The Nilgiri thar



















This is the Nilgiri thar.I had a chance to see them when I had gone to Munnar which is a hill station in the southern parts of the western ghats .It comes in the state of Kerala,India. As a part of the sight seeing I had been to Eravikulam National Park in the Rajamalai Hills which is near to the border of Tamil Nadu. These endangered species are found in the southern part of the western ghats mainly in the hills of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Its called as Varayaadu. We get this name by coining two Tamil words wurrai meaning precipice and aadu meaning goat. Basically the goat which resides in the cliffs and hills.

June being the beginning of the monsoons ,it was rainy and cold we were walking through the clouds. The waterfalls and the beautiful tea plantations that we could see from above added to the beauty of the place.

While climbing with many other tourists and enjoying the weather a Varayaadu sprang up from the bushes and came up to the road.As soon as he stood there,every one including me took out the cameras of different types and started taking pics of the animal. All the camera tooting tourists got their ‘capture’ and wanted some more of it.A better shot ,so that they could show it to their friends ,family or put it up in their blogs. I took enough pics and then observed the animal which stood their without moving as if letting every one to take a pic of its self or maybe it was stoned because of the beautiful weather or may be because it was ‘high’. I was happy. but then I also sensed that the animal was fed up and irritated because people were grabbing his privacy at his own home. I became sad .I thought about how we today came with cameras away from the busy world that we have made to have a glance of this animal and take pics and take a better ‘capture’ of it so that we can show it to the world.May be decades and decades ago people came here to see these animals like us ,awestruck by its beauty and innocence.Only difference is we came with cameras they might have come with guns to capture it and show it to the world ,to show their feat of bravery,to hang it up the walls of their palatial bunglows as trophies.I don’t know.
I was happy then sad amid natures beauty.That’s life.



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  2. renxkyoko · June 20, 2013

    I liked what y0u wrote about the animal letting his photo be taken, suffering the fools.

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