Balls of Fury!!

This is to state that the following story is a total work of fiction and that this story is just an example for a new disease spread among people these days which i would like to call as the ‘literate illiteracy’ which is nothing but at an outcome of laziness and haste in combination. Speciality of this disease is that it rises only among the literate people of the world.The reason i call it that way is the fact that literate knowledgeable people due to hurry burry and haste act like no other illiterate village fool. Making their life even more difficult and painful.

words of wisdom: “Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste.You never know you might use a nose picker to clean your teeth.”

Here’s the story of a very proud chemist. Mr. Balraj chaur is a B.pharma graduate with honors from the university of Punjab and is also the owner of Bhagatraj Chemist. The shop is located in the heart of chandigarh and was initially made and owned by his late father Bhagatraj. He has been running the shop after graduation for the last two years. Balraj was a brilliant chemist, he knew about almost all the medicines in the shop and had a good knowledge of pharmaceuticals. In fact he brought the shop some name and fame and actually manage to flourish it to not only medicines but also medical instruments. But unlike any human being his biggest weakness or you can say weaknesses are haste and his ego. Talking about his haste, he was always in a hurry, all the time, he skips breakfast he would come to the shop in a hurry sleep up late and get up in the morning in a hurry. He used to do all his work in a hurry. His ego is his second weakness which kills his personality, he is a handsome young man with a good height and stature, but his character stinks because of his ego. The reason for his ego is his knowledge. Einstein believed less the knowledge more the ego, more the knowledge less the ego, but balraj is a special case as his ego increases with his knowledge. He always brags about his knowledge on medicines and never misses an opportunity to show off. Due to this nobody choose to talk with him and in fact his bad attitude made him a lot of enemies. But in spite of all this he had one true friend and mentor his only nearest family member his uncle (his father’s brother) Bajrangnath chaur who actually cares about balraj and is always worried about his ego and haste in all matters. He used to always say to him “Don’t hold pride with your knowledge, be thankful that you had the opportunity to gain the knowledge from a good institution because there are many people who are equally brilliant but yet not able to go into college” for which he used to reply “Equally brilliant! i don’t think so, if they were equally brilliant they should have overcome their difficulties and studied, i am not to be blamed for their fate ” “Balraj, i never disagreed to the fact you have fully utilized your learning period and gained good knowledge. But the knowledge you gained is to be spread for other people to know and learn and not to use it to show off or flaunt in front of others”
Whenever his uncle would say that he would angrily move away from him. But you know what they say God has an eye on everyone, do good and it will return to you in some other form, do bad and it will return back to your door, same happened with our man in the story mr. Balraj.

Usual day Balraj was in a hurry to rise and to work. He was busy all day, but in the evening he felt a sharp pain in his testicles especially in the right one, fearing that it could be a symptom of testicular cancer he rushed to the doctor. Upon questioning it was also revealed that he also had nausea tic feeling and fatigue. The doctor said that he was absolutely fine and that he was just feeling some imbalance because of too much physical pressure on the testicles, also causing some swelling in the area, he was also advised not to wear too tight undergarments and was prescribed an ointment. Now again his ego came into working and he argued with the doctor that the prescribed medicine was ineffective and to prescribe him a stronger cream. Then he started to brag about his degree and knowledge for which the doctor replied politely that he was an experienced doctor with an M.B.B.S. degree and he know what he is prescribing. But his ego never gave up and he argued with the doctor and made him prescribe the cream he suggested that was ‘Testinol 500’. Then he returned to work and while leaving the shop in a hurry burry he took the ointment from the case where he placed all the medicines starting with the letter ‘T’.He returned back home really tired as he was suffering from fatigue he quickly applied the cream he was prescribed on his testicles and went to sleep.
He was then woken up and in fact his uncle was woken up by a loud girlish scream as if a rape is being committed. His uncle went running to his room to see him walking To and Fro holding his balls. His uncle who was also very tired asked him “ What the fuck is wrong with you?? Its midnight and you are screaming like a woman, do you plan on giving me a heart attack??”, balraj was in no condition to speak with all the fatigue he was too tired to blabber and the sharp pain made him run like a clockwork mouse. His mind was too tired and was not working and hence he had no idea what to do, while walking he dropped the cover of the ointment, which his uncle took and read it aloud “ Testinal 500”.

That word made balraj’s eyes open wide, and he realized that instead of taking Testinol 500 he took Testinal 500 which is a pain relief ointment with a high degree of concentration manufactured by a company Testinal (hence the name Testinal 500). It is a pain relief cream similar to volini or moov or relispray. He was in such a pain that he ran with the ointment to his medical store to get the proper medicine.When he reached near to his store he could see a distant astonishing sight. A group of men stealing money and medicines from his store. He ran with a loud cry towards the store, but it was an amusing site for the robbers to see a man crying like a woman running towards them holding his balls. The robbers were supposedly prepared and hence when balraj tried to stop them they hold him towards the wall. Each holding his hand and leg. Then the third robber says (who was quite serious all the time) “You fucking fool how dare you show balls to us we aren’t tranny’s running a cabaret for living” “and so let this be a lesson to never fuck with us again and ever show your pair of testis to anyone”.

And then the next thing he wakes up in the hospital with severe pain in his testicles (poor guy thats his story for the past two days). He then asked what happened to his uncle who was beside him who said that he has faced Testicular trauma and was unconscious for two days. He also forgot to lock the shop properly thus leaving an easy bait to thieves and a loss of forty thousand rupees.

I guess this story teaches a lot of things to people which are:
Haste makes waste
more the knowledge less the ego (better be that way unless you want to end up like balraj )
when a doctor advises something please listen to him, give some worth to the consultancy fee you give.
always wear groin protection (Well, you never know….)

I hope you all enjoyed the story have an haste free life. I would once again like to add the characters and medicines prescribed in the story are imaginary and are purely created for your entertainment.

words of wisdom: if you’re going to take a chance on something, you just go full balls to the wall.



  1. Kizzie Suby · July 21, 2012

    You could definitely see your expertise within the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart. “Until you’ve lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was.” by Margaret Mitchell.

    • Phenomenon · August 12, 2012

      thank you very much….i would be back with more posts….please do visit again…

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