Its not who i am underneath, but what i do that defines me!

Firstly, it is a moment of joy to complete two years of being on the blogging circuit and the journey has been filled with mixed feelings, i have really learned, realized and experienced a lot of life that we otherwise overlooked here on wordpress. Each blog i saw here was a life itself. They have so much to say, so much to share and most importantly i have met some interesting people here on wordpress, who i just cannot stop talking about, Right from Jennifer Twardowski to begin with to Britt Skrabanek. Well the list is too long and i have decided on this eve of completing two enormous years of staying Mystified. Its time to come up with something innovative by simply activating the celebration mode in the form of Carnival of praise. It head starts the new phase of Mythbroakia by introducing the concept of mission Appreciation, something which is necessary as far as Enaisya is concerned. Yes, Enaisya the soul of Mythbroakia, i finally reveal her on 14th September, perhaps the End of Phase I. The phase I is also based on the actual end that will take place someday soon, the Complete destruction of Mythbroakia. But Before that why don’t we celebrate with this Evolution that Mythbroakia underwent for the past 2 years.



Continued from The illusions of an amazing!

There are always some defining moments in your life which tends to change your perception about certain aspects in your life which you considered differently from a different point of view. It is then that we realize that, complications lies beneath a thin layer of underestimating circumstances. We take back a lot with us from such moments compared to the momentary loss which we give more importance to, at that point. This whole scenario in the end sums up just one thing that is, am i living my life right? I have always been a person, who reasons out before attempting an act which needs any amount of justification, not that i am a god-fearing(Assume me an atheist, to avoid complications) person, but this is something which is some sort of a drill for me so that i know that i am on the track and things are under control.

Self Analysis is the beginning!

I have evolved as a person, from the time when i used to believe in any whichever thing that was fascinating to a person who may be now hard to please.  A sense prevails on a person to not sound or act dumb in order to place an impression of being smart in the society, this act can be relatively equated with masking oneself. You aren’t trying to be yourself when in fact you are trying too hard to achieve it. We all have been through such a similar phases where we create an illusion of appearing in a particular way, but when we try to reason it later, we couldn’t quite get amused that this is infact being lame. On many occasions some  have witnessed similar people trying to get attention, it becomes quite an addiction for them to get attention if they aren’t getting any. Soon we start distancing  ourselves from this thinking, that’s when we learn the beauty of attraction. Natural selection or natural way of attracting people towards you is just staying the way you are (because trust me, when it comes to attraction artificiality SUCKS!). Upon realization of this fact, i have always being myself then on. And trust me the journey became more interesting!

Think of life as the biggest journey!

Expectation is the biggest enemy of attraction. Smart way of identifying yourself is on terms of your LOOKS? (BULLSHIT! whoever said that looked damn ugly from inside). So just for once i stood in front of a mirror and thought of facing my insecurity about looks or attitude or whatever that seemed responsible for me being something else. I could see it clearly, in the mirror what i did i just got it back. If i frowned, the person in the mirror frowned back, when i smiled it smiled back. Looks like a lesson isn’t it?. So based on that fact i decided that however good or bad i may look, the reflections of me is what defines me. If i do any work worth frowning at i shall be frowned at, if i do any work worth smiling for i shall be smiled at. Well that was the basic difference you find when you mirror yourself infront of this world. Life is an amazing piece of art and evolution at certain points redifines the art and makes it appear wonderful. It actually sometimes becomes necessary for one to evolve into a person that one needs to become more than the person that the society demands you to be.

Having said that, situations play their own role in the choices or decisions one makes. Now since every situation cannot be in your favor, in such times its better first to accept whatever the situation might be. Then find your ways towards coming out of it. These things help get a better hang of the crisis or the moment. After this the other element which further enhances my illusion is the thought which i consider the world’s nicest sentence “I Don’t Know”. Its as simple as it says, that when you aren’t aware of certain things or do not know them in a better way, its better to admit this and then work towards making it better. I still believe in the existence of my illusion, that is always trying to give people an impression that i might be amazing, but i am just an ordinary guy with no ego hassles and has evolved as person with some conscience involved, well we all do. There will always remain an air of misunderstandings surrounding me that is a part of what i call as my illusion, but that isn’t a thing of my concern how people percieve my illusion as, what concerns me is that my illusion justifies the reason on how i might act and the reflections follow suit.

Its not who i am underneath, but what i do that defines me!

To All My Beloved WordPressers and every lovely Reader, Believe in no other illusion than yours!

And once again, heartiest best wishes to all who have supported and Sure enough this place shall never fall short of Surprises in its own ways. For the time being lets CELEBRATE.

And Don’t Forget to be a part of the Carnival of Praise. Submit your blogs ASAP! before 14th September for appreciation is for Everyone! 😀

The Illusions of an Amazing!

Its never easy to wage a lone war!

There is a stage that comes in everyone’s life when one is overtaken by his personal failures over his professional success. However the person tries to run away from his past, the past always catches up with him in the present and reminds of the unpleasant days that left a terrible impact on his life. One such person my friends have an image of; may not know in reality over the turmoil and the shares of trouble that has surpassed him. This is about a person who has generated an illusion into making people believe that he is amazing, and the history remained unchanged from then on, as nobody knew his struggle to keep up, all they knew was how amazing this guy could be or going to be.

Its true nobody has a perfect life and the whole life we spent in achieving something that is always close to perfect or in other terms a sense of recognition by the society or making it big in this world. This person i talk about was never so perfect from the beginning and always had a lack in certain departments, apart from a troubled childhood. What he found that he was a part of a second world which others had created for him. It seemed he suited the needs of that world and hence an illusion started generating in the minds of the people regarding his role in this world. Interestingly, despite his various shortcomings in certain areas; people thought that he is probably a guy who had the edge over the others. The best part was the encouraging word of mouth comment that he used to receive that made him believe that he was indeed amazing. But there was another angle to this thought, which in fact was the reality that; he was just another normal guy with nothing much extra-ordinary.

This is when Expectations barged in and upto some extent the scenario changed over a while. This generated haters for him and they looked down on him or started bringing up issues which might depress him. Now, it is a human tendency, you just cannot escape these untimely things, neither could he initially. Thus the struggle began. The world is always waiting for any person to fall, because when they fall the world gets a good laugh and they all feel better to see somebody who gets left behind. Well, practically speaking they aren’t wrong and in a way they will always take their own stand and think of themselves. Now the person who has fallen it is him/her who would think in terms of the-ways-of-the-world kind of philosophy. It is utterly depressing, and to tell the truth one shouldn’t waste time in thinking about those who hate them. Instead rise again and make sure, that the world will think twice before laughing at you. This person must have been real brave to go through that phase of his life, when dark clouds were all around him.

Don’t Ever Let your struggles give you away!

The most disturbing thing is to see expectations riding on somebody one by one. Personal failures extend to the certain expectations that family has on you, but sometimes you cannot live upto it, because as humans we are prone to committing a lot of mistakes unintentionally, but every time we do so various situations spring from them and it does get difficult handling them sometimes. Thus generating an illusion that people might still have about him that he is good no matter what. There has been times where he had certain expectations with his own self but couldn’t even meet them. He realized there was a need of generating an illusion, something which would keep the people around him busy in various ways and never would he let people in on his problems, his struggles or what angered him. Because even if the world knew, they like before won’t care much about it, in fact that would allow them to add to his woes.

But mostly he has been received as an able and potential person in everything he does, even though he may suck at certain things. He never believed in self-praise and tries to be modest today even after facing many failures and when people again turn up with new expectation.It is like he has been working his way towards the illusion of distinguishing himself from the others, but in reality might be something else. It did sting in the beginning to not be like everyone around and the ever-growing threat of misunderstandings all for a wrong cause and thus generating the image of what would eventually be the conclusion. Maybe things weren’t so tough as one thinks them to be, maybe some people take life too seriously. But one must start seeing the flipside of life and tell you what, this alone can warm anybody to a considerable amount.

So it just needs a belief in yourself to turn the tide of expectation and hence deliver. So to everyone whose expectations were broken by this person i talk of; intends to work towards restoring faith in the people and keeping that illusion alive, but by some means he wouldn’t want the illusion to survive at first place and on second thoughts, he wouldn’t let the burden of expectations influence him any more under any circumstances. The fact of the matter is to working on the departments where one lacks and hence fails to deliver, So the attempt must be thus to position oneself as a mirror to this illusion of an amazing and most importantly not to lose heart. This is how things are funny and nothing else, we are a part of this crazy world, Shahrukh Khan works for the brand called SRK, which is his funny way to remark his life story. Similarly he works for that so-called illusion that defines him as amazing! I Guess everyone should create an illusion and work towards making it real eventually. It is a nice way to enhance yourself!

And perhaps the person i have been talking right from word one, is none other than the creator of Mythbroakia, i am sure most would have guessed it from the start, but i am glad you all chose to Stay Mystified till the end! That’s the illusion i was talking about……..

To Be Continued……………….

Mark your Arrival in a Grand Way!