Chapter IV – Amphibitious

(My sincere apologies to my fellow readers for the late update,i wont lie to you, things have not been going great with me, considering all the work load and preparations for entrance, life has been hectic and had no time to spare, with difficulty i could find out time and finish the story,…hope you like it, sorry once again…)

Words of wisdom: “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”

“OPEN FIRE!!!”, with a loud cry among the chaos of the battlefield, the troops were trying to advance into the enemy, but the resistance was too strong. Grenades and gunfire through out the area was blocking the vision and the sky was swarming with fighter planes and it was raining lead all over the place. One by one the troops were killed and the ground once was quiet and still, were turned into a cemetery covered with bullets and blood. The Germans lost France, in a quite huge margin,they were totally unprepared and overpowered with ease, by the allies. They say Overconfidence and

arrogance is a dangerous mixture in war, with deadly consequences.

6th June 1944

marks the beginning of the most ambitious and largest multi terrain battle in the History of mankind, known as ‘Operation Overlord’. 160,000 British troops, 7000 vessels crossed the English channel along with 1200 airborne assaulters, forced the germans to retreat and leave France. Hitler triumphed on his most famous victory – the fall of france in the operation dynamo which had succeeded in 1940 ever since the allies had been planning to liberate france from the tyranny of Germany. But unlike their usual stand, they choose to be patient and made careful planning before attacking Germany. They not only want to conquer back France but also take them by complete surprise. They wanted to degrade their morale by an attack so fierce that they would never underestimate their enemies ever again.

First required was a careful planning and proper inspection and knowledge of the area, as in this case Normandy was chosen as the area of attack. Many photographers were sent to take the photographs of the places in normandy secretly under the pretext that they needed snaps of France for an exhibition
But in spite of that the beaches were singled out, and to study the beaches and area, the royal navy of Britain had developed an ‘X-craft’ which was a smaller version of a submarine left out using a larger submarine for detailed study. The X-craft was highly undetectable because of its incredibly small size.

Next what was needed was the technology, or we can say the flavor of the War – Advanced Firepower and artillery. Hobart funnies was the modern day advanced amphibious tank, which was capable of destroying anything in the way, equipped with flamethrowers. Came in different varieties and features like BARV was able to operate even under six feet of water. Then a strong fort was needed to serve as the powerhouse of the war-field, supplying arms, ammunition, First aid, food & shelter. The royal army developed a temporary harbor called as ‘mulberry’s’ In order to provide with tons of supply and sustain a huge battle. The oil and supply was sent through a pipeline called as PLUTO (Pipe Line Under The Ocean).

Then comes the most important part of a war- Deception. As far as the War is concerned all nations are paranoia about a surprise attack. During those times the situation was much more intense, so it was obvious that the germans would have  every owl on the watch for any sign or movement from the allies towards them, that is exactly why a decoy was required to take their attention off them. For months the allies were planning on deception, and through various sub operations like operation Fortitude and Operation Bodyguard they succeeded in creating an illusion that they were planning to attack on Pas De Calais. The short operating range of the British fighter plans, reduced the choice of potential landing sites to two: Pas De Calais & the port of Normandy.Through fake Radio transmissions and fake codes, they created an illusion, making the Germans believe that they would be attacked on, thus Pas De Calais was heavily guarded. ‘The fake agents’ were sending signals on radio confirming the existence of a hiding place near Pas De Calais, making it the likely to be main attack point. Dummy tanks, fake troops, trucks, were place on the eastern coast of Britain leading the germans to conclusion. To take a step further, Operation Skye was launched, which sent radio signals suggesting an attack on Norway. As a response to the phantom threat, some German Units were also placed in Norway. After Deception comes the phase which removes the ‘over-confidence factor‘ that is Rehearsal.

The allied forces rehearsed for the D-day for several months, to make sure that everything goes as per plan. Even though prior to the D-day information regarding their invasion was leaked out, the germans never considered it seriously- the biggest blunder ever. Then comes the final phase of the warfare i.e. Invasion. The british airborne assaulters took care of the the western & Eastern flank of Normandy blocking and destroying all bridges

transport and ways for supply and troops. The airborne landings were also intended to block some beachfronts like sword beach. The 82nd and 101st airborne divisions of United States were assigned on Utah beach. Despite all the efforts from the German panzers 21st division and they almost reached the channel,yet they were outnumbered and overpowered by the large army and airborne assault. The germans were totally unprepared, even if they succeed to resist, they wouldn’t be able to stop their power source (Supplies & troops). The result was a successful allied invasion, and casualties less than what the allies expected. The invasion boosted their morale and helped them in creating modern day war techniques and weapons.

As far as Germany was considered, they were in a state of shock and surprise as they never anticipated such an detailed and prepared invasion ever from the Allies. Hitler was in deep thoughts and displayed a little doubt regarding the Reich’s future. Something had to be done, in order to break the code.In july 1944 the results of Operation Overlord was to be declared, Hitler was in his study where he was talking to his associates regarding his plans for the future.

“ The allies have shown their true power in the battle of Normandy, this is something sooner than we expected, we have to move quickly, its time for phase I of the order….”

After all were gone, Castor talked in private with Hitler, “ I am still less convinced about the order, do you really think that this would work?”

“Have some faith and patience, as far as the allies have the notion that they are ahead of us, we are on the profitable side, problems begin only, when they realize that they are so far behind from us. “

“What about Normandy, we lost France and tomorrow they will come for us, then what would you do?”

“ They are not equipped to invade Germany,when Adolf Hitler is in command, as far as our plan is considered we keep moving, and lets not allow, sacrifices, like that of our loyal defense come in between our royal plan……………………………”

Then they talked for a few minutes, and parted ways, Hitler visited the Liar for a meeting with the members, regarding operation Overlord and its outcome.

“ Gentlemen, with regret i would have to say that, we are in verge of defeat as far as the battle of Normandy is considered but that doesn’t, mean that we are defeated, as a learning lesson, we have to learn to be much more prepared for an assault like that,…………………………………..

Suddenly the whole place went blank and it became dark. There was a huge explosion, that blowed out the eardrums off, and making the world go black.

To be continued….
Next Chapter – OCT 7th 2012


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