Chapter III – Fall & Rise

Words of wisdom: “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.” Image

“Gentlemen, its time…….”, Hitler said looking at his party members. Hitler who had been never so confident before, looked clearly at everyone’s face in the room as if he was meaning to clearly send the message to each and everyone, and enact on it.

“Its time to do what is necessary…..its been long enough and we cannot move forward carrying dead weight, we have to deal with it, and its not my order but this is what is good for the third reich, if we need to prosper any more we need to get rid of the undesirables. Thats all i have to say, this session is adjourned.”

January 1942

One of the most brutal days in Germany, nearly thirty Nazi concentration camps had been organised to ‘take care’ of the undesirables, which included prostitutes, homosexuals, miscreants, opposers and the jews. Not many of the people were aware of what was happening inside the camps, but the one’s who made it in, never came back. However it was believed that Nazi’s were experimenting on the people for information and research on human behaviour, pain & tolerance. They were basically used as ‘Lab rats‘ for testing their new antibiotics and poisons. Also the people were used as surgical experiments.

Although many experiments were conducted, all of the slaves were killed either in the process or after they survived. Strange enough, many of the slaves were periodically called in and out, and were kept alive, but the catch is all those prisoners never spoke a word. They don’t even try to speak anything.

Amidst all the pain and misery, hitler was celebrating on his success on the holocaust along with Himmler, the executioner of the holocaust, Goebbels, Krebs, Burgdorf, Bormann & Castor in his residence in the  reich chancellory. They had some casual persiflage for some time and they parted ways all except for Castor who was with Hitler for a while before he left. After then, Hitler was left alone to ponder around for a while, that’s when his war memories came back to his mind, and that brought a little disturbing frown on his face. July 1914 marked the beginning of the first world war, Hitler then was a resident of Munich and volunteered to serve in the Bavarian army. Posted to Regiment 16, as a dispatch runner, Hitler was expecting a fine discord of gun power but to his disappointment he stayed nearly half of the time well before the front lines but he was present in many of the battles like the battle of Arras, battle of Passchendaele & the battle of Somme, where he was wounded. He was decorated with Iron Cross second class in 1914 and in 1918 he was awarded Iron Cross first class, a conferral rarely given to a soldier of hitler’s rank, who was a Gefreiter (It means “the exempted” and denotes the older soldiers who were exempted from sentry duty). He also received the Black Wound Badge in the same year. When Hitler was wounded he served in the Red Cross Hospital in

Beelitz. But again in 15th october 1918 Hitler was hospitalized in Pasewalk, as he was temporarily blinded by a mustard gas attack.

Before being gassed, Hitler was quite troubled during the war, he wasn’t sure of the way the War was going and quite unclear of the outcome, beyond all confusion, he was


unprepared for a surprise attack & thus the mustard gas caused a temporary blindness.

But the incident was literally an Eye opener for Hitler as that was the first time when he had the strangest dreams of his life, which later on he would dream all the time.

In the open air, a majestic eagle would fly flapping its wings slowly, as if it was enjoying the   thrust of air, passing through it. The eagle was made of iron and the shadow of the Eagle was covering the sun, making Hitler believe that the whole sky was made of Iron, but then out of nowhere, the eagle is shot and it is disintegrated into fragments of metal. Hitler witnessing the scene, cries out loud “ NOOOO!!!” with a sense of loosing a very valuable member of his family. The nurse who came to check his blood pressure was startled by this, as Hitler sprung from his bed like an alarm clock screaming, just about time he gained his lost vision, forming in slowly and clearly. His commanding officer the unteroffizier  (which was a higher non commissioned posting) then had to break out the news that Germany had lost the war and now that their country has to bear the most. Hitler utterly disappointed and disgraced by the defeat and the unfair conditions laid on Germany, began extensively researching on the failure of Germany in war and finding out the conditions laid on Germany post war. Hitler by now had full confidence in himself and had self acclaimed the responsibility of Building up the Nation and bringing back the Glory to the Reich once again.

The Treaty of Versailles had laid upon unfair conditions on the central powers and declared the central powers to be under agreement with peace treaties in the Paris peace conferences. They were responsible for all the reparations of the allied nations, as Germany themselves weren’t capable of sustaining their own population as an adverse effect of war, had to borrow finance from the United States of America, this led later led to the Great Economic Depression in 1920 affecting the whole world. Hitler was looking for a favorable company when he was attracted to the antisemitic, anti marxist, anti-capitalist & Nationalist ideas of the German Worker’s party (also later known as the German Nationalist Socialist German Worker’s party NSDAP) especially the founder of the party Anton Drexler. Coincidentally Anton Drexler also was quite interested in Hitler working for the party, as the sample of Hitler’s oratory skills & Nationalism was witnessed during a party meeting in Munich in 1919. Within a year Hitler was the undisputed leader of the party, and seizing the opportunity, he introduced the new party banner of the Swastika.

After the celebration of the execution of  Holocaust, it was a real bad phase for the German army as consistently they were defeated starting from the second battle of El Alamein, thwarting Hitler’s plan to seize the Suez canal & the Middle East. In 1943 the Battle of Stalingrad ended with the destruction of the German sixth army, thereafter came the decisive defeat at the battle of Krusk. By now most of the Nazi members were confident with the fact that Hitler’s military judgement’s successful reign had almost come to an end. But Hitler had chosen his most trusted allies and members to be purely Nazi nature, so till the end of Hitler they were loyal to them, despite betrayal and lack of information. But after 1943 hitler’s perception of loyalty totally changed…

“Axel, i am committing high treason with all my mights and means, this is the only way we can change the phase of Germany, and save millions of lives from the tyranny of Adolf Hitler”

“I understand it, but what if we fail?”

“Successful or not successful the assassination must be attempted, at least to prove the fact that not all Germans support his regime……….”

To be continued….

CHAPTER IV – [story background hint- multi terrain fight]



  1. Madhu Dabholkar · August 29, 2012

    inspiring !!!!!!

    • Phenomenon · August 30, 2012

      thank you 🙂

  2. madinsanecrazy · August 28, 2012

    Funny how they wanted save millions of lives from the tyranny of Adolf Hitler after the fact and also that they knew they were facing defeat-Too little to late

    • Phenomenon · August 29, 2012

      well, thats the thing….even though they knew their chances were thin, they wanted to take the risk, so that even if they fail, they might inspire others to do the same…
      like a freedom fighter…

      • madinsanecrazy · August 29, 2012

        True but debatable-but still a good post and chosen subject.

      • Phenomenon · August 29, 2012

        thanks… 🙂

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