Beach rantings.

Each and every branch

thick and weak all of them

helping me to express

on the vast blue canvas

leave me as i am that’s enough

nature is with me and with you too

“go ahead!” she says i’m with you

even if They aren’t

so powerful how can you love us so much

sleeping under the sky

head on mothers lap

cool breeze brushing through

like soft fingers dancing on my scalp

feeling at home even when its far away


confluence of the sea and sky holding together

their sun (son) who is about to say goodbye

but when i’m with you mother

everything is magic and a reason to wonder


that guy Socrates spoke..

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

‘I’ am nothing ‘i’ know nothing

i wish this stays with me

when i’m away from you with the world facing people

ego & ambition…..

help seep this truth into me mother



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