Mumbai University Anthem (dirty Version)

Presenting the English version of the M.U. Anthem
(A song which tries to capture the angst, essence and moods of the 21st century engineering students from the most reputed university in this world, A.K.A. Mumbai University. Every engineer of M.U. is sure to relate with this song. So here’s presenting the dirty version of the M.U. Anthem, in the lingo which every engineering student identifies with!)

The M.U. based engineer
Change their gears every semester
From the first year to the fourth year
Life is a hell route to the future.
So make some noise and also cheer,
The M.U. based engineer.
Listen up this don’t you frown
Never feel yourself going down,
Forget all your fears
You’ll be someday an engineer.

The whole world sees the world we make
Its only us who can eat and have the cake
So sing along with me my fellow peers
Make some noise and also cheer
We are all M.U. based engineers!

The moment one gets a K.T.
Life fucks the shit outta you matie
And if assignments aren’t complete
Submissions no doubt take a backseat.
And then when the situation tells “Fuck you”
The feeling comes that why the fuck did I enter M.U.?

But aren’t we M.U. based engineers
We have no kinds of fears whatsoever
After all we are the motherfucking achievers
All the M.U. based engineers!
Change their gears every semester.
So make some noise and also cheer
Every M.U. based engineer.

We win battles the most toughest and daring
Be it on campus bunking or off campus flirting
Shivaji, BATU and Pune
In front of M.U. they have no say.
The entire world knows our value
Don’t mess with us, you’ll pay bitch I tell you

Fucking the shit out of every brains
The syllabus is an ass that takes a lot of pains
But we belong to M.U. my dear
Please wipe all your tears
We were born to rule this sphere
Obama says change is here
He was probably referring to us engineers!

M.U. based engineers
Know the best way to chill is to have a beer
And thus M.U. based engineers
Change their gears every semester
And all that we want is the tag of all clear
Am just kidding, no fooling here!

Spread the Anthem \m/

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