The Working Sense

I have been keeping immensely busy for the past few months, and this was one of the few things i was occupied with. This film will always be close to my heart, no matter whatsoever flaws one may encounter during its less than 6 minutes run. I along with a hardworking crew of 3 more people completed this film within a span of less than 36 hours, the reason is yet another story which i will talk elaborately in my next post. For the time being am just happy that i completed my first ever short film, which was like my dream as i always used to see films and would wonder that someday i would too make one. So making the first of the many gives me a feeling i can never describe.

This short film is a story of a person who despite the handicap of being deaf and mute, shows the world that its your passion that matters. It is about your vision. Infact, it is not about what you choose to see, it is about what you see you choose to interpret. It is about your vision, how differently you see the world. How beautiful the world can be, if your imagination is such. It is this working sense(read, your “eyes”) that makes the world a better place. Try to see what you are missing. Try to work on your senses, try to sense on your working. In the end everything in the universe would eventually make sense.

Another thing i tried to show through this film, is that you don’t necessarily need to have a proper Photography camera to capture pictures. For photography you must have a passion, an imagination and any basic camera from your phone or anything else will help you take pictures that would say a lot of things compared to those taken by a DSLR. Again its how you see things.

And then, the film has qualified round 1 of the Nokia India Festival to be held in Goa, this year end. I sometimes think featuring my Nokia Lumia 520 in the film might have given me an upper hand for the selection, if that were the only reason my film must have been qualified. But then again, it is how you see you choose to interpret.

And if you are wondering about the location shown in the film, that is Mythbroakia, the place where you break myths. 😉
Stay Mystified for the next one……..


One comment

  1. D · August 16, 2013

    great work amyth!.yes very true in photography its not about what you see its about how you see it.
    keep going.
    and the narrators voice was maturely and mellifluous.

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