This Charming Girl!

She is indeed charming!

Many a music for the soul,

and the folks, i enjoyed.

To my innocent memory, what

shall i pretend, that my gaze intend?



Saw the charm for the first time still savouring,

will i ever believe in magic?

Untimed destiny reveals it might be tragic.

Because what i long for, is this charming girl!



A certain place i recall where the dark of the night meets the light of the day

unto that horizon i make my way

She just loves to call it happy times,

I’d like to call it “I Love Us” the way we are.



If by any means The Smiths are the best indeed,

I believe am listening to them already, often enough which makes me smile.

Its so just that she loves their music,

what i talk about is this charming girl!



On her own all the times

not a clue what’s on her mind.

I think she wants to be discovered

her deepest thoughts to be uncovered.



Miracles never happen, they give way for co-incidences.

Fate then packs them in a bundle of events in life,

takes me away from this entire world in a whirl

the one i wish to be with is this charming girl!



On a happy summer evening at a park in New York,

we would meet someday like an answered prayer of an ageing woman,

gazing the city, she would figure out what she eventually desires.

She would smile and leave after a while, i guess now that she is happy.



Love is sometimes about knowing oneself before one figures out the other,

Disillusioned by the memories we ever had, i now realize, we were not meant to be,

To be there when you needed me, coz i was always there as i know you very well

For you, you were always to me is this charming girl!

Her memories would fade away eventually, but she would always for me remain............. this charming girl!



  1. Dominique wayne · April 6, 2012

    What a lovely poem, it has a soothing effect, once you read it you feel you have warmed up to life, and now have a better hold of it. Truly sweet!

  2. Alice · July 12, 2011

    So cute, this poem was such a lovely thought! I could sense the emotions one goes through when things fall apart, but only few can sum the end so beautifully, making it look like nothing at all. Simply charming!

  3. Angela · July 12, 2011

    This is such a charming poem, i just loved it! simply marvellous!!!! and i love the smiths too, they are just good! 🙂

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