A reason not good enough!

Things started getting more stupid as i started growing up.Lucky enough to recieve my education from a convent school and thereby growing up as a valued citizen.Soon i realised this world is a laughing stock if you saw it from EMINEM’s point of view,indeed it is.Since i now realized that after 18 years of my existence there is sometimes no reason out there for something that happens and the one which demands a reason!A little confusion is always called for in this case(cant help thats my nature,but go on!)but this case has a reason not good enough…….. so what exactly i am talking about?

Hmmmm….. well,presenting to you some interesting unknown and unanswered questions that we face today which still doesnt has any reasons attached to it.This goes back a long ago to a time when people considered that the one who was well acquainted with mythology knew everything in this universe,he was a source of enlightment,knowledge and wisdom.The one who knew the vedas,shloks was a divine personality in the eyes of the people.It is during those days that an unknown incident took place and shook a belief for once.A kid(their innocence is something you cannot escape)went to such a scholar who was referred to as the one who knew it all and this very person had taught the kid about ramayana and mahabharata and the teachings from them.Seems like the kid wasn’t satisfied enough he went on to ask his master”was lord rama actually a god as they say?”.the master got amused,he simply gave a smile and said”why don’t you think so?”.The kid replied”well if he really were a god,he would have rescued his wife using his powers and not sacrificing the many soldiers in the war against ravana,is the purpose of being god just to see the personal side and not the other innocent ones”,the priest found himself in a bit of confusion and was looking for an appropriate answer to this one but couldn’t produce.As to why certain things happen and the reason is unknown well its also unknown.But there might be several takes on this theory by the kid but you cannot be certain on any one.Well this was just the beginning,i have more for you from todays world!

Now have you ever imagined that why does a politician never commits suicide?Well you have almost every one out there in our country using freedom of expression used in a suicidal way starting from the student who failed his exam to the celebrity who was depressed,but nowhere do we get a (good)news that a politician has commited suicide ever wondered why so?well,basically you need a good reason to end your life and politicians well they have lots of reason for existence than to die.Feelings,thats another thing you require when you are planning to end up your life(not necessarily but feelings are a reason that leads to this sin),so when actually a politician is not ending his life does that means he doesnt has any pressures,or does that means he does not have any particular feelings?(oops! no feelings then is a politician a human?)then we can say a politician doesn’t has any emotions then!

Never mind the one who blames others is also at fault.Yes now its our turn,people whatever we do sometimes it seems we dont have any work rather than relating things to issues and thus ending up in protests well a few trendsetters we have Aaja Nachle,the movie starring madhuri dixit garnered the angst of the people just because the lyrics of a certain song in the film didnt go down well with some people,the same happens in shahid kapoor starrer kaminey where the chartbuster song Dhan Te Nan had to edit out some part of its lyrics.We have controversy with aamir khans film Fanaa and Rang De Basanti in the form of aamir supporting the narmada bachao andolan for the former and the display of certain characters in the latter.For god’s sake now we really don’t have any better job than to hunt for a new controversy however lame the reason maybe(i say again a reason not good enough!)Taslima nasreen to salman rushdie to dan brown for their masterpieces have also identified themselves with this stupidity as well!

Time and again we seem to take the freedom of expression too seriously for mostly the wrong reasons.(really! wonder if this would have been used for all the right reasons many talents would rise)this thought never seems to cease the mind that why do people resort to such means.This brings us to the rise of the news channel of a different kind where you get to know all about the things that you never thought of or the one’s which you thought were never existing.Thanks to their effort now we know how kareena got her size zero figure and broke up with shahid or even better what does aamir say on his blog about SRK.Then even more you get about what did mr.bachan eat today for snacks……. someday we are waiting that they shall tell us why do they do this for(the trend continues and finally finds its way in gossips amongst the youngsters)get a life people! stop being crazy!

If its so then i shall show you whats called as going crazy and that too with reasons(ha ha i have many but i shortlisted a few good ones).Ganga is considered to be the holy river in hinduism,we believe that Gangaji came from the heavens,so all the dams be demolished which contains the water from this holy river.(ouch!).And not to forget ma sita was kidnapped and taken to lanka,i wish the government must attack SRI L ANKA and avenge this insult.(that could be crazy……way too crazy),oh! our beloved hanumanji as stated in ramayana flew to the himalayas for sanjeevni    buti…..the path travelled by him thus becomes sacred,therfore all the flights crossing this airway be banned………(silly demand……but thats the height we may actually go some day). people may actually come up with issues which possibly may or may not have a good reason but its we who have to understand about the scenario and in the light of the moment not support such baseless fallacies.

I mostly believe in todays world issues which needs attention are less focussed on and rather issues without a reason.Can’t we produce a better proof of our stupidity……… and by far this stupidity has been observed mainly in INDIA,think about it this is a reason enough for our country to be eluded from achieving its deserved position in the world!

Work towards eradicating this unknown fallacy!

Having a reason is better than a belief!



  1. Anushka · March 2, 2011

    HaHaHA! really funny! Enjoyed this one!

  2. shreya · February 2, 2011

    hahahaha that was really funny, you really know to tickle the funny bone don’t you? amazing!

  3. Michelle · January 23, 2011

    Hilarious, the end was really funny………. good sense of humour, seriously sometimes the reason for a fight or any situation happening is extremely funny, you just need to know the art of laughing at it!

  4. ritu · September 19, 2010

    hmm.. i just luv 2 analyze wat u write and go through each word carefully and u do seem 2 impress with ur writing……… quite phenomenal. though at many places it was losing the plot somehow but u managed to sum up evrything in the last para where u were at ur humorous best…….. always seem 2 strike a chord with a kind of curiosity that u genr8. this 1 was again a gud attempt and surely i feel u hav d potential 2 write more amazing stuffs and keep ur readers glued & asking 4 more. ur writing style is smthing diffrnt and has freshness…………… keep up d gud wrk. mythbroakia seems out 2 b a whole new wrld promising 2 giv new experiences………..

    • mythbroakia · September 19, 2010

      thanx a lot 4 being an honest critic of my work……….. intend 2 stuff in more surprises in here with my coming articles.and lukin 4wd 2 more such reactions 4m u and evry1 out thr. thanx again d reactions mean a lot 2 me………….

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