False Awakening! – I

Disclaimer:This article has been divided into two parts owing to the level of complexity it deals with,certain concepts like lucid dreaming and the mention of cryonics form a very important part of this dark love story.The source of inspiration is from the movie INCEPTION,the story is different here it just re-introduces to the phenomenon picturised in the film INCEPTION.Well,in all probability a lucid dream is generally wherein one is aware that one is dreaming,the story tries to familiarise a complex thing quite subtly with the inclusion of love.Any resemblance to certain aspects mentioned via the love angle is purely co-incidental because mostly love stories are based on the primary concept of love,only it might be presented differently.Here is the first part of this saga!


If i couldn't meet you in reality..... i will be always there in your virtuality!


         “I have always hated wannabes,and tell you what kaajal is one hell of an attention seeker”said aaryan to his friend gaurav who had three months ago introduced aaryan to kaajal.

                         For some differences and some unexpected twists of fate,the duration of those three months created a considerable amount of friction between aaryan and kaajal that it was quite inevitable that they do not face each other.On various occasions before,many instances have shown that kaajal was quite prone to accidental situations that turned quite nasty creating mental turmoil(almost like the physical damages as in a real accident).But aaryan rescued kaajal twice in their brief interaction period of three months from situations which she couldn’t come out without facing the music.

                 One such time a confusion had taken place when kaajal needed some help from aaryan regarding her college project,kaajal went out with aaryan regarding the issue of her project without informing her aunty at home,kaajal has come to stay at her aunty’s place in mumbai as its her college here three months ago,she stays in kolkata with her mom and dad.Kaajal’s aunty is working so while she returned she discovered that kaajal went out with aaryan and that served as the perfect disaster recipe for misunderstandings served with the toppings of confusion.Kaajal couldn’t provide a reasonable explanation,the reason was obvious she was a girl and this isn’t her home so she is answerable for her action if she does something without informing,aaryan never knew that kaajal went without informing,when he learnt that he handled the situation by taking all the blame for the situation in front of kaajal’s bewildered aunty.Aaryan surely knew to calm people down,the matter got closed and worse then on.It was obvious kaajal’s aunty would never want to see kaajal with aaryan again.Thus aaryan sometimes remarks kaajal as nefertiti when he gets mesmerized to see her(everytime) and after this incident she earned another name thankless bitch!

                      Days elapsed,it was the last night of 2010,there was a new year party going on aaryan was having a conversation with gaurav,even kaajal was present in the party,but they hardly spoke.The celebration went on which saw kaajal getting highly drunk(well another accidental situation! aaryan where are you?).Since aaryan and kaajal were the two people from the same society aaryan thought of helping her one last time by dropping her home.

             Aaryan started his car,kaajal in her drunk state said “you drive toooooooo sloooooowly, can’t you drive faster?” aaryan turned to her and said”i think you should just shut your mouth and look ahead because you are stinking right now”.Then kaajal said”i think you sould look ahead!”.Just as she said that aaryan looked ahead a big truck was coming towards their car,he lost his control and they met with a dangerous accident almost in an instant.

               The impact was quite powerful and the result was the death of kaajal,aaryan somehow survived the accident but this time he couldn’t save his nefertiti.Time flew by as the accident had took place,the wounds healed but aaryan’s memory faded a little bit.Aaryan always had a crush on sana,a girl he knew from his school days,and this accident brought them closer finally.They started spending time together.He was slowly forgetting all about kaajal,it seemed like there existed no kaajal in his world.Exactly a year went by and it was again the last night of the year 2011,again at a new year party aaryan went with his new girlfriend sana.The new year party was going on, aaryan was having conversation with gaurav,when aaryan suddenly spotted kaajal in the party,when their eyes met,she started walking towards him.She came to him and hugged him and quite romantically planted a sweet kiss on his lips.Before aaryan could say anything,gaurav spoke”there you go sana,we were looking around for you”then gaurav looked at aaryan and said”i mean aaryan was looking eagerly for you”.

                          Kaajal was exceptionally marvellous with beautiful brown eyes,and there was no chances any guy could ever forget her if they see her once.So was the case with aaryan as he thought what was happening.Aaryan was terrified as well as confused when he saw everyone around addressing the girl he claimed kaajal as sana.He mustered the courage to speak to her and asked”who are you?, you are not kaajal right?”, the girl said”what happened to you i don’t know any kaajal, i am your love, i am your sana, baby”.

                 The picture was clear for aaryan as he saw kaajal only and there was no trace of the sana he ever knew,but kaajal.He immediately left for his home and took out an album from his cupboard which read ‘aaryan & sana forever’,it turned out to be there marriage album and he opened the album to see the photos he found kaajal alongside him in every photo he saw,there was no sana to be found in the album,infact he suddenly realised after he saw the dates on the photos it said december 2020,which meant 10 years had passed from the day of his accident with kaajal in 2010,he was looking for answers,thats when he finds sana(now kaajal as per aaryan’s eye’s say) walking through the main door with a doctor,the doctor was concerning with the cryonics department.When he sees the doctor aaryan realises that he is indeed a victim of his own lucid dream gone wrong.The doctor then spoke”aaryan, you are suffering from nightmares and things can get worse for you if precaution isn’t taken,you need to be to be taken to the cryonics chamber to improve the present condition”.

              Aaryan was now aware that he was awake but inside his dreams, a feeling of fear gripped him,he developed a cold feet……how was he to know how to come back to reality,most certainly he was alive,the only one who was dead was kaajal,whom aaryan truly loved!Aaryan was stuck between a harsh reality and a sweet virtuality,he could choose between the two. The ability to be aware that one is infact dreaming is supposed to be a cure of nightmares,but what  if the dream itself turns out to be a nightmare,when you realise that you are trapped in your own dream……….nothing but a false awakening!

                                                                                                ………………(To be continued)

want your dreams to be true or real?



  1. Anushka · March 2, 2011

    Spellbound! literally, there is the intriguing involvement factor in this story that drives you till the edge! Awesome!

  2. shreya · February 2, 2011

    WOW! that was so good! it was really nice i liked it!

  3. maya · January 27, 2011

    This story was simply phenomenal,and ends at a point where you are getting highly curious,the writing was amazing!

  4. ananya · January 26, 2011

    wonderful story,nicely captured the two characters of aaryan and kaajal,makes for a good read,nice dash of mix with the sci-fi background to this love saga!

  5. ishita · January 23, 2011

    What a story, gripping as well as an edge of the seat ride.The concept of lucid dreaming is what makes this quite different yet classy! amazing story,eager to know what happens next!

  6. Anushka · January 23, 2011

    Surreal! Firstly lucid dreaming is something which hardly a few people understand, you seem to have selected a proper background on the basis of which you can narrate out something unconventional taking the help of this concept,in the process making the people digest this sensational concept,without even them coming to know that they are understanding it.good job!

  7. rituhot · January 10, 2011

    you surely know to capture minds,thoughts(and now even dreams!).it is quite an interesting combination in how you made use of lucid dreams to display a love story,i thoroughly loved it,and the moment got involved in it so badly it ends,leaving me guessing what happens next? that makes me more eager to know what is to follow in the second serving,your style of narration is the best part and its quite stimulating as well,surely it wasnt much clear in the first part the exact visualisations of an actual lucid dream,but one thing i am sure of the next part is going to answer them all,and thus it makes it eagerly awaited! this story was truly amazing but!

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