WE are the animals

The train had come to a halt. Shankaran Pillai woke up. The sudden jerk woke him up from his nap. He was on his way to a friends place, for a party. Seated near the window and irritated by long halt he looked out of the window. The reflection of sun rays from the rail track pierced his eyes. He took his eyes away from it, and sight fell on a Goat. The Goat was munching leaves in front of a shack. It was tied to a iron bar which was tall, erect and rusted. Just about a meter away from the Goat stood a ‘Lion’ carved out of cheap wood. The colours on the lion had faded away but it still had it ferocious look. The Goat looks at the ‘lion’ of wood and gives it an insecure look sarcastically, and goes back to munching his leaves and totally unaware that there are bigger animals than lion who will eat him someday..

WE are the bigger and ruthless animal.

Shankaran pillai’s train moves..”things are looking up” he thought.
A smile lits his face up,thinking of what will be served to him at the party.


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