Dodu was born in the slums of the city. When he was five he lost his mother to tuberculosis. His father was a labourer at a construction site. His father would spend all his hard earned money on country liquor and pass out on the road anywhere. Dodu would be all alone home. So he would spend the whole day in the neighbours house or flying kites on the roof of the shanties.

download (1)

Dodu would wake up early in the morning and pick a plastic bottle without a cap. He called the plastic bottle his one and only friend. He would then feed his friend some borewell water from the borewell near his shanty and take him to the sea facing road outside the slums to do something that everyone from rich to poor did and cannot stop themselves from doing it.DOWNLOAD!. He felt shy to download in front of the urban crowd but the other spot for downloading which was near the creek under the bridge was occupied by all the men who had to go to work early. There men would smoke a beedi while squatting and downloading .They shooed him away from there saying that this spot is only for adults and not for children. so Dodu was compelled to download in front city crowd.

Dodu was seven when an incident happened. Once some tourists from another country were passing by that sea facing road and their eyes fell on Dodu who was downloading. They were amused and exclaimed “cool man..this is something I have never seen in my life!” They took out their cameras and started clicking Dodu who was in the act. They captured Dodu’s face and his expression of embarrassment. Dodu’s genitals were exposed to the cameras eyes. His face had a mixture of emotions portrayed. Of embarrassment and of forcing a download. The tourist handed over a chocolate bar to dodu and laughed and went away. Dodu threw the chocolate and yelled “MATHERCHOD SALE !!!”(bloody motherfuckers!) followed by many curses in chaste street language. He took an oath that he would never come back to the sea facing road to download. Next evening he with his one and only friend went to the creek to download. But there the same story happened and in bonus to that he got himself beaten up by some runts from the nearby slum. So his fight finally ended at the sea facing road. But then Dodu had taken an oath. Dodu was a boy who would stick to his word. He was angry,but he knew how to handle the situation. So he accompanied with his friend went to the beach nearby. He found a comfy spot which would give him privacy from the world full of eyes. He placed his friend down on the sand ,lowered his shorts and sat to download. Now this was his spot and a part of his daily routine.

Dodu was now 12. From the past five years he continued to download at the beach. He loved the sights he witnessed at the beach in the mornings. People from high rises and pent houses came to exercise and jog on the stretch along the beach. He looked at all of them. The dogs who came with them. He looked at the dog walkers walking behind their owners with the dog. He looked at the stray dogs who felt jealous of the rich dogs and barked at them out of envy. His life also was like those stray dogs. He saw the fair urban sophisticated chicks who came in short clothes to exercise and wished he had one of them. His dick would rise with the sun when he looked at the chicks. He showed his dick to his non living friend who sat nearby and said “Look I’m a man now. Now I can download with the others by the creek !!”. He saw a urban mother singing a lullaby to her child. He envied the child too .The lullabies he heard and grew were not the ones which are sung to children of good families with a mother and people around to take care. The only Lullabies he heared were honking horns, cuss words. He looked at the tall buildings nears by which were full of film stars , business men ,Smugglers ,accountants ,stockbrokers, politicians ,traders with their posh sophisticated lives sexy blonde wives snazzy clothes shining cars. But their download was just like his download. The only difference was that Dodu ate broth and the guys in high rises ate costly poop sold in air conditioned fast food joints. He looked at his friend and said “I want to live like them. My last wish is to live in the topmost house of a high rise from where I can see losers like me who came to shit in public places” He looked at the sun rising from the sea. He respected the sun and considered the sun as his father. Sun his father and Earth his mother. He looked at the golden sea and felt like it was the golden sweat of his father who was slogging to spread sun rays to him and the rest. This was the best part of his day. Morning downloading time was the best part of his day. He would get motions to download only when he saw this sight of the city…cars plying in different directions, sun rise, the urban crowd exercising. Like some people who are inspired to download by smoking a cigarette or drinking a cup of hot tea. He was addicted to the sights of the mornings!

When he was 15, Dodu’s father died because of his drinking problem. So Dodu decided to leave the city for a while in search for a job . He went to another city where he ended up working in a bar as a waiter. He worked hard. The job there was nothing different from his life in the slums because cuss words were frequently thrown at him .But he tolerated and became strong. Then he graduated from waiter to manager. He worked hard. After sometime he took over the bar and became the owner of it. With his hard work and cunningness and the ambition to make his life the best one he has ever lived he opened a chain of bars and restaurants in the city he was born. He was filthy rich by now and named himself Richman as he had no other name and Dodu wasn’t a name for a business man. Then he went on to open a building and construction company called Richman Builders. His company built many well known residential and luxury towers in the city. He married a business mans daughter a fair and blonde on as he always wanted and she bore him two plump chubby cheeked urban healthy children who spent most of his money on costly poop sold in air conditioned fast food joints. But it was okay, he could afford it .He was a family man now.

Richman was now 47. He was almost bald and had an above average waist line. The busy city life was taking toll on his health. Like every morning for the past several years he woke up before the sun rose and proceeded to download. He lived in the pent house of his own tower which faced the sea. He entered his toilet which was exclusively made for him and nobody else other than him could use it. It faced the sea and had a tinted glass instead of a concrete wall. He did so because he wanted to see the morning sky and the rising sun while he sat to download. Remember he would be inspired to download only if he saw that amazing sight . It was a very special glass people from outside could not get a hint of what’s going on the other side. If one brought his face nearer and nearer to the glass to get a view of the insides he would end up hurting his nose but wouldn’t be able to see anything happening inside. He never got pressure and the motivation to shit without looking at his father rise from the sea or sensing the polluted air or the cars plying on the roads or people exercising. He could not go down and shit like the others in the open he was a different man now. But couldn’t do without shitting(no living person can !). So he made his toilet for him with a tinted glass instead of a dead wall. And beside him like the old times was his only friend the plastic bottle from the slums .He fed him costly rich man’s water and put two flowers in it to improve the ambience of the room. He finally started downloading as the sun showed its face to him. He was happy!

Moral?- Many things change around us. But some things don’t change within us.




  1. Parvathy Vivek · April 5, 2013

    Proud of u D!!!

  2. D · March 4, 2013

    thanks man ! im happy u liked this one.

  3. Abhranil Dutta · March 4, 2013

    nice work dinesh … proud of you …. 🙂

  4. D · March 3, 2013

    thanks! its a story of struggle ,poverty, darkness and humour. share it so that all who u knw like reading such stories could read it

  5. renxkyoko · March 1, 2013

    I love this story ! ! !

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