Chapter IV – Amphibitious

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Words of wisdom: “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”

“OPEN FIRE!!!”, with a loud cry among the chaos of the battlefield, the troops were trying to advance into the enemy, but the resistance was too strong. Grenades and gunfire through out the area was blocking the vision and the sky was swarming with fighter planes and it was raining lead all over the place. One by one the troops were killed and the ground once was quiet and still, were turned into a cemetery covered with bullets and blood. The Germans lost France, in a quite huge margin,they were totally unprepared and overpowered with ease, by the allies. They say Overconfidence and

arrogance is a dangerous mixture in war, with deadly consequences.

6th June 1944

marks the beginning of the most ambitious and largest multi terrain battle in the History of mankind, known as ‘Operation Overlord’. 160,000 British troops, 7000 vessels crossed the English channel along with 1200 airborne assaulters, forced the germans to retreat and leave France. Hitler triumphed on his most famous victory – the fall of france in the operation dynamo which had succeeded in 1940 ever since the allies had been planning to liberate france from the tyranny of Germany. But unlike their usual stand, they choose to be patient and made careful planning before attacking Germany. They not only want to conquer back France but also take them by complete surprise. They wanted to degrade their morale by an attack so fierce that they would never underestimate their enemies ever again.

First required was a careful planning and proper inspection and knowledge of the area, as in this case Normandy was chosen as the area of attack. Many photographers were sent to take the photographs of the places in normandy secretly under the pretext that they needed snaps of France for an exhibition
But in spite of that the beaches were singled out, and to study the beaches and area, the royal navy of Britain had developed an ‘X-craft’ which was a smaller version of a submarine left out using a larger submarine for detailed study. The X-craft was highly undetectable because of its incredibly small size.

Next what was needed was the technology, or we can say the flavor of the War – Advanced Firepower and artillery. Hobart funnies was the modern day advanced amphibious tank, which was capable of destroying anything in the way, equipped with flamethrowers. Came in different varieties and features like BARV was able to operate even under six feet of water. Then a strong fort was needed to serve as the powerhouse of the war-field, supplying arms, ammunition, First aid, food & shelter. The royal army developed a temporary harbor called as ‘mulberry’s’ In order to provide with tons of supply and sustain a huge battle. The oil and supply was sent through a pipeline called as PLUTO (Pipe Line Under The Ocean).

Then comes the most important part of a war- Deception. As far as the War is concerned all nations are paranoia about a surprise attack. During those times the situation was much more intense, so it was obvious that the germans would have  every owl on the watch for any sign or movement from the allies towards them, that is exactly why a decoy was required to take their attention off them. For months the allies were planning on deception, and through various sub operations like operation Fortitude and Operation Bodyguard they succeeded in creating an illusion that they were planning to attack on Pas De Calais. The short operating range of the British fighter plans, reduced the choice of potential landing sites to two: Pas De Calais & the port of Normandy.Through fake Radio transmissions and fake codes, they created an illusion, making the Germans believe that they would be attacked on, thus Pas De Calais was heavily guarded. ‘The fake agents’ were sending signals on radio confirming the existence of a hiding place near Pas De Calais, making it the likely to be main attack point. Dummy tanks, fake troops, trucks, were place on the eastern coast of Britain leading the germans to conclusion. To take a step further, Operation Skye was launched, which sent radio signals suggesting an attack on Norway. As a response to the phantom threat, some German Units were also placed in Norway. After Deception comes the phase which removes the ‘over-confidence factor‘ that is Rehearsal.

The allied forces rehearsed for the D-day for several months, to make sure that everything goes as per plan. Even though prior to the D-day information regarding their invasion was leaked out, the germans never considered it seriously- the biggest blunder ever. Then comes the final phase of the warfare i.e. Invasion. The british airborne assaulters took care of the the western & Eastern flank of Normandy blocking and destroying all bridges

transport and ways for supply and troops. The airborne landings were also intended to block some beachfronts like sword beach. The 82nd and 101st airborne divisions of United States were assigned on Utah beach. Despite all the efforts from the German panzers 21st division and they almost reached the channel,yet they were outnumbered and overpowered by the large army and airborne assault. The germans were totally unprepared, even if they succeed to resist, they wouldn’t be able to stop their power source (Supplies & troops). The result was a successful allied invasion, and casualties less than what the allies expected. The invasion boosted their morale and helped them in creating modern day war techniques and weapons.

As far as Germany was considered, they were in a state of shock and surprise as they never anticipated such an detailed and prepared invasion ever from the Allies. Hitler was in deep thoughts and displayed a little doubt regarding the Reich’s future. Something had to be done, in order to break the code.In july 1944 the results of Operation Overlord was to be declared, Hitler was in his study where he was talking to his associates regarding his plans for the future.

“ The allies have shown their true power in the battle of Normandy, this is something sooner than we expected, we have to move quickly, its time for phase I of the order….”

After all were gone, Castor talked in private with Hitler, “ I am still less convinced about the order, do you really think that this would work?”

“Have some faith and patience, as far as the allies have the notion that they are ahead of us, we are on the profitable side, problems begin only, when they realize that they are so far behind from us. “

“What about Normandy, we lost France and tomorrow they will come for us, then what would you do?”

“ They are not equipped to invade Germany,when Adolf Hitler is in command, as far as our plan is considered we keep moving, and lets not allow, sacrifices, like that of our loyal defense come in between our royal plan……………………………”

Then they talked for a few minutes, and parted ways, Hitler visited the Liar for a meeting with the members, regarding operation Overlord and its outcome.

“ Gentlemen, with regret i would have to say that, we are in verge of defeat as far as the battle of Normandy is considered but that doesn’t, mean that we are defeated, as a learning lesson, we have to learn to be much more prepared for an assault like that,…………………………………..

Suddenly the whole place went blank and it became dark. There was a huge explosion, that blowed out the eardrums off, and making the world go black.

To be continued….
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Chapter II – Bequest Prejudice

[Disclaimer: The following story consists of plots fictitious in nature, inspired from true based events. The sole purpose of the story is to provide readers with suspense & entertainment only]

Words of wisdom: “From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate.”

20th april 1989, Ranshofen, Adolf hitler was born in a small inn. The village later on 1938 was annexed to Austria-Hungary. He was the fourth of the six children of Alois Hitler. His elder siblings Gustav, Ida & Otto died at infancy. Hitler was too young to remember. At the age of three hitler and family moved to a house in Passau, Germany. His father was quite unsuccessful with his career, so they would be frequently shifting places. In june 1985 Alois retired in a small holding in Hafeld, near Lambach, where he tried farming and bee-keeping. Meanwhile Adolf attended a school near Fischlham. From childhood he was quite fascinated with warfare. He had a habit of looking over stuffs in his house, that’s when he discovered a picture book of the Franco-Prussian war with his father’s belongings. Hitler wasn’t the perfect student, he actually found it quite difficult to cope up with the strict discipline in the school, which led to some long quarrelsome Father-son fights. Hitler didn’t seem to like the decision of moving to Hafeld. His father’s farming efforts failed and then, they finally move to Lambach.

Its there he improved as a student and in fact he took singing classes and sung in church choir. That one point of time he thought of being a priest. His family was permanently shifted to Leonding. In the year 1900 with the death of his brother Edmund due to measles, Hitler was deeply affected. The boy once who was an excellent, confidant and outgoing student became morose, sullen and detached boy who would constantly fight with his teachers and his father. Alois made a good career in the customs bureau later on and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. But hitler wanted to be an artist, and this created an unforgiving antagonism between father and son. Neglecting Hitler’s desire to join classical high school and become artist, Alois sent Adolf to Realschule in Linz. Adolf used to bring poor grades on purpose as he thought that ‘maybe if I would bring bad grades he would see what little progress i have made and would let me devote myself to my dream’. Hitler was obsessed with german Nationalism from an young age, and he only showed loyalty to Germany. With Alois passing away in 1903 and consistent poor performance at school, Hitler’s mother Klara allowed him to quit school in 1905. After that he showed no desire for schooling, ambitions or plans for future. He was rejected by Fine arts academy of vienna twice, and he was working as a laborer making paintings and water colors. Vienna at that time was a hotbed of religious prejudice and racism. There was an fear between people that the immigrants from the east might over run them and also a strong feeling of Anti-semitism. Especially in the parts where Hitler lived there was a strong hold of Anti-semitism, which even influenced Hitler at a small level but yet he didn’t find a very strong reason to develop an unforgivable hatred towards the jews.

It was a cold night and nearly four years after his father’s death, when Hitler was searching for stuff in his house he found his father’s old coat and he remember’s vividly, that he found a ledger from the coat. He opened up and read it

“Inexplicable is my pain and sorrow realizing my state, I have tried many times, again and again but yet am not able to prosper. I failed in my career, I failed as a son, I failed as a good husband and I failed to be a good Father. I cannot express my agony when i think about my loved one’s Gustav, Ida,Otto & Edmund, they were so dear to me, but I guess they were more dear to god. When my son Adolf survived the epidemic, I was stupefied and quite relieved. Its then I realized that he is the one who is going to carry out the things that i never could…..”

Right about then,Hitler was startled by Eva who came in through the front door. Hitler who was lost in his thoughts and visions of past took a moment to be roused back in time.The busy week in Berghof had finally ended and the cooks and caretakers were back and so was Eva. Eva Braun was Hitler’s girlfriend (which was quite discreet during the time) Hitler first met her when she was 17 and was working as a model and assistant for hitler’s personal photographer. After the death of Hitler’s Half niece, he started seeing her more often. She even attempted to kill herself to grab his attention, twice when she thought hitler was not spending enough time with her. In spite of all she was loyal to hitler and though they don’t admit, they were attracted to each other. But he never slept in the same room where eva slept and always kept a distance to avoid any speculation in the public or the political party. She was never allowed to attend or be present during any discussion or meeting of Nazi, so people never knew about her relationship other than his five most trusted allies. Therefore Eva was send away for a period of a week to her residence in the reich chancellory so that hitler could make some plans for his future.

After dinner he and eva had a long conversation. Tears rolled from Eva’s eyes during the conversation with rough look on her face, like as if she was levied upon a harsh condition that she became lachrymose, but yet she was obeying and trying to be strong. Finally at the end of conversation she was nodding, eva quietly went to her room to sleep and hitler was sitting right there with a stern face looking at the fire in the fire mantel. Just then he went back in time to the very night he found his father’s ledger, young hitler who had just stepped into adulthood had a quite serious face considering his age. The winter was harsh and it was very cold but yet hitler was sweating.

“…….the one who is going to carry out the things i never could do, eradicate the filthy jews. I still can never forget that night, my mother used to be housekeeper in a wealthy jewish family. They were very rich at the same time a miser. All jews are the same, they treat their maids, house keepers and cooks like slaves, they give them food and money that hardly meet their family’s ends. They used to treat me like a dog , hitting me when ever he felt angry, kicking me and getting me to do all venial work like polishing the shoes cleaning the fire place. One day i desired for some money for all the work i did for them, but all they gave me was a swollen hand and a bleeding nose. From that day onwards i acquired a hatred towards them, I knew that they were cruel and they made our Life a living hell, but I had to bear it all for my mother who had no where else to go. She worked hard enough to make food and pay for my school. Then one night, the senior family member comes in drunk, hits my mother with an iron rod repeatedly. I tried to stop him but he was stronger and taller than me. By the time he was done my mother was badly hurt. She was crying in pain the whole night and it is only in the morning they bring their family doctor who treats my mother, finally declaring her to be ‘unfit’ for the job and just throws me and my mother out without any regret or remorse.

From that day on I tried standing on my feet but in vain, I failed repeatedly disgracing my family and my nation. I have been a german nationalist since childhood, it is not only my family, but the whole Nation, a big family is being affected. The only way to save it is to eradicate the jews. The day our nation would be eradicated by the jews, our nation will be the best nation in the world. A nation with people of pure German race, the aryan race that is my vision, for which i tried hard but couldn’t do anything, If there is someone who can do it, than that would be my son Adolf.”

With tears rolling from hitler’s eyes he turns over slowly to the next page, a huge applaud is heard in his ears and a thunderous roar from the crowd, turning the page slowly, a symbol is revealed in the right side of the page. It was the symbol of Swastika, and in his ears was a speech he gave in 1920 when he declared the new flag for the party

“….It was necessary to use the same colors as Imperial Germany, because in my opinion they were revered colors expressive of our homage to the glorious past and which once brought so much honor to the German nation.”
“ The most important requirement was that the new flag… should prove effective as a large poster because in hundreds of thousands of cases a really striking emblem may be the first cause of awakening interest in a movement.”
slowly, hitler read the page on the left side
“…Swastika is the symbol for our Aryan race victory, Germany consisting of people with pure german race, people we can call our own. This symbol also reminds us of our glorious past and victory over the jews…”

Hitler awaken from his past stands up and walks towards the National flag laid on the wall, looking at it carefully and staring at the swastika symbol.
“I have had plenty of dreams, but after that incident, I would have a strange dream that never had a conclusion in my life. An iron eagle used to fly over the sky with a thunderous screech, and it would majestically come to me, as if it came to rescue me. By the time it reaches me, it gets shot by an anonymous shooter and the Eagle falls from the sky, I could do nothing but to watch it die.”
Event hough hitler was young but yet he was mature enough to understand what the dream represent. Since then he made a stand to relieve the country from tyranny and bring in a revolution. Strange enough he would have the same dream that his father had described in the ledger. Hitler walked towards the picture frame on the wall, envisioning his dream, an Iron eagle with a war cry moving swiftly towards him holding a symbol……………….

To be continued……

Chapter I – Wayward to annihilation

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[Disclaimer: The following story consists of plots fictitious in nature, inspired from true based events. The sole purpose of the story is to provide readers with suspense & entertainment only]

‘Alexander Becker, my best friend of the youth. He would be the only audience around, a patient listener. On the other side was me Adolf Hitler, a pallid, skinny boy with a shabby salt and pepper suit, speaking hours and hours with wild hand gestures talking about  hopes & expectations’, Hitler recalls as he glances over the sky standing with his hands folded. ‘All my dreams were great during youth, had lots of energy and determination but as time passed by barriers prevented progress, the chimera once which were so clear suddenly seemed so nebulous. Maybe life is never ideal but its still worth trying, that is why exactly i did what i felt was right and good for my people, but it seems that many of my own oppose me, forcing me to be on guard’.

December 1941

The german forces were in a state of abjection owing to the harsh climate in moscow and strong Soviet resistance. The ‘Epiphany frost’ were stopping the troops from sustaining their stand. Lack of supplies and winter uniforms stopped the movements of german army. They were so sure about their victory that they neglected the patent. The climate was as severe as the icy cold hands of death. After nearly five months of struggle General Eduard Wagner disclosed the fact they wont be able to hold on any longer owing to the lack of resources & personnel. It seemed as Luck was with the allies as the winter during 1941-42 were extremely severe going below freezing point. Hitler was dazzling at the sky with a fretful look on his eyes. He used to spend most of his time in Berghof, which was situated in Bavaria, East Prussia. He used to rent the house until 1933 he purchased it with the funds he received from the sale of his autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’. His house was full of cactus plants in majolica pots, dining room panel-led with very costly cembra pine. He had a large study with telephone switchboard room, library containing history, painting, architecture and music. A great hall furnished with Teutonic furniture, a large globe and an expansive red marble fireplace mantel. Usually the place would be accompanied by few cooks, gardner and housekeepers, but it seems hitler gave them a holiday, maybe because he wanted to stay alone that day. After glancing the sky for a long time he turned back to his house and sat on his chair with a long gasp. ‘The war cannot be won and defeat is binding, surrendering is out of question but then what is the abdication for this situation. I would rather die than to be captured, but why should I?’

With a hardness on his face he was nodding, and suddenly takes out a paper starts writing down extensively like he was writing a plan. The heading written on the paper was ‘Dezente moderne kriegsführung’. It seemed he was having other plans for the war. After writing down long on about the plan whole afternoon, he took a break and went in to the kitchen to make some coffee. Then with his coffee mug he came out staring at the fire mantel. He looked at it for sometime sipping his coffee as if a brainstorm had struck him. Deciding something in his mind then he walks away to his table and continue’s writing. By evening he completed his writings then he took out some history books and some maps laid it all over the room. If a bystander could explain the condition of the room, he would certainly say that the room was in a derelict. Hitler seemed to be organized with his data and was examining each and everything closely making presumptions and noting it down in a ledger. Hitler usually stays up late and has a very regular but erratic routine. He would get up in the morning at 10am and would have breakfast at 11am and would work till 10pm. He would have dinner as late as 1-1:30am, he usually sleeps at 4:30am. That night was no different he slept 4:30am and woke at 10. It seemed the holiday of the servants were extended to a week. The whole week Berghof was a busy place with trusted german forces and friends, army personnel and lots of construction goods like cement, brick, steel, wood, etc. Meanwhile their were plans laid out to eradicate the main cause of disharmony in germany according to hitler – The jews.Heinrich Himmler the commander of the military and leading member of the Nazi party was the main architect of the holocaust – the final solution to the jewish question. Himmler was man of strict Nazi discipline, but yet hitler always doubted him to be weak as he was more of a sadist than of a socialist. That is exactly why he was given the charge of the holocaust.

There use to be long meetings conducted during the whole week in Berghof. The meeting took place between hitler and his five most trusted allies & fellow men Hans Krebs the general of the german army infantry, Wilhelm Burgdorf the commander and staff officer in the german army, both are also the recipients of the knight’s cross of iron cross with four leaves which are only awarded to recognize extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership. Joseph Goebbels, a german politician, Reich minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany and also hitler’s closest associate. Martin Bormann, the head of the party chancellery and Castor Golo, hitler’s closest friend.

“Loyal guardians of the reich, you of all the people are the only one’s I trust the most and hence I would like to regretfully disclose the fact that the war cannot be won. But this war can be considered as a battle we are going to loose and we know that loosing a battle doesn’t mean that we are defeated, Germany is strong undoubtedly but to fight against three mighty nation’s of the world it just takes something more than strength and willingness to taste victory. I have coined out a plan to the ultimate krieg, which requires tremendous amount of perseverance, devotion and sacrifice to execute. Most of our time its our emotions that drive our thoughts and decisions but don’t let come it in your way because its decisions like these that makes a lot of fritter. We are going to use these emotions to turn the tables on them, as the modern warfare wont be based on firepower and strength, but with the most important aspect of the human nature………………”

To be continued…

Dezente Vorherrschaft (Discreet Supremacy): The Prelude


Words of wisdom: “Struggle is the father of all things. It is not by the principles of humanity that man lives or is able to preserve himself above the animal world, but solely by means of the most brutal struggle.”

As a child History always fascinated me and it was less a subject and more like a story book to me.The most interesting part is to learn that it is a true story. I always enjoyed learning more and more about history. First we learned the evolution of man and then the ages of evolution the stone age, bronze age, etc we learned about our ancestors and we learned about ancient civilizations, foundation of society, system, justice. Then we learned later on about kingdoms, their stories of war and valor. The tales of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj were very adventurous and exciting. I admired him as I was growing up, then i learned about our real heroes of nation and our story of struggle & independence. But the most fascinating part in the history book according to me was the World war & Rise of hitler.

As far as the history is concerned we have learned that the world war I had begun with the fight over the annexation of Bosnia & Herzegovina by Austria. But that wasn’t the exact reason for war. I was enlightened by this fact only many years after I first studied about World War. The Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a member of the group Black Hand, Gavrilo Princip.Earlier the group attempted to try and murder the archduke but failed, an assassination attempt staged poorly. A bomb was thrown under Ferdinand’s car but it failed to detonate on time and instead injured the car behind. The people injured were taken to the hospital while the assassin’s fled from the scene. The Ferdinand wanted to meet those injured people but his driver lost the way to the hospital and eventually they stopped at a cafe. Coincidently at the cafe Gavrilo Princip the member of the black hand was having a sandwich. When he spotted the Archduke he grabbed his pistol and shot him. Thus the assassination of the Archduke and the formation of the allied and central group, consequently the First World War I. The World War had tremendous consequences for both the allies and the central group but the central group had suffered the most, countries that suffered the most were Germany, Italy and Austria. Germany’s Economy had crippled and created a lot of chaos in the nation. It was the great economic depression that provided a political opportunity to Adolf Hitler. The absence of an ineffective government prompted some prominent industrialist of germany like Alfred Hugenberg and Franz Von Papen to write a letter to appoint Hitler as the Leader of government “Independent from Parliamentary Parties” which could turn into a movement that would “enrapture millions of people”. He then was appointed as the chancellor, being which he helped in creating an effective government.

In 1934 (By this time he as considered to be a prominent member of German politics) Hitler became the head of state with the tittle of ‘Leader & chancellor of the Reich’. It is during that year the former president (To which Hitler lost the Presidential election to) Von Hindenburg died. The previous day the cabinet had enacted a new law, combining the office of the president with the powers of the chancellor. Hence Hitler was named as ‘The Leader and Chancellor‘ of the nation.He was believed to be of Strict Nazi ideology and he even stripped nearly sixteen generals for being suspected of not being sufficiently pro – Nazi. He was against prostitution & Homosexuality.He suppressed or eliminated any power against him, thus making him the supreme leader of Germany. He brought the Nation to a good position made it self Reliant and always dreamed of making it a super power. He inculcated patriotism and believed in ‘Racial Hygiene’. He always had an hatred towards jews, at the beginning he only made laws forbidding Jewish and Non-jewish marriages but then he eventually decided to eradicate the jews for the development of the Nation. The holocaust (Final solution of the Jewish Question ) was executed in 1942 killing mass number of jews, which makes Hitler one of the cruelest persons in the history of mankind. His tyranny had spread through Nations and nobody wanted to get into trouble with Hitler. Hitler unified with Japan, Italy & Austria to form the Axis power. In the beginning of 1939 Hitler thought Poland obliteration as a sovereign nation was necessary as it was a prelude to their goal of defeating their greatest enemy – Britain. He was quite offended by the British guarantee of polish independence and he threatened Britain to denounce the Anglo-German Naval agreement if they persisted to it. He wanted Poland to be either a german satellite state or it would be neutralized to secure the reich’s Eastern flank, and prevent a possible British blockade. The offer was denied by Poland and hence he decided to invade it. Only but this time nations like Great Britain who were afraid of hitler couldn’t sit quiet and joined the war. Hence the World War II between the allies and newly formed Axis. Initially Hitler had a great hand over the war. His war techniques were incredibly potent. He believed in Blitzkrieg i.e. lightning fast offense, first by bombing the enemies with aerial attacks and then weakening their strength by strong naval and army offense.

But in mid 1941 things began getting out of hands and that is where led to the path of defeat. The german troops failed to give a strong response to the russians owing to the harsh cold climate of Moscow & the strong Soviet resistance. Basically Germany was against a war with coalition that included world’s largest empire Britain, Worlds largest financial power United states of America & world’s largest army Russia. Hitler’s military judgement was quite increasingly erratic as it was believed he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and hence was going weaker & weaker by day. Realizing this fact and that defeat was inevitable, many plans were made to assassinate Hitler from 1939 to 1945. The most well known was ‘operation Valkyrie‘ planned by Stauffenberg. A bomb was planted in the conference room called ‘the wolf’s lair’. Hitler narrowly escaped the bait as someone accidentally pushed the briefcase containing bomb to the end of the table. So when the bomb exploded the table deflected much of the blast away from hitler. After realizing that germany was near defeat he ordered to destruct all the german industries as a part of the plan scorched earth so that it wouldn’t fall into the hands of allies, but it was quietly disobeyed by the arms minister Albert Speer. Hitler declared that he will stay in Berlin until his death. Eight days after his Birthday he married to his long time fiancee Eva Braun. But his marriage lasted about 40 hours, as on 30th April Mussolini was declared dead and the soviet troops were marching towards them. They tried to resist but failed even before the troops could reach Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide. Eva Braun bit a cyanide pill and Hitler shot himself. Then their bodies were carried out to the emergency exit and was set on fire. Thus with the death of Hitler The ideology of Nazism burst like a bubble. Without its leader National Socialism had come to an end. The ideology was considered to be immoral as it brought war among people and devastated the whole world with Germany suffering the most. During the Nazi regime nearly 21 million civilians were killed & during war nearly 29 million soldiers died.Even after his death their were many things unclear and was quite a shock to learn a man of such caliber would commit suicide, basically certain things still don’t fit into place.

Hitler’s body and those of his fiancee was set on fire even before they could reach unto them but it may not be necessarily be their’s as the technology and Forensics Science were not so strong. Since the people realized that defeat was inevitable, a man with a higher level of thinking like Hitler wasn’t he able to realize the same? Didn’t the plans to assassinate him, like that of operation Valkyrie make him on guard? Would a man so determined like him give up on his Dream of making Germany super power & commit suicide? This is where the conspiracy theories evolve. Based on the loop holes of the history i would be evolving a conspiracy theory of my own. Story by far is true but after this it will be a pure work of Fiction.

Coming soon – DEZENTE VORHERRSCHAFT: Chapter I

Words of wisdom: “Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.”