The ‘Sylv’er Lining and the Sweet Dozen!

Sylvie Ashford

So the Saga of Appreciation continues, My last two posts were about two wonderful and amazing people for whom i left no stone unturned in terms of praising, you may check them again in case missed it, Maybe i did get a feeling that i might have over done at some places, but then when appreciation regarding someone comes from the heart, i guess one should let it flow, instead of holding it back. So in that sense i guess, if Anouchka found me insane because of this then i believe i did justice with whatever i wrote for her, hahahaha. This time around yet another person from another beautiful blog on wordpress spread a smile on my face, So as simple as to my previous run in the appreciating department here we go yet again.

I couldn’t think of a more befitting title than the one which came to my mind at the time of writing this special post. Just like the ‘Sylv’ er lining on the dark clouds, one sweet morning i get news that someone sweet has considered Mythbroakia sweet enough to receive the Super Sweet Blogging Award(So Sweet). Sylvie Ashford, who has a blog by the name River Song was that person who was kind enough to recognize this blog and the award eventually. Now who doesn’t love to be appreciated, it feels special and great to hear good words about you by someone who actually means them, Every time. And i believe in appreciating someone whenever i get a good reason to or whenever i get the opportunity to do so, because it takes minimum effort to do so, and perhaps it is a magical thing, it does wonder, try it sometime, make someone’s day and see what happens.

Appreciation is a magic spell!

I have been the eldest in my family at 20, i got a younger brother who is 16, and a younger cousin sister at 17. But something which i have always wanted but was mostly eluded was that someone elder to me in my siblings and that too a sweet elder sister. Many of my friends tell me, its good to have an elder sibling looking up for you, it simply makes the process of growing up more enjoyable and you learn a lot from your elders as you look up to them as examples and follow their lead. In my case i had to be leading, well….. i have been doing fine so far, i am not a great leader. So, to say i consider Sylv as she calls herself, as that mostly eluded elder sister i never had. For many reasons, firstly she is beautiful, amazing, a warm person, mysterious and very humble which is her best quality. She seems to be more of a reserved person, but she is cheerful person and perfectly knows to make anybody smile. She does that very effectively through her poems, which to me are soulful, filled with deep emotions, and feelings that are expressed in their very dimensions with words perfectly chosen to depict the naturalness and woven together to present a classic masterpiece. Indeed i have loved and also liked each and every poem she has carved on her blog, it is so amazing, so beautiful, that for the past few occasions when i have sat down to pen down a poem on my blog, i thought of Sylv, and then i thought even words wouldn’t be ably to capture the essence it seems now, after knowing how well she could write. I very well admit the fact that nobody is perfect, but she appears to crafted for the ultimate perfectness. So under normal conditions i wouldn’t have been able to come up with any poems it seemed here on, even though i got inspired from her to write more such beautiful poems, but what looked like i was at loss of the proper words. So i had to do something about it, and then one fine morning i had words with me, words that i believe could capture the essence that i demand in Sylvie’s presence. So here we go…… Solely dedicated to the Beautiful and soulful poet, Sylv.

She belonged in the depth of my being, in the afterglow of scintillation and of squint; 

She who chose to remain in her veils in the aurora light, will be my last gift to you, my Almighty, folded in my final song.

Words have made advances yet failed to win her;

Enticement has stretched to her eager arms in vain.

Mystical as she was…..

I have roamed across the globe keeping her in the core of my heart,

and around her have risen and fallen the hike and rust of my life.

Over my thoughts and actions, my slumbers and dreams,

She reigned yet existed alone and apart.

Many a man knocked at my door and

asked for her and turned away with dashed hopes.

There was none in the world who ever saw her enigmatic countenance,

and she remained in her loneliness waiting for her recognition

So that was in my own style a way of thanksgiving, well……. and for everyone now…… i am sure….. whenever you get nominated for any award, please do take some time in dedicating a line  or a prose to the one who nominated you for the respective award, it makes the purpose of the award more successful. Well, although i do not expect anything to be written about me in particular, if i nominate someone, unless the appreciation comes from their heart, but if they wish to write i’ll be glad to read ;)(lol who wouldn’t?). So chill! 😉 Then again, it is an own perspective, one necessarily does not have to follow something they do not approve of. So its your call. 😀

So there goes rule no.1 in case this award is been bestowed upon your blog, appreciate and thank the blogger, which in my case is Sylvie Ashford again from River Song…….. If anyone loves poetry then they will definitely love her offerings…. Thank you once again Sylv, i could go on actually you know, but i guess i would keep something for my future posts, in case you nominate me again….. hahaha lol 😉

So after observing the rule 1, which i have always followed elaborately and quite happily, we move on to the 2nd rule, which is answering 5 literally sweet questions which are as follows:

1) Cookies or Cake?

Well, how about Cakies, lol….. well that is something which happens to be my guilty pleasure, its actually a cookie cake…. no idea how it is made but its delicious all that i know about it.

2) Chocolate or Vanilla?

Well, if such conflicting question arrives, my answering abilities are badly affected. So again, i would say Chocilla, i don’t know how it sounds, but i am sure its delicious as well. 😉

3) What is your Favorite Sweet Treat?

Well, Pineapple ice Cake tops the list, the List? hahaha you didn’t think i would be contented with just one Favorite sweet treat, did you?

4) When do you crave sweet things the most?

Almost every time, and whenever things are not so sweet around me, which is more often so you see these sweet things keep me busy…. Luckily i haven’t put on a lot of weight as i thought.  I am fit.

5) If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?

Well, something to rhyme with my name, how about Swyth! Sounds Sweet isn’t it?

After the ritual of answering is done, we move on to nominating a Dozen other bloggers, which happens to be something tough for me, but will take up the challenge and do it again so here we go…… the Top 12 in no particular order….

1) Britt Skrabanek who is the author of the e-book Beneath the Satin Gloves, she loves Dancing and biggest of all she is a life enthusiast. A very sweet and a warm person, honest and humble with a sweet smile, no wonder she is my choice for the Super Sweet Blogger award. Perhaps she has been kind enough to already bestow the Inspiring blogger award to me, which is really a special one, because to be an inspiration means a lot. So, we all know who’s next on the list on Mythbroakia to be honored and written about, i would be back with a post on her and the Very inspiring blogger award soon enough.

2) Sheevi is another vibrant and a very sweet blogger, she is very brave i would say that because i can understand what it’s like to be doing engineering, lol. So not only she is brave, she writes amazing, in fact i’d like to describe her as a charming writer. Her blog posts are about her experiences, and she presents them quite unapologetically and sweetly. Undoubtedly, with no second thoughts, you deserve this Super Sweet Blogger Award.

3) Ritika Upadhyay or ZeCountess as she calls herself, has a blog which has the qualities which i have always been recognized as quirky, hilarious, Zany, outrageous. But amidst all these her blog shines out on many levels and occasions, she surprises and her surprises are sweet surprises. One that you would really love, someone who exactly knows what she is doing and at the same time doesn’t actually know about it. I don’t know how just 4 out of 5 ventriloquist would recommend her blog, when i am the fifth one and has already recommended her blog. To know more hop on to Le Blog.

4) Rica Santos from The LadyBoy Mirror, simply because in the world where transgenderism is a mighty issue, it takes a clear mind and a lot of courage to present oneself before the world as a totally sane person. And one such blog i came across was of Rica’s. Rica’s writings are spot on, and very beautifully put together. And i very well know this for some reasons, this blog might be skipped otherwise to receive any awards at all, but not when it comes to Mythbroakia, albeit the very place were myths will be continued to get broken. So this sweet award for the sweet effort by Rica…. 😀

5) A dreamer, a biotech Engineer, a confused soul sometimes at her blog PSEUDOMONAZ. Now firstly, i like to give recognition to new and fresh blogs, and it has been recently started, secondly i could relate with a lot of restlessness in the blog through the post. Yes i like things and beings who are restless. Amidst all these there is an underplayed sweetness which is hard to avoid even if the air around is troubled. Mystery!, if you actually ask me, this place is a discovery. Now, a few visits to this blog may clear that air, wouldn’t it?

6) Anne the one who loves words, would love to see these words i am writing for her as well, it is simply because her blog might be a shrewd Banana, but this banana offers a lot of variety in terms of the words it uses to express lots of emotions, and then one might come to think of the irony, the banana is not that shrewd after all. A classic experiment with words, this blog is sweet and no doubt in this list. Must visit!

7) And now its time to break Myths, rules and maybe upset the blogging community if they wish to see this as a wrong thing to do, because now i am going to nominate one single blogger for 6 times and that is how i wish to complete the dozen nominations. There are reasons as to why i am doing this, the biggest of them is that this blog and the blogger deserves an even bigger recognition than this one, and for that i am ready to bend any rules and present it to them.

Alarna Rose Gray i am giving this award to you, despite the fact i know that you won’t accept this for reasons i very well know, but i have made some exceptions for you, all you have to do is just accept it. Yes, simply accept it and you do not have to go through the routine of nominations or answering, just simply accept it as a token of the incredible person and a sweet blogger you happen to be. Yes indeed, you are a very very very humble person. Simplicity is something that oozes from you, you are one of my favorite bloggers and really i appreciate your stand for not accepting awards, but i guess we need to make  exceptions in life sometimes, so while i make this exception for you by nominating you 6 times by breaking the rules and tell you that you do not have to further elongate the chain by nominating more bloggers, i would be indeed happy that in return if you accept this award and make this effort worthwhile. You just have to accept it and this to me would be your special award, for being  a unique blogger and truly standing out! So just a humble request……. Make an Exception accept this and that’s all i ask. Let the blogging community get pissed at both of us, lol I am sure they will understand! 😀

Alarna Rose Gray


Well, for others after doing the above rules(i do not particularly wish anyone to follow exactly what i did, i am known to be firstly a Myth breaker and now a rule breaker, so do as you please and enjoy the process.)

So with that, let the vicious positive energy of appreciation and spreading joy and smiles to everyone continue……… and let all of us Stay Mystified! for who knows what and who i might come up with the next time around. hahahaha

P.S. All the images used in this post aren’t mine, the images have just played the role of enhancement and for the beauty purpose. 😀

So, Sylv thanking you once again…… Specially for you ‘Stay Poetic’ 😉

Last But not the least….. the award logo…… which the nominated persons must display on their blog! This is equivalent of winning the award for the blog! 🙂

Anouchka and the ‘Bun’dle of Joy!

Firstly apologies, that this post is coming quite late, when it should have been out a week ago. But as the saying, all good things happen at their own time, so maybe this had to happen when the time was, and when i had the time. Anyways, its heartening to receive some initial recognition after almost 2 years of blogging. Maybe i should say, i didn’t go all out to promote my blog so as to get noticed, but i let it take its own time to come to the fore and build the world gradually, maybe the pace was too slow. But its never too late. So, the process which Jennifer Twardowski started more than a week ago, took a ‘beautiful’ turn earlier this week, by this ‘Bun’ny girl….. (read Funny). Well, indeed Funny because, she has a good sense of humor and is quite a pleasant blogger i have come across. The nature of this post and the coming posts under the awards category, if ever i happen to receive any further awards would be similar to this post To Jennifer and Appreciation. So here we go……

Enter Anouchka from Belgium, a student just like me, maybe more ‘Beautiful’ than me of course. She happened to come across my blog and thought if not me, but my blog seems beautiful. Hence the beautiful blogger award was passed on to me by her. That is really endearing of her. Now, firstly the thought which came to my mind was, couldn’t there have been a handsome blogger award for guys and the beautiful one for the girls. Well, i immediately flushed the thought and thought of quietly accepting the award and happily as well. It is no matter a beautiful feeling after all to receive an award isn’t it? So now a few lines for the wonderful, delightful, energetic, exuberant, lively and highly vivacious Anouchka, well also to add she is beautiful, even if she wouldn’t accept it, but she is purely beautiful.

The “Bun”dle of joy!

Since the last two paragraphs have been dealing with the word beautiful, let me dedicate this paragraph to Anouchka and the ‘Bun’dle of joy. Anouchka has a blog by the name Life of Bun. Where, she talks about her perspective on a colorful life that she lives the random experiences of her life, and make-ups and recipes, and her experiments and her photogenic face, the expressions. We get so lost in all of these that we forget all about the ‘bun’ in the blog. Well, to know about the bun, head over to her blog and find out about the colorful life she leads and get inspired to start your own. So, this award has its own conditions to abide by once you receive it and then dedicate a sweet paragraph praising the person who thought you were beautiful and in return make them feel even more beautiful for their gesture and thinking so. Then proceed to give away seven things about yourself. Now i have previously gone down this route, in my previous award acceptance post. So this time i would tell you about 7 newly arrived blogs i like the most.

Here they are, in no particular order…..

1) Sarah from Curiosity is my motive a week ago i passed her on with the Reader Appreciation award, and why not. The blog has a very pleasant appeal and simply puts a smile on your face for the efforts. Sweet and lovely. Joyous and lively and full of life. Definitely a blog which i love to visit!

2) An irish girl from All Things Girl Related a blog for the fashion enthusiast, and especially for girls. Well, nowhere there is any restriction on the blog that men cannot enter, so anyone can visit and marvel at the thoughts portrayed by this wonderful person. Perhaps its ‘Beautiful’.

3) Cjackplay as the name goes is yet another recent blog which i came across, deals with fitness and health and amazing ways to have a beautiful body which is fit and strong and energetic. The process has been showed through pictures and some wonderful descriptions. In other Words Beautiful.

4) Brittany from The New Girl in the Glasses , i found this blog very interesting and loved the part that the author is so young at 15 and very expressive with the poems she has written or the thoughts expressed. One can easily relate with it, and for a change feel light and better.

5) Stephanie from The Bow Tie Butterfly she is an artist and a very intriguing one, the photographs tell it all. A blog which will let you sit back and relax and take in the beautiful view that is out there.

6) Madhura Dabholkar is yet another soulful blogger. Though she is around the blogging world for almost a year now, but i always feel new and refreshing while visiting her blog, the poems are just mesmerizing. As far as i am concerned, i won’t be able to try my hand at such beautiful poetry. It is a talent.

7) Sahbinah Violet Flynn and Shakespeare said it rightly, what’s in a name. A beautiful name though and an even more beautiful blog. The beauty of this blog is the words, they soothe you, they calm you down and they make you feel beautiful. They are inspiring and to me very meaningful.

So once the seven things routine is done, time to nominate some more beautiful bloggers who deserve recognition for the sheer beauty they bring to the blogging world. So any no. of bloggers can be nominated according to me. I have already nominated 7 such beautiful bloggers myself, well they are nothing but the 7 blogs i mentioned above to me they are simply new, refreshing, joyous and beautiful blogs. Their creators are beautiful as well. So no doubt this award rightly goes to them.

And of course the award logo needs to be put on the blog after receiving!

To me….. from Anouchka 😀

So once again, thank you Anouchka, thank you so much. Thank you for the ‘Bun’dle of joy and for making the day ‘Beautiful’ for me….. I indeed feel more beautiful now, maybe more than you….. hahaha!

Appreciation makes things Beautiful!