During the times of recession

Short timing the love-making session

Worried without a reason?

You may as well get involved in an economical treason!

Expectation rises,money advises:

Stick to your guns as the market surprises!

Money isn’t ever about realisation

We are the sons of globalisation !

What you see is what you wish to buy

The girl asks how rich is that guy?

The most beautiful woman ever was NEFERTITI

Though a merciless dictator,you wish never invaded your city!

Surviving the interests is pure happiness

Jeopardizing the interest is pure business

Money isn’t about realisation as well relation

We are the sons of globalisation !


NEFERTITI- The beautiful dictator!




  1. Angela · July 12, 2011

    This poem is definitely a great work of imagination, this is really amazing, haven’t seen or heard a poem like that before, this is modern poetry and its all creativity which was in its full glory here!

  2. shreya · February 2, 2011

    What a poem, i mean superb thinking, never seen a poem like that ever written so stylishly on globalisation,you are a genius!

  3. ananya · January 26, 2011

    That is sexy,damn sexy…….. i just loved this from start to end,very innovative and again i say that was highly sexy!

  4. ishita · January 23, 2011


  5. yasmin · January 23, 2011

    hey great thinking, liked the concept of very much……….stupendous effort!

  6. Anushka · January 23, 2011

    This one is truly fantastic,loved it thoroughly,what a thought, i loved the line about nefertiti a lot! great!

  7. rituhot · September 30, 2010

    amazing mahn! how did you link nefertiti with such an astonishing example of globalisation,but the effort was tremendously gr8, luvd it! it was humorous and sensible………..and only u could think of something of this genre…….. u rock!

  8. animate7 · September 29, 2010

    Hey, damn nice work!!! ^_^

    well done! really liked it a lot. I dont think i could write like that….

    ^_^ sorry for not being able to review earlier…. my internet connection wasnt really great.

    btw its sneha. ^_^ take care and all the best!

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