Chapter V – The Double

Words of wisdom: The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.

In all of sudden it was absolute silence. No chatter, no bombs, firing, or any form of resonance, silence which was more silent than silence observed during mourning. It was like there was nothing functional at all, that would make even a slightest of sound. The whole world was blank, pitch darkness, with no possibility of knowing or understanding the passing of time. Finally a faint sound can be heard,which gets


clearer and clearer, realizing that it is the sound of breathing, along with the sound, vision becomes clear. When everything goes back to normal, he sees himself, in a hospital feeling very dizzy and lot of pain. His eardrums were ruptured, as he realized that he couldn’t hear from the right side.

He had bruises on his face, hands, and was badly hurt on his legs. Lots of wood splinter were removed from his leg and had a fractured his hand.

“ How are you feeling sir?”

“Very dizzy”

“I wont lie, the injuries are bad, and it will take some time to recover, and it is a miracle that you survived the blast….”

“What??”, “What blast are you talking of? How did I get here?”

“Sir you mean to say you don’t remember anything?”


“Well, there was a blast in the  wolfsschanze and because most of the blast was deflected by the conference table, you managed to escape the radius of the bomb……………”


It was a day of Chaos, as whole of Germany had come to a shock, the great Fuhrer Adolf Hitler was attempted for an assassination and that he was admitted in the hospital. Rumors were spread out regarding his health, some said that he was quite critical and that he would die any moment and some said that he might be paralyzed or in a coma. But the turmoil was short-lived, a public meet out was held in the evening, presided by Hitler. People all over Germany gathered to witness Hitler and see for themselves his health and his stand.

The place was overcrowded and sharp at 5:00 pm Hitler arrived on the podium and addressed the crowd

“ Loyal citizens of the third reich, I have come here to address to those people who want me dead…..”

Words from hitler created a little fuss and murmur in the crowd.

“You can try as hard as you can, but to your disappointment I will return, and will stay until my country achieves glory like we had in the past.”

By the time he made the statement the crowd was cheering and applauding thunderously. Amongst the excited crowd he couldn’t find any happiness and was grinning at the crowd, with deep thoughts inside

“….you managed to escape the radius of the bomb and I am afraid due to your condition, the injuries has accelerated your physical imbalance….”

German army soldiers enter the room and take their positions. The room had an unexpected visitor,

Adolf Hitler himself came to meet,

“How do you feel……..Castor?”

“I am in a lot of pain, because of you, you knew this was going to happen didn’t you ?”

“I don’t deny, but it was necessary”

“I could have died”

“Then you would have died for the nation, which is the greatest honor a man can have to cross the gates of Heaven”

“Why me”

“Because, you are special, the chosen one for fulfilling the command of the order….

pain is a temporary discomfort, which would heal with time, don’t panic, there is a whole nation in distress, and it is you who have to pacify them so that they can be assured that they are in good hands…”

“….As the order wishes…”

The bomb was planted by Von Stauffenberg an associate and colonel of the German army. He was an important member in the German army and was in good terms with Hitler, this created an opportunity for him to assassinate him. The plan was originally Drafted by Henning Von Tresckow who was the Major General for the German army, and was revealed later after the capture of stauffenberg and his associates. One of stauffenberg’s associate was Axel ferries who volunteered to eliminate Hitler but failed and was given death sentence before operation Valkyrie. Stauffenberg had convinced axel to assassinate Hitler and liberate Germany

“Axel, i am committing high treason with all my mights and means, this is the only way we can change the phase of Germany, and save millions of lives from the tyranny of Adolf Hitler”

“I understand it, but what if we fail?”

“Successful or not successful the assassination must be attempted, at least to prove the fact that not all Germans support his regime”

“Ok sir I will return victorious or dead”

True to his word, Axel had returned, but as a corpse. As for stauffenberg, he had planned the operation too well to fail, but the odds were in favor of Hitler as colonel Hanz Brandt moved the briefcase containing the bomb to the end of the table with his leg unknowingly. As a result colonel Hanz died due to blood loss as he lost his leg in the blast, but Hitler was already prepared for it with a double.

Nearly two years back while preparing for his master plan, Hitler was going through some History books. He considered ancient greek History to be source of inspiration, that’s when he came across, the story of two gods – Twin brothers Castor & Pollux, the name struck him immediately, his childhood friend Alexander Becker, nicknamed Castor. Surprisingly, he had a quite striking resemblance to Hitler, and have been in each other’s company for a long time. Hitler used him as a double to protect himself from the assassination plots and give him time to prepare. Castor used to attend many of the meetings as Hitler and while he is not, he wears a beard and mustache, becoming castor again.

As hard as Hitler tried to cover up the attempt, it really did make an impact on the germans as well as the allies, many were convinced that Hitler will be assassinated in the forthcoming years, and that the United States of America or Britain might annex Germany to their country. Surely people were unhappy with his dictatorship, but he was always about the welfare of the nation and respected the Germans, they rather adjust to his tyranny than to be a slave to an another nation. Unlike the people Hitler wasn’t worried, as he knew exactly where he was heading for and how it was going to end…..

To be continued…..

next chapter – 28th Oct




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