Early morning wanderings

In the month of January this month I had a very odd routine.I would write through the night and at 4.30 AM ,with a friend for company would ride to a hamlet  which is near to my home.I live in a place called Vasai which has a history. Vasai was previously called Bassein or Bacaim .It was under the Portuguese rule for a while.

So I would ride through the village very slowly and enjoy the winter and the christmas lights outside the homes.The lights blinking in the cold and silent atmosphere is a sight worth watching.sometimes I would go to the church and wait to see the church bell ring.Sometimes would play with the dog who would roam in the church compound. I saw these wall paintings while riding once and loved it. I thought I should share it.








  1. D · June 6, 2013

    This place is called Ramedi Gaav(village).Its not far from or near vasai fort.Its near to suruchi beach ,if u have been there.I love Vasai gaav and wish to settle there. If u explore more ul find that vasai is very similar to goa or kerala .And each village has a church and if u obsereve them they are similar to the ones u will find in goa or fort kochi in kerala or pondicherry. all serene and beautiful.

    If u have not explored much of vasai take some time and visit vasai fort and the old churches .The dusky weather will add to the beauty of the place.

    thanks !

  2. animate7 · June 6, 2013

    Its a lovely experience you’ve shared with us.

    Is this the hamlet near Vasai Fort? Even though I stayed in Vasai for 18 years of my life, I havent had the opportunity to visit the Fort or explore the interiors of the city.

    So, it was really nice to read about your early morning wanderings. And your descriptions really contribute to the imagination.


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