ofcourse you cannot shut your eyes forever after any mishap but you can put a smile on that face and lets face it whatever comes!

so when the joker said “why so serious?”                                            

i believe he never meant it………………….. not one bit!

have a good time folks!

and i thought my jokes were bad........ hahahahaa



  1. shreya · February 2, 2011

    nice article,looks always decieve is a big fact! your work is your real identity!

  2. ananya · January 26, 2011

    Now that’s a masterpiece,well summed up about what you wanted to address,just awesome!

  3. Anushka · January 23, 2011

    Wow! a thrilling article, i enjoyed reading this to the hilt,this article captivates evryone who may have experienced deceit in their life at one point or another.Amazing thought and well written!

  4. ritu · September 9, 2010

    good effort for ur debut must say! once said dat u do seem 2 bring out some interesting things 2 d surface….. indeed i do feel the politicians hav turned more of a joker coz believe it or not their speeches now seem lyk jokes. the changing face phenomenon has been very aptly summed up by ur writing and the attempt was really amazing,the concept of relatin the changing faces 2 d very humans v trust unknowingly with a gudwill now seems lyk a big joke. when i strtd givin this column a thot many faces came infront of my eyes who decieved me with their luks, realy an insane world out there…….. u need 2 b on ur toes!
    excellent effort wud say dat 1ce again and keep explorin the unknown fallacy in ur next article, coz with this article u hav raised d bar 4 u. i m eagrly w8in 4 ur nxt 1 now………. this 1 deservingly g8s a 4 on 5 straight! keep them coming!

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