Why Do We Fall?

“So that we learn to pick ourselves up”

I have seen that movie a lot of times, but still there is something defining about it that i come back to watch it again and again…….. and again! It all began in the year 2005. After a seven year itch, the question which started it all still rules most of my situations and whenever i lose all my hopes. I watch this film’s beginning and i ask myself, why am i watching a movie to get my senses back? It may seem silly or a stupid thing to do, but it all reduces us to mere humans and as humans we are a lot more vulnerable when it comes to emotional stuffs. what i mean to say is the mind, it is always in search of some sort of definition, a starting point. An inspiration, to be precise, yes and why not we all need it. This is how the greatest of things began. But the process where we find answers to the question that haunts us to the point that we may be broke is the one which is extremely strenuous and leaves us exhausted.

It all began with a fictional character called Batman and not exactly the one we knew until Christopher Nolan reintroduced us to this caped crusader in the film Batman Begins. In one of the opening scenes of the film, the protagonist Bruce Wayne during his childhood, while playing falls into a well. He notices a cave where he falls. Soon after bats start flying out of the cave, and young Bruce is frightened and extremely scared. Who would know that this young boy who was scared of the word fear itself, would install fear inside the minds of the most dangerous criminals in the darkest hour of the night. This was possible because he conquered fear, very true to the word as shown in the film that “to conquer fear you must become the fear” is so true. But the most interesting thing and the reason why i come back to watch this superhero flick so many times, is the question Thomas Wayne(Bruce Wayne’s father) asked Bruce when he fell inside the well, Why Do We Fall? and then he answers himself, “so that we learn to pick ourselves up”. A simple question with an even simpler and an apt answer.

Rise….. the only answer for your FALL!

I cannot speak for others as to how they would answer that question, but the answer to this very question holds the key to the very purpose of our lives. We all have purposes in our life, and its all unclear as to what it could be, until we are close enough towards the edge from where we are about to fall, and once we fall it is then we rise, quite aptly Christopher Nolan decides to end his inspiring Dark Knight Saga with the title The Dark Knight Rises, because you can only rise when you have fallen. I believe for every fall we get ourselves a reason, a purpose to rise, rise to the levels where we can face ourselves, our demons and look them in the eye and say “You cannot pull me down”.

So the next time, you fall i am not saying watch  any movie to get inspired, but instead just ask yourselves this one question and close your eyes let the question repeat in your mind and suddenly open your eyes to reality, the answer will be before you!

There maybe 6 different reasons for your fall, but you have to RISE alone!


  1. Jose · November 19, 2012

    This article makes a lot of Sense to me. I was wondering if someone knew the true meaning of that scene, so its a rewarding experience to read it. The “Why do we fall” scene in Rises is an extension to this, its so powerful with a lot of meanings and messages. Nolan &. Co knows how to write a history with intelligence and always with a purpose. All of this happens in our lives, its a mecanism of life, rising after we fall, how? Conquering our fears, giving everything. The answer is inside of us i might add. The power is inside us. Thank You for sharing this with us. Wait and see Man of Steel, i saw both trailers and I can tell You that there are more messages and powerful life meanings to think and take into account.

    • Amyth banerjee · November 24, 2012

      You absolutely said it buddy, the narration Nolan adopted to state the story of Batman was a make believe experience for anyone who has felt hopeless in their life in various situations. There are times when we just don’t seem to be up to the task, those are the times when we should remind ourselves, what we could be capable of, if we try. Your comment was very encouraging, and also for the fact that you appreciated my work. I would say stick around and you will find things more interesting to discuss about. And sure i too am eagerly waiting for Man of Steel. Take care.

  2. Charron's Chatter · November 13, 2012

    So well put.

    • Amyth banerjee · November 24, 2012

      Actually this whole scenario is very close to my heart, so i tried in my own way to put it as simple as i could yet making it impactful. I’m glad this was well received 😀

  3. Soumin Chatterjee · November 12, 2012

    Khub bhalo laaglo tomar ei blog ta porey. Short, precise & yet inspiring enough. Personally, I am afan of this Batman trilogy as well, & the very reason I watch this movie & The Dark Knight over & over again is because somehow I can relate myself to this character, & if I am not wrong, many of us do in some way or another.

  4. Bernarda · July 26, 2012

    please keep the good and creative ideas coming guys.

  5. Alexa Taylor · July 17, 2012

    That was such an amazing article i have ever come across for Batman, i mean i am a big Fan of the caped crusader myself, and the way you simply put it was really fantastic….. You are truly a magician, i should say.

  6. Amyth banerjee · July 5, 2012

    Well am glad, you appreciated this, though short i wanted to briefly sum up my experience of this Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan!

  7. animate7 · July 5, 2012


    • Shahrukh · January 4, 2013

      That means 7 Up

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