Kafka and Kaka on valentines day

Kakke kakke koodevide

Koottinakathoru Kunujujndo

Kunjinu theetta kodikkanjal

Kunjuu kidannu karanjeedum

Kunje kunje nee tharumo

Ninnude kayyile neyyappam

Ella tharilla neyyappam

Ayyo kakke pattichaai

This is a famous Malayalam rhyme that kids of Kerala hum all the time. It translates as


Crow Crow where is your nest

Is there a fledgling in the nest

If you don’t feed the fledgling

The fledgling will cry and cry

Hey kid kid will you give

The lovely Cake your hand

No No! I won’t give you the Cake

Oh no! the crow cheated again

KAFKA and KAKA were sitting under a banyan tree inhaling large volumes of oxygen and contemplating .The day was 14th February Valentines day. Kafka looked at kaka who was in deep thought .Kafka couldn’t concentrate on his surroundings. he had a query to ask.


“Do you know what day it is?”


“Who cares man! We birds don’t care about dates, we care about moments .Dates are just numbers .To hell with your dates! “


Masking his anger with a smile he tries to flatter kaka.
“Great species you guys are. Live for the moment”


“Yah! We are many poets and thinkers from your tribe take inspiration from us. You know they wish that they too could fly like us live free like us. But what to say to you guys man. Until you guys don’t realize yourself..self realization, you wont be able to live free. You will not be able to fly. I see so many people who come to offer me rice at the ghats .they think that if I eat the rice their dead relatives will attain moksha. Idiots!.Know yourself first then come to die.”


Again masking his anger with a smile on his face thinks about the drift the topic had taken.
“Don’t change the topic Kaka, today is 14th February valentine’s day. A day for lovers. Many people celebrate it all over the world. A day for lovers made by lovers. It is the birth day of a priest who was called Valentine so to reward his struggle for love they all his birthday as Valentines Day”.


“Oh thanks I didn’t know the importance of 14th February. Thanks for your information.”


“Ya! but I don’t understand why do you need a special day for lovers. Does it mean you boil up love only on 14th February and rest of the days just try to co-exist with your lover. I think 14th February is a day when couples fake each other. It is just an excuse. The business men make it an opportunity to raise their income . They prey on people’s emotions. All these lovers want money, gifts, sex, from each other. They want to be pampered. It is nothing but an excuse. If man wanted to love or show his love he would do it every day and not fake love on 14th February. Why do people have special days to celebrate. All days are special. Life itself is a big celebration. In life which is like a maze inside a maze taking a deep breath as we are doing now itself is a big celebration. So does it mean we have to celebrate each breath with money and gifts. We will be wasting a lot of money in celebrations. It will be a very costly affair. There are so many people who starve in this world. But celebrations are always given first priority. What kind of shit has man made.”


Bursting into laughter deep down but not showing it on the surface ……….he thought “Just like Graham Bell who invented the Telephone with great pains was tired of receiving calls all day. He repented that he had invented the telephone. Man makes things and finds faults with it and repents”.
Now Kaka had to explain to KAFKA and bring him out of this maze which was confusing him. He had to pull Kafka out of this menacing complexity. Kafkaesque.
“Now tell me mankind if we were to celebrate and enjoy and show love every day wouldn’t that be a costly affair and waste all our money. O.K. love cannot be shown with money, gifts and sweet talk. It takes tolerance and understanding. But mankind cannot live in this subtle for long after all he is a man he will be attracted to objects. Everything is like a toy for him. So he will express his love by presenting objects which are precious to him. He plays with them and gets bored. Mankind does not understand what love is and these are the ways to show that they have understood it. So instead of spending for 365 days they have decided a day to love (laughs deep down) else this will become a world of paupers. Man arrests days inside blocks of a calendar and gives it numbers to remember.”

“Its all so simple. Don’t try to create a maze and then cry for help. Don’t try to create a maze and repent. Break the maze. “


“Oh thanks birdie you are my philosopher”


“May be in return you can write a story about we scavengers. I’ll give you the concept. It’s on a man who wakes up in the morning to find himself turned into a crow. It will be a hit I tell you!”

Kafka raised his hands to shoo the crow away. The crow flies and sits on the branch of a tree near by and sings in his disturbing voice ..

“Kafka Kafka where is your maze!”

Kafka, is there a K inside the maze

If you don’t break the maze for K

K will cry and cry and cry


Listen O K will you give

The secret to break this menacing maze

No No I won’t

Oh no K has betrayed again”





  1. Abhranil Dutta · March 4, 2013

    liked it … Keep up the good work …

  2. D · March 4, 2013

    thanks amyth .i wanted to write a casual conversation of a man and an animal or bird..and the animal taking on the confused man..kafka the best example for confusion and nightmares..i wanted to tell that animals think simple and so it doesnt make their life coplex..we think and think and never reach on a conclusion

  3. Amyth banerjee · March 4, 2013

    Incredibly awesome! The philosophy behind the writing is inspiring! I couldn’t write like that, seriously great stuff!

  4. D · February 23, 2013

    Thanks! in eng its crow ,in hindi its kauva ,in marathi its kavla,in french its corneille ,in german krahe. u can easily notice all the languages have almost similar pronunciations for a word.for crow kaa and kr sound is very common. This proves that whatever language we talk we are all same. the seven tunes (do re mi or sa re ga ma) were inspired by sounds and cry’s of animals.we all learnt from one teacher .nature our teacher 😉

  5. LifeOfBun · February 21, 2013

    Heey kaka means the same thing in dutch slang, secrement from the bowels. 😀 funny how languages collide. (Love the abnormal take on Valentine’s)

  6. Alarna Rose Gray · February 20, 2013

    Interesting take on the Valentine’s Day saga. Especially with your above comment 😉

    • D · February 23, 2013

      thanks! the poem also slightly gives a hint that kaka is crow. 😉 .i love the crow alot.it eats peoples rubbish but goes unnoticed and it isnt a bird watchers interest.doesnt sing well too.But i like it.the hindus remembrer them only when someone dies.

      • Alarna Rose Gray · February 25, 2013

        Interesting. I love crows, too. They are an important Aboriginal totem here in Oz… and I always feel strangely comforted by them.

  7. D · February 14, 2013

    KAKA=CROW in malayalam

    • augusta · February 14, 2013

      Oh, thanks. It means excrement from the bowels in American English slang… Thank you for posting in English. I think it is a wonderful statement for this holiday.

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