The fishy story

Words of wisdom: “ If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, either the fish will be labeled a failure and will believe he is a stupid the whole life or might succeed and be an average grosser and thus struggling the whole life to make a name and finally after a long period of trial and error will realize that rather than being a just successful climber after so long time, he could have been the king of the waters, improvising in what he is more favorably, adaptable and becoming a trendsetter”

I believe my life is no less than that of the fish trying to climb a tree, you might think that as the fish realizes that his place is in the waters than why is he still trying to become a monkey. Well real life is not as easy as compared to the fish’s ballad, there are many complications that fall in real life, but as we are on a flow with the fishy story let me continue with it. The fish knows that he was better off in the water than rather climbing a tree, but i guess after reaching out of the water fish realized that there was no turning back because going back to the water will loose him his precious time he travelled from the sea to reach the tree. Then why the harsh career path?

We can just say the fish was more of a family man (or you can say a family teen turned to a man). He loved his family as his family loved him, he had good family life with no hassles at all unlike the other fishes. The fish’s family head believed that he could have been been at a better position if only he knew how to climb, thus he wanted fish to learn to climb so that fish doesn’t have to share the same fate as him. It is true even fish wanted the same because that made his family happy, and he expected no more because in spite of all the hardships they made fish happy provided him with whatever he asked for. For a good while it was going fine for fish too but……….

Fish assumed that whatever his family had opinions regarding career were true and blindly followed it even assumed certain career options as ‘inferior’. But gradually with time realizing the difficulties in climbing and that there were many other career options available which were equally rewarding and some considered as inferior were quite superior, fish started to doubt his stand on his career and his family’s belief on career. To make matters worse fish wasn’t good at basic pisciculture (studies) which add to the troubles and increased family pressure, thus fish was depressed and was ‘nonfunctional‘ during time of test.

Ultimately at the hour of judgement fish passed marginally. This brought a lot of chaos in the house and it was becoming doubtful for fish to learn climbing because the best climbing spots were occupied by the best of the sea reptiles (as in real life the cream layer occupied the best colleges) and fish here had merely passed. So fish was left with a choice either he could learn to roll which is not as superior as climbing but had a good chance for doing it in a good spot or learn climbing in whichever spot available. Fish thought it was viable option to learn to roll, after all our ultimate goal is survival (Money, Rupaya, rokda, whatever you would like to interpret) but……

Fish had sensed the unhappiness from the head of the family and that would be the last thing the fish wanted to do. Fish realized the number of times he had turned down the family by not coming to their expectations, thus he agreed to learn climbing wherever possible. He was a good swimmer but was not considered as a career option as the family felt that it was a mandatory quality of a good climber (I am good at soft skills, debates, elocution and other activities involving the english language ). So our fish had to climb a tree far away from home, because he wasn’t eligible for the good spots. Which meant he had to adapt to an environment he never been before, so with great difficulty he managed to survive the climate and external conditions turning into an amphibian (The amphibious nature can be described as a persons ability to adapt in multiple culture,lifestyle and environment). But that was the least of the problems he had to face. Fish was
spontaneously challenged for his eligibility to learn climbing physically, mentally and verbally (grueling exams and viva…..sigh.. )

During the process he had failed quite a few times and that added to the mental pressure he was already facing due to the expectations laid by his family (Yes, I had K.T.’s). He doubted many times on his decision of coming so far to learn climbing as he could have easily led his life in his favorable environment besides his family. But in spite of all this he never thought he should opt for ways to reduce pressure mentally (Now honestly in the fictitious world i don’t know what to relate to smoking, drinking or doping) or getting into vices. Quitting was never an option for fish as he believed that it would be a waste of time

energy and effort. So after a hard attempt and failure he thought that he cannot be depressed forever and after all difficulties only make you stronger (music on background: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger- Kelly clarkson) and so with a new improved attitude he moves forward and first analyzes the reasons for his failure and starts to work on it. He practices all night long on climbing techniques to pass the test and soon enough he was able to taste success (I cannot forget the days i was studying for my K.T.’s i studied all night long so that i could pass and as expected i passed all my subjects on one go). Life was never easy after that but now fish knows how to tackle his difficulties which keeps him moving forward.

I am not the only one who is facing such difficulties, i believe many students had the same regret as i did, because after my XII standard i realized through Facebook many of my friends and senior was just like the fish who came far away from home to learn climbing living in totally different culture, lifestyle and environment, these facts actually gave me a sense of comfort because i thought that i was the only one. After choosing my career path i thought my skills of english would be a waste as its usage in my field would be not to the fullest, but look today i am writing for mythbroakia. I used to think that my life as a teenager is over i cannot change the past and the least i can do is make sure that my future generation don’t share my fate. Today i say fuck that shit this is the only life i got and i aint gonna let regret take away my happiness. So what If  i can’t change the past i am still alive and i can still control my future and considering an average life expectancy yeah i still got fifty-sixy more years to go and thats quite a long time. As soon as i complete my Engineering i vowed that i would live a life that i always dreamed for and i would say the same to all my friends…..

I never deny the fact that I regretted my stand on my career and that i was not mature enough to take my own decision when i had to but i believe regret is a part of everyone’s life and that is what adds the zing to life If life would be going as expected then there will be no difficulties and i cant imagine life without difficulties. You cannot live your entire life regretting as it would be senseless and stupid coz it is a spilt milk and now you got to move on. Lastly i would thank god for giving me a regretful life, as it gave me power to realize my inner potential and that i am much better than i regretted for…….


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