Chapter I – Wayward to annihilation

I would like to sincerely apologize for the delay in introducing the first chapter and would like to assure that the forthcoming chapters will be coming over soon…

[Disclaimer: The following story consists of plots fictitious in nature, inspired from true based events. The sole purpose of the story is to provide readers with suspense & entertainment only]

‘Alexander Becker, my best friend of the youth. He would be the only audience around, a patient listener. On the other side was me Adolf Hitler, a pallid, skinny boy with a shabby salt and pepper suit, speaking hours and hours with wild hand gestures talking about  hopes & expectations’, Hitler recalls as he glances over the sky standing with his hands folded. ‘All my dreams were great during youth, had lots of energy and determination but as time passed by barriers prevented progress, the chimera once which were so clear suddenly seemed so nebulous. Maybe life is never ideal but its still worth trying, that is why exactly i did what i felt was right and good for my people, but it seems that many of my own oppose me, forcing me to be on guard’.

December 1941

The german forces were in a state of abjection owing to the harsh climate in moscow and strong Soviet resistance. The ‘Epiphany frost’ were stopping the troops from sustaining their stand. Lack of supplies and winter uniforms stopped the movements of german army. They were so sure about their victory that they neglected the patent. The climate was as severe as the icy cold hands of death. After nearly five months of struggle General Eduard Wagner disclosed the fact they wont be able to hold on any longer owing to the lack of resources & personnel. It seemed as Luck was with the allies as the winter during 1941-42 were extremely severe going below freezing point. Hitler was dazzling at the sky with a fretful look on his eyes. He used to spend most of his time in Berghof, which was situated in Bavaria, East Prussia. He used to rent the house until 1933 he purchased it with the funds he received from the sale of his autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’. His house was full of cactus plants in majolica pots, dining room panel-led with very costly cembra pine. He had a large study with telephone switchboard room, library containing history, painting, architecture and music. A great hall furnished with Teutonic furniture, a large globe and an expansive red marble fireplace mantel. Usually the place would be accompanied by few cooks, gardner and housekeepers, but it seems hitler gave them a holiday, maybe because he wanted to stay alone that day. After glancing the sky for a long time he turned back to his house and sat on his chair with a long gasp. ‘The war cannot be won and defeat is binding, surrendering is out of question but then what is the abdication for this situation. I would rather die than to be captured, but why should I?’

With a hardness on his face he was nodding, and suddenly takes out a paper starts writing down extensively like he was writing a plan. The heading written on the paper was ‘Dezente moderne kriegsführung’. It seemed he was having other plans for the war. After writing down long on about the plan whole afternoon, he took a break and went in to the kitchen to make some coffee. Then with his coffee mug he came out staring at the fire mantel. He looked at it for sometime sipping his coffee as if a brainstorm had struck him. Deciding something in his mind then he walks away to his table and continue’s writing. By evening he completed his writings then he took out some history books and some maps laid it all over the room. If a bystander could explain the condition of the room, he would certainly say that the room was in a derelict. Hitler seemed to be organized with his data and was examining each and everything closely making presumptions and noting it down in a ledger. Hitler usually stays up late and has a very regular but erratic routine. He would get up in the morning at 10am and would have breakfast at 11am and would work till 10pm. He would have dinner as late as 1-1:30am, he usually sleeps at 4:30am. That night was no different he slept 4:30am and woke at 10. It seemed the holiday of the servants were extended to a week. The whole week Berghof was a busy place with trusted german forces and friends, army personnel and lots of construction goods like cement, brick, steel, wood, etc. Meanwhile their were plans laid out to eradicate the main cause of disharmony in germany according to hitler – The jews.Heinrich Himmler the commander of the military and leading member of the Nazi party was the main architect of the holocaust – the final solution to the jewish question. Himmler was man of strict Nazi discipline, but yet hitler always doubted him to be weak as he was more of a sadist than of a socialist. That is exactly why he was given the charge of the holocaust.

There use to be long meetings conducted during the whole week in Berghof. The meeting took place between hitler and his five most trusted allies & fellow men Hans Krebs the general of the german army infantry, Wilhelm Burgdorf the commander and staff officer in the german army, both are also the recipients of the knight’s cross of iron cross with four leaves which are only awarded to recognize extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership. Joseph Goebbels, a german politician, Reich minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany and also hitler’s closest associate. Martin Bormann, the head of the party chancellery and Castor Golo, hitler’s closest friend.

“Loyal guardians of the reich, you of all the people are the only one’s I trust the most and hence I would like to regretfully disclose the fact that the war cannot be won. But this war can be considered as a battle we are going to loose and we know that loosing a battle doesn’t mean that we are defeated, Germany is strong undoubtedly but to fight against three mighty nation’s of the world it just takes something more than strength and willingness to taste victory. I have coined out a plan to the ultimate krieg, which requires tremendous amount of perseverance, devotion and sacrifice to execute. Most of our time its our emotions that drive our thoughts and decisions but don’t let come it in your way because its decisions like these that makes a lot of fritter. We are going to use these emotions to turn the tables on them, as the modern warfare wont be based on firepower and strength, but with the most important aspect of the human nature………………”

To be continued…



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