Dezente Vorherrschaft

The previous series in this blog couldn’t take off as expected, due to innumerable reasons, but to cover up for a promised conspiracy story line like the last venture NeverMind Nefertiti, this time a full fledged take on the European History albeit the one in which we shall have another historical character like we had Nefertiti last time this time, Mythbroakia presents a plot revolving around the most terrifying person in the history of mankind ever, Adolf Hitler. Through this series, a conspiracy would be shed light upon that took place at the wake of the second world War, when among many conspiracy theories this was also projected. This series will be seeing more such chapters written on it and bringing to life all that was never supposed to be known to the people. So here’s presenting something new and full of surprises!


Should we hail Him or Nail Him?


One comment

  1. Acira · August 2, 2012

    had never heard about something like this. thanks for sharing it.

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