Definition of Religion


Religion means the quest for divine truth which every culture and every individual round the world seeks. No conviction is more universal, no theory more fundamental than this: Life must have its origin in a divine spirit or source (GOD).

Belief in GOD: 

It is impossible to conceive of the universe without God. One cannot visualize life without Him as the creative cause. Even Russia which said once that God does not exist is now proclaiming Him as the Great God. The lowliest Russian peasant knows that he needs to look to the sky to discover that “heavens declare the glory of God“. As far back as we can glimpse into time and space, there are many paths up the mountain and many camps along those paths. Also there were camp guides and showers of the way. All are convinced that their path is the best. All are searching, speculating and finding the footprints of God. And always there is the summit beckoning.

The desire to worship:

The desire to worship lies deeply ingrained in the heart of every religious man. It defies opposition. It is bound to lead him in search of God. To many people in their times and in other lands, God has been symbolized in many ways. Some persons have thought of Him as a mountain to be climbed, a height to be reached, or a summit to be conquered. Sometimes he looks for God in his heart. He realizes the spirit of the divine within his own body(head and heart).

There is no doubt that God is there, that there is something higher and greater than ourselves. He is too great to be found except in our thoughts and spirits– in our soul!

Religion is the path which God likes humanity to cherish and follow. Religion of the world is like a circle- a circle that like truth, has no beginning and no end. We can visualize all denominational expression and types of arcs in the circle of truth. And the circle is so wide that no single man or a group can claim it. God would like and love every seeker on the circle but will not single out one individual, however strong, for any special favor.

God gives you plus marks on his circular flow if you do good deeds but minus marks if you do bad. He probably lets good and bad stay on the stage of the world of humans as he can neither impose good on every man nor bad. He gives sufficient autonomy to individuals to behave. Therefore the argument, in which some men indulge, that it is God who is responsible for our good actions as well as bad actions, does not hold good. If autonomy provided to humans for their behavior were not there, humans would cease to be humans, they would become animals or superman.

Among  followers of every faith one finds the mystical quality that hints at the divine presence. Only really religious people can have a kind of communion with God. When we become truly religious, a new era begins in our life. We find the world opening itself to view our good. Goodness brings a strange brightness on your face as well as glory of God sheds new light in your heart and soul.

When Albert Einstein realized what had been done with his basic equations on the conversion of mass into energy, he stood aghast. Aware that man now held the destruction of the world in his hands, he broadcast before death on the radio pleading with the United States and the Soviet Union to clear up their mutual fear and distrust. He pleaded with them to give up the arms race as it invited men to destroy one another. Nothing can save the world, he said, finally, except spiritual understanding.

Gaining spiritual understanding is the most important challenge for humans. To attain spiritual understanding we have to purify our minds and hearts of mutual jealousy and hatred and look to God with maximum respect. So far as the state of the world is concerned, God has allowed it to be made a close neighborhood. Incredible speed of travel, new media of instantaneous communication, the man’s ability to land on the moon, have drawn the citizens of the good earth into an intimacy, unique in the history of mankind.

There are no longer any strange lands around the globe, no frontiers- no uncharted areas or people. What men think and what men intend to do as well how men live, are no secret from God. And in this new and wonderful world, man’s quest for truth and his awareness of God have taken on a new dimension.

There is a growing conviction among thinking people that an era of peace and understanding is in the making. The basis of this new era must be ordained by the spiritual divine power, that is God. It needs to be built upon a renewed will to believe that faith can conquer fear, human goodwill ingrained in the heart of political powers that be, and the strength of human love for each other and for God, is going to save mankind from mutual destruction that Albert Einstein referred to at the time of his death.

It is a fact that religious minded people of the world are drawing closer together, they are also demanding to respect each other’s faith as sincerely as you respect your own. All of this makes it a time of immense challenge for all religions. We, the people of the world, joining together to demonstrate in deed the great principles of our prophets and religious leaders, effectively through personal dedication pray to God to keep peace and order in the whole world.

It is all a part of one big jigsaw puzzle!

It is all a part of one big jigsaw puzzle!

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