Believing is one thing and experiencing another, for some reasons science and mythology are considered among the two ends of the universe, which is unlikely to meet. But suppose if they happen to meet at cross-roads, how would you want to visualize this unlikely encounter as? Quite true the merger would be something everyone wants to see. In this way we end up getting a third world scenario which has lots to offer. Many questions to answer,many mysteries to unlock!(the list doesn’t ends for god’s sake). Its true that we are imbibed in a world where we are actually differentiated on grounds of being opinionated(and that’s where all the ugly phenomenons started happening gross!). So basically its the frame that one offers to choose through which a person views the world, it may be wide for some and narrow for most, but broadly it gets categorized when it meets a scientific point. This is where we actually get to decide the matter of fact.

There was always a counterpart for anything that seemed challenging enough. So basically what i want to present here is the other side of it that is the con! In today’s world it has found an even more profound name, we call them myths!

So when science collides head-on with these various myths(read con) we get greeted by something altogether different. So i decided to become that observer to this phenomenon(quite candidly!) and present to you some quite interesting observations of this (CON)SCIENCE world.

This is where a new attitude shall be adopted to view science from a third world point of view, defining a new era.

Where connecting impossible to infinity stands a chance, and everyone gets to ponder over some issues which otherwise never existed in their inertial frame but non-inertial frame had a different answer to give. This rarest form of combination provides room for new ideas and in many ways is thought provoking!

Science just twisted in a format that opens new horizons and gives a different outlook to the way we normally prefer to look at things. The best part is the challenge involved which deviates the depth of the matter and reaches a different level every time. So navigate your way inside this world and get ready for a dose of some fresh researches and based facts of some of the biggest innovations in science, also playing an important role in this podium will be the several conspiracy theories that have met science always and kept the two at logger-heads. The posts filed under this category makes an amazing use of these combinations, which is a treat for the explorer.

Some of the topics likely to be covered are incerpts from theory of relativity, stephen hawking and his worksdealing with astrophysics, kyoto-protocol, fortress europe, nibiru collision and of course about dreams. 

Here, I will let my conscience do the talking in the language of science!


  1. Madhu Dabholkar · August 18, 2012

    mystified by ur imagination & maturity at such a young age.

    • Amyth banerjee · August 18, 2012

      hmmmm….. i am just giving expressions to somebody i self projected as my own image, and trying to reach that projection to get in touch with reality, so i got a long way to go. You are a very encouraging person. Perhaps i just realized that we live in the same city! hahaha co-incidence maybe! 😀

  2. littlemissobsessivesanatomy · August 8, 2012

    why does Mythborakia ends on 14th sept?

    • Amyth banerjee · August 9, 2012

      Well That is because, everything that start must end someday, and i believe that end is the new beginning! So don’t worry its not the complete end. Its just the end of one phase, and beginning of another! Stay Mystified!;)

  3. augusta · August 6, 2012

    Hi Amyth, saw you poking around on my blog so came over to check it out. Your ideas here are in tune with Hermetics as I know it, and hope we shall be having conversation. I’m a subscriber… Curious: When mythbroakia ends, will your whole blog end?

    • Amyth banerjee · August 6, 2012

      Well, glad you liked my blog, I wouldn’t want to sound silly by saying “Well, its a Mystery” or “You got to wait and watch” I intend to present Mythbroakia as an Epic story, maybe the blog shall remain eventually but Mythbroakia to develop on grow on the people would need some hiatus and that would be temporarily ending it on a mysterious note. And what follows will be something even more interesting, i just go along with the flow trying to create my own impact on the minds of people, if encouraged and appreciated any process becomes a lot warmer and nicer. So the blog might remain but with something new to offer! Thus i stand by my words Stay Mystified! 😉

  4. rituhot · September 30, 2010

    wo wo! looks like a fun roller-coaster ride it shall be, i m eagerly lookin 4wd to posts of this column, now that you hav gener8d curiosity with the teaser!

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