False Awakening-II

Sometimes a dream is not after all a dream!


  Aaryan’s mind was working faster than he would have thought and thus to come to any conclusion at that moment was something to be seen.It would be better if people are introduced to the background of aaryan.Now aaryan was a parapsychologist,a branch of psychology which deals with the investigation of the conditions of psychic abilities,near-death experience,out-of-the-body experiences,reincarnation memories,ghosts and life after death.As a part of his experimenal research this year he had selected the topic of lucid dreaming,something which has enthused aaryan off lately.He has made his own research in extracting the truth behind this phenomenon and understanding it from a very basic level.So far what he learnt about this topic was,that a lucid dream could begin in one of the two ways.A dream-initiated lucid dream starts as a normal dream and the dreamer eventually concludes that it is a dream,thus one gets aware that one is infact in a dream.Then there is wake-initiated lucid dreams,this is something which is startlingly mysterious,as it sees a dreamer going from a normal waking state directly into a dream state,with no apparent lapse in consciousness,that is without the knowledge of the person,as one finds it reality what one senses.
Something which was highly fascinating was when lucid dreaming was been linked with the phenomenon of false awakening,which is also called a double dream or a dream within a dream.As complicated as it sounds but it was one of the most interesting phenomenon which we might have experienced at some moment in our life but didn’t knew the science behind it.Basically,in false awakening,a person is dreaming(while in sleep)in reality,when in that dream the person wakes up and that is just illusionary to the very fact that the person is infact dreaming about this.So while that person wakes in the dream,they believe they are doing their daily work and are far away from the truth as they believe that they are actually awake.This is the very reason of bed-wetting that we never knew,was happening while we were sleeping.As we believed the fact that we were infact awake and were going to a toilet,whereas in reality the bed was getting wet,this was just an example to illustrate this phenomenon of false awakening.But what aaryan was going through was a bit more complex at the moment.

  Surely aaryan was now aware that he was inside his own lucid dream,which had gone terribly wrong,while there may be different possibilites at this moment that could be the real picture,the first was, it was a clear case of false awakening,second he would have died infact and might have been in the cryonic chamber probably awaiting his treatment.Many perceptions but hard to believe any one in particular.What was worse that a dream can possibly get influenced under the emotions of a person.The biggest emotion love, sometimes plays havoc inside your dreams,it makes the process of decision-making all the more difficult.The projections inside the dream one sometimes sees is what is the reflections of his desires in the real world,aaryan was somewhere in between this real and the virtual world.As he was trying to find a way out of this,he was letting go of himself as he got more and more involved into believing the existence of kaajal and this was distancing him from the reality which wasn’t what he would want it to be.He once again looks at sana(who aaryan now sees as kaajal).Who indeed was the kaajal he had feelings for,the feelings of true love,which could only be felt and was way beyond words to express.Something which aaryan always suppressed inside him,something which meant him his world.The happy times they were together,they were all an altogether sweet memories that all remained with him now.Truly there was no trace of any sana in his world.This time the look he gives kaajal is quite different as now he is aware of the truth which he is now a part of,that is nothing but his own dream projection which isn’t true.

                              At that instant,kaajal looks at aaryan’s eyes and for the first time aaryan found virtual reality better than actual reality that’s because kaajal said “aaryan, i have always loved you dear,the first time we met and the five hour long conversation we had,couldn’t quite realise time would go away so quickly and it felt i had more to talk with you.Truly the time spent chatting with you was always cherished.I thought you were one of my kind and we really hitted off really well.Unfortunately our tryst was short-lived as the incidents that were responsible for creating void among us were insanely stupid and we were helpless,but this same incidents had made me feel more closer to you.Whenever i am in any trouble,i just think that aaryan would come and rescue me out like my prince charming.I am your nefertiti you idiot,your thankless bitch,and it makes me jealous at the sight of any other girl getting close to you.I can be myself when i am with you, you complete me,and now i dont wanna sound filmi,but i think i am going to say this, i am just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.I have always awaited that when would you come to me and say how much you love me,you never ever had an idea how much i love you”.

                                 Aaryan was speechless after that,as he felt the same way as kaajal did,but he didn’t had words to express his excitement,he just wanted to embrace this moment,but the moment was different.An unexpected pain he felt in his chest like a congestion,couldn’t quite say anything to her.Meanwhile Dr.Aakash spoke “time to go for your treatment,this way follow me”.Aaryan thought it would be better to follow the projection of a doctor in this dream that was his way out from the scenario.The doctor took aaryan at the top of a 250 storey building.After reaching the top of the building,aaryan ran towards the end of the terrace and with his full might took a long leap over the fence that covered the terrace.He jumped.As he was falling his entire life started flashing infront of his eyes in a reverse mode,the 10 years he spent in his lucid dreams were now visible to him,and he could only see kaajal in his memories,all the time spent with her and how much he loved her.He never could see kaajal drift away from him.In his fall he made his decision that he will stay in this virtual worldwhere kaajal resides.His place is with her in this world,not in the world where she doesn’t exist.He was just not prepared to travel back to the real world to discover the dead body of kaajal.Aaryan falls on the ground and gets unconscious.

                                Suddenly,aaryan opens his eyes, he sees that he is lying on a hospital bed,probably he thought that after the fall he would have died but might be under rare circumstances he survived,he still believed that he was now forever a part of his lucid dream,which made him happy.He looks around in the hospital but finds no signs of kaajal.Suddenly a nurse opens the door and says “sir,you have got two visitors whom would you like to meet first,one is your team from the parapsychology department and another is a girl”.Aaryan smiled and said “bring my team in first”.Four of his friends came in and were happy that he was alright.Gaurav said “we thought you wouldn’t survive the accident,that would have been terrible for our team because we are mainly depended on your thesis to save our research work on lucid dreams,well dude 26 january 2011 is the day when we get our phd on lucid dreams”.Hearing this aaryan said “you people will never change,anyways did you say its 26 january 2011,i thought it should be 2020”.Gaurav said “hehe.. good sense of humour,we arent so dumb enough to ge it so late thanks to your effort and obviously our support,but amidst all this we lost kaajal,she died.The fault was entirely of the vehicle which collided wih yours,you were trying to save her but the other vehicle’s driver was ruthless and the mishap couldn’t be avoided”.

                                       The girl came inside it was sana but not kaajal.Aaryan was out of his lucid dream,he was in coma for 36 hours now he was out of danger.Aaryan closed his eyes a tear rolled down his eyes as sana came towards him placed the bouquet near him and said “happy new year,aaryan!”.

                 Aaryan recieved his phd on lucid dreams,looks like he had conquered a phenomenal thing in his life but at the same time it was the same lucid dreams which had turned his life upside down.The death of kaajal had a bad impact on aaryan though.He achieved a dual personality,as a result.Aaryan started practicing lucid dreams quite avidly and in his dreams he used to visit the exact place,where he last saw kaajal.This started happening quite frequently,what started as a practice became a habit soon.He loved to be with kaajal inside the journeys he kept making to his lucid dream.He was getting paranoid each day.Some days he couldn’t remember the amount of time that elapsed while he went in the state of his lucid dream.He just knew that he was with kaajal  his memories.Sana noticed this,before matters grew worse,aaryan was taken to a rehabilitation centre for his treatment of his condition.Sana stood by him the entire duration of 1 year in which aaryan was ongoing mental treatment.In this time period sana got introduced to aaryan at a deeper level,she learned all about him and got drawn towards him,after she realised about kaajal.She had to fill that missing space in aaryan’s heart.

                      Sana had almost given aaryan his second life,aaryan was normal again and every memory of kaajal was almost erased and sana happily married aaryan.Everything become as normal as it could get,in this whole way a decade passed out.It was the last night of the year 2019,at a new year party…………..aaryan saw a girl…..he thought he knew her,the girl smiled back at aaryan and said “aaryan, i will always love you,your nefertiti,your thankless bitch!”.Guess who she was……..?


Accepting a dream is different,being part of a dream is different!




  1. shreya · February 2, 2011

    now lucid dreaming has attracted my attention,you made a good use of lucid dreams as a backdrop in your story,which i liked and though the end was a little scary,in the future want something subtle and please more of lucid dreams!

  2. rituhot · February 2, 2011

    simply amazed! the end was spooky!

  3. ananya · January 26, 2011

    as i finished the 1st part, i immediately knew i am going to come here for the 2nd part.The 2nd part lives up to the hype that the first generates and gives the story much more depth,which really qualifies this story as a classic sci-fi love saga.Loved the way the love was presented between aaryan and kaajal!

  4. ishita · January 23, 2011

    Amazingly summed up, this story was truly a dark love story backed by the sci-fi concept of lucid dreaming, this is phenomenal writing! before i was nil in the department of lucid dreaming, now i seem to have some sort of idea about what lucid dreams are!

  5. Michelle · January 23, 2011

    Awesome story, as i went through the first part and now this one,the love story was quite nicely placed and the theme of lucid dreaming was also utilised quite ably! The end was a little spooky though,but the story was worth it!

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