K & D

I was walking down the road
I saw josef k.
He came to me and said ‘How r u D?’
I said “i am ok.”
He put his hands on my shoulder like a friend
And pointed his finger at the dark road ahead.
‘Lets walk’ he said.
I agreed
He smiled while walking.
I was just like i was before i met him.
We walked and walked and did not talk.
I saw a child whacking the wall with a cane
The wall forgot to do its homework.
As we walked the road was getting darker and darker.
But we did not stop and continued to walk.. continued to walk.
It was like getting absorbed into a dark labyrinth.
My shoulder was free from touch.
It was so dark that i closed my eyes
Coz it felt the same when they were open

I hit a wall and realised that it was ME and not WE.
That bastard K!
Now where am I??


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