The coffin’s here, I’m leaving today,

Goodbyes are said, I’m on my way…

The priest is here, the car is waiting downstairs,

My crypt is ready, for my stay.

The sun is warm, on my skin so cold now,

The dusk is nearing, the passing of a storm.

Everyone’s been weeping for far too long,

Its time for closure, time for moving on…

I see you huddled, in the corner of our house,

I hear your tears, as they fall like pearls to the ground.

Time for me, has been frozen since today’s dawn,

If granted one wish, I’d ask for it to be turned around.

I saw you in a dream, and you walked into my life,

And I found everything, answers to all my strife.

My life with you was as beautiful as a song,

My heart itches to beat, to the rhythm of your sound.

The car is stopping; I am being carried out,

My resting place, I hear it beckoning me on…

I’m finally heading home, but don’t let go,

Hold me to your heart, forever hold me close.

Like the sun, the living world slips out of my reach,

It is a place, a life, I can never again breach.

The living souls must walk on, as must the dead,

The eternal sleep awaiting me is on a lonely bed…

The rays are feeble, the warm light has gone,

The twilight’s slipping in, as you lower me down.

Like the moon, darkness enshrouds me now,

I’m going to miss you, miss all we had, and every vow.

Lean to me, let me breathe you my goodbye kiss,

This is my farewell, my love, my darling dearest.



  1. D · October 28, 2012

    style good! the trip of life

  2. genesismeranda · August 22, 2012


  3. sylv · August 21, 2012

    This is a beautiful poem. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award, which you can check out on my page. Your blog is awesome and it’s also a way of saying thank you for my little bit of happiness the other day 🙂

    • animate7 · August 22, 2012

      Wow, that’s really great! 🙂 Thanks a bunch! I’ll definitely check your page out 🙂

  4. Madhu Dabholkar · August 18, 2012

    Natural emotions beautifully described by a beautiful person

  5. animate7 · August 15, 2012

    thanks a bunch, everyone!

    I was in a kind of low mood when I wrote it down. I just started writing on my way back home from work and the words just kept coming. I usually have to struggle with rhymes and such, but this time, it all just flowed on — I didnt even do any editing!

    ^_^ I am glad you all liked my poem!

    (Amit – I owed it to you to post it first here before even showing it to anyone else. I am glad to be part of this blog.)

    • Zahra Siddique · August 21, 2012

      I like how similar your post is to something I wrote but was too depressing to post, but after seeing your post I thought I might share it, I would love to hear your feedback….
      I named it “Fallen Into Ashes”
      love, its a feeling that you cant control
      a feeling that overwhelms your soul
      a feeling so helpless so attatched
      i thought that we could last
      but now your just a memory in the past

      i should have known it was too good to be true
      i guess i didnt think it through
      but now im feelin blue
      over what could be me and you

      i just cant understand
      i dont want to comprehend
      what did i do to make you change your mind
      i deserve better
      from this now i have nothing to gain
      you bring me nothing but pain

      i ddnt think our last kiss would be the last kiss
      but i knew it would end something like this
      he will always be the one thing i will miss
      i have to get over this

      i have to draw the line
      you were never really mine
      things will remain the way they are
      i cant change it
      each or every bit of it
      well never be the same
      its been nothing but a game
      i feel so ashamed

      but all along i was the one to blame
      but i was stuck in the moment
      falling for you
      it was too good to be true
      crying over what could be me and you

      but i know better
      ill wipe off my tears
      forget yesterday
      and live for today

      and now i put on this smile
      and i make it worth every while
      its time i drew the line
      you cannot be mine

      you lit my heart on fire
      burning hot with desire
      but you blew out the flame
      and i have fallen into ashes

      i was foolish to put my trust in you
      it was too good to be true
      i am so done crying over me and you.

      now that the flame is blown out
      i am left in darkness
      living heartless
      waiting for someone to revive me and ignite the flame in me once again…

      • animate7 · August 22, 2012

        That’s a really moving poem, sweets… Very well written and and really makes you feel the pain. I really like your effortless way with words. Thanks so much for sharing it with me 🙂

        And another thing I learnt from my favorite author – nothing is too depressing or too bad or too silly to post. If you have found it worthy enough to write it down from your mind on to a piece of paper, then its definitely worthy to be read and reviewed by others. ^_^

        I think you’re a person with great talent and you should definitely write more. I’ll be looking out for your work from now 🙂 hugs!

  6. Amyth banerjee · August 15, 2012

    Truly wonderful…… one of the best this blog has seen so far! 🙂 I am happy it came from you! 😀

    • animate7 · August 15, 2012

      Hopefully, the next work i share here would be a more cheerful one! ^_^

  7. Clanmother · August 14, 2012

    Profound…moving…transitions and separations are difficult but you bring love as a parting gift…

    • animate7 · August 15, 2012

      I lost my dearest aunt to cancer last December. And even though in her last couple of months, I saw her at her worst, now, I try to remember her the way she was at her best. Moving on, letting her go has been one of the most difficult things in my life. And yes, she passed on, leaving us all, but loving us until the very end.

      • Clanmother · August 15, 2012

        The world is a better place because she lived!

  8. augusta · August 14, 2012

    After this moving good-bye, might the next poem tell of the mysteries you encounter in the next step of your journey?

    • animate7 · August 15, 2012

      If it comes to me, then, sure 🙂

      • augusta · August 15, 2012

        love your style…

  9. Mondrak · August 14, 2012

    Very nice, and moving

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