To Rewind Time….


What wouldn’t I give to rewind time?

            To rewrite a few years of my life?

To erase the mistakes of my past?

            To rethink the decisions that did not last?

Why do we possess excellent hindsight?

            But lack in far more important foresight?

Impulsiveness works on simple decisions,

            Why do we mess up the important ones?

When reality comes crashing and you stand still,

            That’s when regrets start making their kill.

Regrets for the things we did and those we didn’t,

            For everything we thought would work but didn’t.

Worries of the future and remorse for the past,

            Loss of faith and hope tear us apart;

They weaken our resolves and try our patience,

            And strip us of our only armor, our confidence.

So what do we do? How do we cope?

            Is it too shocking that we would sell our souls?

For a chance to change our lives, to rework our frame,

            To make the right decisions, to live life again?

How do we find the courage to hope for the best?

            When the future is bleak and existence is a stress?

When courage fails and death attracts us more,

            Who can we turn to, for hope and support?

Unhappy and suffering from the pangs of life,

            An existence full of gloom and sacrifice;

That’s the moment when our eyes close in prayer,

            Our heads bow down and beg Him to deliver.

Because, when all is lost and nothing remains the same,

            The only constant support in life is God’s Name.



  1. D · February 6, 2013

    observe ..i think there are more answers inside us than the outside..god is the last resort..after going everywhere and getting kicks instead of an answer people go to god..i think to contemplate is necessary..god a concept we created to depend on wen everything else fails to work

  2. Alastair · February 6, 2013

    If you rewrite the past, it will change who you are. Just one slight change could make you a whole different person

    • animate7 · February 6, 2013

      Yes… One small change and the wold could be a different place…. The complexities of the passage of time are scary, because a single person’s decision affects the lives of so many others. Probably its just as well that there is no way to turn back the clock or to skip a few chapters forward, but that surely doesnt stop us from wishing we could… That’s because we would like to take the unpleasantness away from our lives.

      • Alastair · February 6, 2013

        That is true. If it could still lead me to this place, this now, this time; there’s some bits that I would like to remove.

  3. augusta · February 6, 2013

    Perhaps it is not so difficult to change the past, which opens the future?

    • animate7 · February 6, 2013

      What you do today affects your tomorrow… Outside of fantasies and fairy tales and science fiction, I dont suppose there’s anyway you can alter your past…. Isnt that why it is called ‘The Past’, because it has already come and gone past us?

      • augusta · February 6, 2013

        Sorry I was vague. I meant changing personal perception of the past…

        I forgot to thank you for sharing the poem. For some reason I have not been getting email notifications, though I am a follower. I enjoy sharing your journey.


    • animate7 · February 6, 2013

      Thanks for liking my poem 🙂 and for reviewing it ^_^

      And I understand about changing our perception of the past. It is necessary to move on and keep a positive outlook. Hope is what brings the change in that perception, right? 🙂


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