Should Women Be Prostitute Like-A Defence Mechanism?

I was travelling in the local train one day. I was off to Mumbai to watch a screening of an Indian documentary film. In between somewhere the train stopped at a station and lady entered the gent’s compartment alone. Normally women don’t travel in gent’s compartment for obvious reasons. This lady wore a sari and exposed her  a part of her midriff to all the men in the compartment. She was busy having a conversation on her mobile phone ,sometimes laughing ,sometimes cursing. She was standing in the gangway as there was no place to sit. She had all those guys attentions who were standing in the gangway, those men were fascinated by her openness and disturbed by her audacity. She never bothered to correct her sari. There was no hint of embarrassment on her face because of the stares that she got.

Then arrived a main station and most of travelers got up to get ready to get down and go back to their lives. This lady that I’m talking about came and sat beside’s me. Now she had all those guys attention who were sitting on the seats. Everyone looking at her and her open midriff wondering “Doesn’t she have any shame”, but then behind they were happy of her presence there..”a pass time for the journey!” But she never paid attention to those stalkers and peeping toms.All she was doing was throwing cuss words to the other person on the line. She was bold and throwing cuss words like a normal breath. She used cuss words instead of full stop’s and commas. I had strong feeling that she was a prostitute and was talking to a pimp on the phone.

Then arrived another station and many more people alighted. She suddenly asked the man sitting opposite to her to move a bit so that she could place her legs on the seat. And he had to with a baffled expression on his face. I would say he was quite embarrassed by her request and had to give in .I liked that. I liked her bold attitude that said “Those days are gone bastards..”.I wished all the women were like this lady sitting beside’s me because of the present scene in India where women are molested daily anytime ,anywhere . I dint know whether she was a prostitute. I couldn’t  confirm , she could be any bold lady who wanted to show my sex that ”We are not going to give in to whatever you say! We are not going to get raped by you!”So should all the women of India who have a possibility of being rapped be like a prostitute attitude or have the audacity that a prostitute has to distance evil men from her. I don’t know.

My destination had arrived. I rose from my seat and kindly asked her to move her legs so that I could pass. She did with a smile and then continued cussing. I wanted to write about her.




And the documentaries were excellent!



  1. renxkyoko · February 23, 2013

    I don’t know what to say. A woman can be strong without cussing like a sailor and doing like what you’ve written here. Oh, I don’t know. I cannot judge.

    • D · February 23, 2013

      yes u are right a women or anyone could be strong without cussing.But then we all wear masks and try to be someone else. we try to be a person who is greater and better than us in different ways.We start doing this the moment we step out of our comfort zone(home).This is to protect ourselves,because people always look at the external they judge people by looking at them ,their appearance,their dress code.They don’t think that a person could be different from the inside(mind).we fall for beautiful people then we start hating them when we know the real them.So sometimes it works.being fake helps!
      but then they say dont fake urself..dont try to be someone u.
      So its an inbetween feeling.
      Like you i also dont know

  2. augusta · February 22, 2013

    Food for thought, to a Western woman who can live with her midriff exposed. –Aggie

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