A Speech that leaves you Speechless – Shahrukh Khan!

Chak De India! A film which consisted all the necessary elements of a truly good inspiring film. A movie where you can take back something with you, a smile on your face, a lesson learnt or simply reflecting yourself. One of the very few films in bollywood, where the focus was entirely on the point of the film straight from the first minute to the last and of course a brilliant speech “70 minutes” given by Shahrukh Khan in the end, summed up the entire movie, which was truly a worth while experience for i am sure all of us.

Though many of my friends would definitely agree and say that maybe because i am an SRK fan, so i would be placing his films a bit above other actors, well not so….. there have been actors who completely own a particular scene of a movie, and that is the scene for which you start liking that actor. There have been many such examples in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. A similar performance was given by the famous Hollywood actor Al Pacino in the film ‘Any Given Sunday’ where he delivers such an inspirational speech to his team. I know it would be entirely absurd to compare the two actors, but what i liked about Shahrukh Khan in his take on this inspirational speech was that, firstly when he enters the room, he is silent. He senses the discomfort, the nervousness and the awkward silence of the girls. The girls are all expecting a last word from their coach, they are all anticipating some words of wisdom from him.

Instead he walks in, takes a look at each of them, and senses the exact scenario, and knows it at that very instant, that whatever he would say, he has to take care, that in any way, the team does not get the feeling of any pressure from either him or anyone in the world, but at the same time though short but delivers a strong and riveting speech, which becomes even more gripping due to his timing of placing the words and his expressions, which he had a great command over. Not only that, he completely had the command. A very different and a unique way of delivering an inspirational speech, and i believe perhaps the shortest i have ever known, and i believe an impactful one this was. What do you people think about it?



  1. Seçil Zoral · August 25, 2012

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  2. Cassandra · July 25, 2012

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