Conscience Exists

Its been long enough i have written a poem, i thought of presenting an experimental poem, which i want my readers to tell me what is different about it! This poem i have written is also for my upcoming short film The Conscience Artist. Enjoy!

Conscience Exists


I am going to fall into an ocean far away from where i stay

the ocean promises to transport me into another world.

A world where i would find myself drenched with curiosity,

my journey in this world is to get rid of this curiosity.

My journey shall tell me exactly what i seek,

And I know what i seek, because i am no longer confused.

I am no longer confused, because now i have found a purpose,

A purpose that will push me to my limits until i have achieved what i intend.

What i intend is simple enough to comprehend coz i am out to seek it, 

Seeking is my journey.

My journey shall quench all my curiosity,

It shall lead me towards a new world.

A world that shall transport me to an ocean far away from where i stay,

An ocean where i wouldn’t fall into it, but instead float above.

Poster_Conscience Artist


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