When nature’s so lovable…

a loving family...

When the weather’s so lovable

I take a deep breath
In the rain scented air;
Take a step towards
The deep blue ocean.

I spread out my arms
Embrace the welcoming wind;
Let the spray of the waves
Soak my clothes.

I feel a small hand
Tug at my clothes from behind;
I see my little girl
Nervously splash sea water.

I feel two strong arms
Grab me by my shoulders;
Find myself swept off my feet
And tossed into the waves.

I hear him laugh at my pouting face
He jumps in to join me;
I grab his neck with a giggle
And pull him underwater.

We squirm and struggle
Wrestle each other in the blue;
Tired and exhausted
We end up sprawling on the sand;

Our little girl crawls up to us
Her smile prettier than the setting sun;
He lifts her to his chest
And pulls me closer.

I cuddle closer feeling the rain
Gently drizzle against my skin;
the salty ocean air and the fragrant wet soil
Seeps through my skin to my soul;

we lie on the sand
enjoying the cheerful weather;
making warm memories
for the future ahead.

It so much fun
When the weather’s so lovable;
Making memories memorable
Bringing families closer…


One comment

  1. rituhot · January 10, 2011

    amazing piece of work i enjoyed reading this! times you spend with your family are the best times! sneha your writing has got depth and its really nice and a positive feel in the end!

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