The Sworn Atheist!

The age-old battle between Religion and Atheism, or some call it Science v/s GOD got a whole new dimension, with this amazing debate that took place at a debate show some time ago. The atheist in question here, or should i say the protagonist of this clip, smacks it into your face with her crisp argument which leaves people awestruck, Such is the confidence you achieve when you are pretty certain about things that you believe in perhaps from whatever you have seen with your own eyes. So this is something which is gonna serve as some visual treat for the eyes atheist’s and religious alikes.

And once again, i am just expressing my opinion or point of view, i am not aiming to impose a particular concept here that which is better, its just a debate which dwells on the faith of the people, i just want to make a point here, that stand for your own faith or belief but make sure it isn’t any fallacy!

Lady Luck’s hole And My Middle Finger!

                                              GOING GAGA!

Lady of my Obsession!

(A tribute to my favorite singer, and also the person i look after to and have a special place in my heart, to the one and only, the truly amazing my favorite, the mother monster herself who was born this way, i really don’t care how, just happy to know the fact that she was born,Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta A.K.A Lady GaGa, the lady of my dreams!)

When Lady Luck conspired against me, Lady GaGa inspired me, and then it was Lady Luck’s hole and my middle finger! ”   — Amyth Banerjee.

” There is no Lady Luck, there is Lady GaGa! ” — Amyh Banerjee

Lady of my dreams!

“Smear some mascara, you look so damn ugly, and don’t forget to put on a good make-up, you really and badly need a mega-makeover babes!” i slammed these words straight on the face of my lady luck. Now, whom do you call Lady Luck, the one who is responsible for giving shape to your fate. Probably if she smiles on someone, that someone really becomes Someone. But Lady Luck ain’t anyone like Lady GaGa, whom i can atleast say is awesome in whichever way she smiles! Everyone has their own Lady Luck, some have their lady luck resembling a sexy supermodel with killer curves, topped with a vivacious appeal, simultaneously blessed with a head-spining or jaw-dropping beauty. Those are the people who we say were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.(They sucked on the spoon in their childhood i wonder if they ever choked, but now if they get choked that must probably be the reason for sucking on somthing else!)

Others like me have their lady luck, dull-looking and horrendously ugly with a beauty that will make you wish you ended your life. These are probably the people who have it really tough going for them and have to make their own luck. These are the people who were born with the middle finger in their mouth.(unfortunate with luck most of the time.) They have their share of misfortunes, bad days, embarrassment and situations one wished could have avoided. Lady Luck doesn’t favour them and as an obvious fact it is not permissible to favour everyone with the flow of luck(F*CK!). They are always teased with their destiny, until the very last minute where they always fall short to what they want to achieve despite the fact that they were hard-working, we thus derived the term hard luck.

That is the story behind the legend of Lady Luck, now lets take some note of Lady GaGa who sets the record straight by claiming she was born this way and most of all has no qualms with life. In fact she is her own Lady Luck, only thing she calls herself Lady GaGa. No doubt she is my Lady of inspiration. She has made her own luck and she signs off her own fate, designs it the way she wants(however outrageous.) Also has control on the results that she wants it her way. When Lady  GaGa was a nobody she conspired in a crime when she killed her own Lady Luck and resumed her role by calling herself Lady GaGa. Today we all know the influence she has on pop music world and also the fans she generated all over the world.(For the record, Justin Bieber will one day get eaten up by Lady GaGa’s fame monsters and the desperate screams for help wouldn’t make any impact like it now does when he opens his mouth to sing.) So if you are a Lady GaGa fan, you shouldn’t bother about the existence of any Lady Luck.

Lady of my Love!

The sole motive of what i mean to say here is that luck exists but in a state of invisibility. But someone i know has the ability to spot this invisible thing by trying hard to see it. That person in question i am talking about is you, me, and everyone out there who believes in themselves and has the faith in ones ability to turn the tides. So anyone who gets this feeling that their Lady Luck is playing with their emotions evey day, every minute, every moment, every second, and most part of their life and eventually the result also is not favourable, do not lose hope, and believe in the fact that there is no Lady Luck, but there surely is Lady GaGa. Shift focus to her, make your own luck and the middle finger for the Lady Luck, if you are able to achieve that then you are definitely on the right track, baby celebrate each moment because you were Born This Way!

There is no Lady Luck, there is Lady GaGa!