The Controversial ‘BOOK’ Of Politics!

Banning on what grounds?


Since every one is talking about lions,tigers,cubs & puppets i thought of showing the limelight to those who would correctly deserve it.Lets take some few names before we get started though,Salman rushdie,Dan brown,Taslima nashreen,Arundhati roy,Rohinton mistry.I might have missed out on some other names as well,but apart from the common link these names share as being famous authors they also get categorized under one section for a reason i would shed light towards the end.First of all extremely commendable works of fiction on paper have been given out by each of the above writers.Now lets get back on track,i personally do not believe the above fearless people wrote their work keeping in mind that their work would be the cause of chaos,in fact they had written every word in their book just to introduce their own personal views and represent the times we are a part of.

In the blockbuster hit movie ghajini, aamir khan had a dialogue that its good to do your work with emotions & not emotionally.It cannot be denied that we are a part of the society which is emotional to a large extent,and there are too many personal views on one single thing,it is that we cannot agree on a single thing.Now after that if banning some books gives any amount of satisfaction then people go with it.But it only reflects the ideology of a society which is still not ready to accept anything beyond what they can take.Hence,i wouldn’t want this book banning thing to happen,because i myself am thinking of writing a book & it won’t deter me to now write on certain issues which i feel needs to be touched by.But one thing has made me glad that by now the people of our society have been able to recognize what needs to be done and what not,i am not at all surprised by the support everyone is garnering for Such a long journey,it only means that people are taking their stands if needed to be heard,i may declare this the beginning or the awakening of the much-awaited new india that we all were looking for.Finally i reach to the category i was talking about in the beginning,that sees the above mentioned names together & they fall in the category of ‘independent writers of the contemporary era’ who love to explore what lies beyond.So lets become a part of this group and keep on writing,reading and possibly clear the misconception surrounding the phenomenal craziness of banning books.

So there are some people out there who make their way inside this controversial ‘book’ of politics,and try to bank on it as an easy way to declare their arrival.The smartness lies in actually knowing the difference between reality and fantasy.So if not the first time around let’s hope the ‘cub’ does something sensible in the future and as far as the ‘puppet’ is concerned let’s hope this folly was his last time.



  1. ananya · January 26, 2011

    Seriously,when stuffs like this happen,it is highly irritating and the reality is just to gain political mileage.This whole non-sense melodrama makes me sick!

  2. ishita · January 23, 2011

    Its quite disturbing to know that even today politics is the ultimate thing in our country,which always ruins everything which is good!

  3. yash · January 23, 2011

    Agreed mahn, the rohinton mistry scenario was quite uncalled for,seriously time and again things are blown out of proportions without any proper reason thanks to the political illiterates!

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