The “Sophisticated Beggars” Syndrome!

Feel different,Feel it here!

(I do not hold any personal grudge against the bengali community,they are sweet peoples.It just happens that this article saw them quite perfectly falling into this category and hence they are on board,so steer clear lets take a joyride in the city of joy & lets not take this dig too seriously.)

I went on to visualise something i would never want to do in my life.After watching the critically acclaimed INCEPTION(Nolan is a rockstar,my first article was no doubt based partly on him.),i came across something known as lucid dreams.I shall elaborately speak more on that in my posts under the (CON)SCIENCE! category.Meanwhile,i had a brief chat with my friend from kolkata and then based on my trips to this city on few occasions before,a kind of different picture generated in front of me.Let me unfold the picture & place it before you.There’s this high-profile bong(Slang for a bengali,sounds cool na?)shifted his base to salt lake area in kolkata with his size-able family of 6.

As soon as they opened the doors of their new home,they also opened doors of their egos, & let it inflate until the point where it seemed the door needs to be broken to create more room for their growing ego.(now literally!).Simply the change in attitude of this certain bengali family started to show in their daily life as they began to spend lavishly,showing off their richness status & holding their head high(foolishly accepting on every opportunity they get to show they are the best.)Boasting of their richness they began to focus on something known as societal status,unknowingly making themselves eligible for the “sophisticated beggars” category.

Basically,a “sophisticated beggar” is someone who is high on the sophistication front with elan,glamour,the main ingredient ego & the contemporary egoistic philosophy that accompanies with this label,but definitely low on the reality front and the actual aspects of life.It is then that we realize that the sophisticated beggars are are in reality much dumber than they appear.Much proud  for many self-proclaimed reasons,but most of the reasons turn out to be mere superficial ones without any base.Another characteristics that imbibes this class of people is the necessity to compare.Well, for some reasons they can’t stop comparing who is better and even showing who is better.Much like the beggars on the street who compares himself with the rich & eventually frowns at his luck.

At the same time,kolkata has its own share  of the “real beggars” if not the sophisticated ones who do not feature in the salt lake area as a symbol of their poverty.The real beggars are the ones who actually qualify as the poor & upto a great extent also choose to stay ignorant.Nevertheless,the sweet-loving joyous city’s secondary feeling after enjoyment is flashing of the egos be it the sophisticated layer or the layer below them.Somehow this unrealistic ego refuse to leave the bengali community for laughable reasons.

Now lets get a life people.Lets admit it that religious pride is like an underwear that is important to us,but i guess a display of it that too proudly is clearly an act of indecency.Lets stay away from indecency.

This was just the put-together elements of some of my random thoughts that i visualised in my self-projected dream.(this incident took place the very next night i saw INCEPTION,Nolan just changed my perception of dreams).That’s when i got transported to the city of joy,kolkata.Nevermind ,the bongs are quite sweet people i realized that when i awoke in the morning &i discovered that i am proud to be a bengali(not an egoistic one though!).As for the sophisticated beggars syndrome,to every problem there is a solution.As far as the certain acquisations are concerned about de-glorifying the image of kolkata,it is not so because it is a beautiful city & ever lively in all it’s seasons.This was just one of the aspects of the city which maybe co-incidentally found in other cities as well,but amongst the other cities i chose kolkata simply because its truly an exceptional city of joy!



  1. ananya · January 26, 2011

    well said,truly this fact is undeniable about the unnecessary egos in bongs,but the way you being a bengali tackled the matter and presented it quite humourously was awesome.Your style of writing makes all the difference,you are gifted.

  2. rituhot · January 10, 2011

    hmmmmmmm…… glad to know you being a bengali atleast accept the fact that the bengali community is actually displaying their egos on sleeve which is ridiculous,agree with you on two places 1 that they are really sweet and then they are the sophisticated beggars as well! well written………

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