The Soul Rhapsody!

 (This is an attempt to present a rhapsody on the sensibilities of the most dangerous man in the history of hip-hop, the superman, the talented Grammy winner EMINEM. I might not even be close to what he does best, that is because he is in the business for quite a long time and has always had more than surprises up his sleeves as his aces. This one is a rhapsody about the soul which gets through the entire process of the pain that drains out all human emotions that humans show in their action. Also its a frustration against the ways of this world!)

Dangerous Minds!


I go through the suffocation again and again,

until my wind-pipe bursts out with all the pain,

It makes me feel sick, all the more insane,

all that i am inside, the energies they drain.

I don’t understand why things have to go this way,

you pay for your sins, is what they always say,

But as if i care about this shit, let it be any day,

you know a homophobic is nothing but himself a gay!

If the ways of this world be equated to anything

Its like on the face of jesus christ, you keep nauseating!

A weakening pulse from within, so annoying and disturbing,

Its my own bloody pain that keeps on fleshing and stinging!

I begin to choke as the words don’t flow out,

I try to scream and make sense, so i try to shout,

I don’t give a damn to anyone, you have any doubt?,

Its all burning inside me, dread the day when it all comes out!

I don’t have a habit sympathising with my pain,

Any amount of blood that remains leaves a stain,

In the rains of my blood stain, i ride the bloody terrain,

As if i never existed for the world, they lock me up in the chain!

But dread the day when i break out the world from what i got,

I promise, i give it all back real bad, in just one shot,

Humanity is just a word, you rather want to be dead, that’s my thought,

One needs to know this world very well, that is one thing you won’t be taught!




  1. anu55 · March 2, 2011

    Great efforts! nicely written & moving as well!

  2. Amyth banerjee · February 23, 2011

    Thanks! i am glad this was liked!

  3. Ayesha · February 23, 2011

    I found that so amazing! way to go…… this can certainly qualify as a good attempt towards a rhapsody! loved it! Eminem rocks! you too!

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