Dezente Vorherrschaft (Discreet Supremacy): The Prelude


Words of wisdom: “Struggle is the father of all things. It is not by the principles of humanity that man lives or is able to preserve himself above the animal world, but solely by means of the most brutal struggle.”

As a child History always fascinated me and it was less a subject and more like a story book to me.The most interesting part is to learn that it is a true story. I always enjoyed learning more and more about history. First we learned the evolution of man and then the ages of evolution the stone age, bronze age, etc we learned about our ancestors and we learned about ancient civilizations, foundation of society, system, justice. Then we learned later on about kingdoms, their stories of war and valor. The tales of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj were very adventurous and exciting. I admired him as I was growing up, then i learned about our real heroes of nation and our story of struggle & independence. But the most fascinating part in the history book according to me was the World war & Rise of hitler.

As far as the history is concerned we have learned that the world war I had begun with the fight over the annexation of Bosnia & Herzegovina by Austria. But that wasn’t the exact reason for war. I was enlightened by this fact only many years after I first studied about World War. The Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a member of the group Black Hand, Gavrilo Princip.Earlier the group attempted to try and murder the archduke but failed, an assassination attempt staged poorly. A bomb was thrown under Ferdinand’s car but it failed to detonate on time and instead injured the car behind. The people injured were taken to the hospital while the assassin’s fled from the scene. The Ferdinand wanted to meet those injured people but his driver lost the way to the hospital and eventually they stopped at a cafe. Coincidently at the cafe Gavrilo Princip the member of the black hand was having a sandwich. When he spotted the Archduke he grabbed his pistol and shot him. Thus the assassination of the Archduke and the formation of the allied and central group, consequently the First World War I. The World War had tremendous consequences for both the allies and the central group but the central group had suffered the most, countries that suffered the most were Germany, Italy and Austria. Germany’s Economy had crippled and created a lot of chaos in the nation. It was the great economic depression that provided a political opportunity to Adolf Hitler. The absence of an ineffective government prompted some prominent industrialist of germany like Alfred Hugenberg and Franz Von Papen to write a letter to appoint Hitler as the Leader of government “Independent from Parliamentary Parties” which could turn into a movement that would “enrapture millions of people”. He then was appointed as the chancellor, being which he helped in creating an effective government.

In 1934 (By this time he as considered to be a prominent member of German politics) Hitler became the head of state with the tittle of ‘Leader & chancellor of the Reich’. It is during that year the former president (To which Hitler lost the Presidential election to) Von Hindenburg died. The previous day the cabinet had enacted a new law, combining the office of the president with the powers of the chancellor. Hence Hitler was named as ‘The Leader and Chancellor‘ of the nation.He was believed to be of Strict Nazi ideology and he even stripped nearly sixteen generals for being suspected of not being sufficiently pro – Nazi. He was against prostitution & Homosexuality.He suppressed or eliminated any power against him, thus making him the supreme leader of Germany. He brought the Nation to a good position made it self Reliant and always dreamed of making it a super power. He inculcated patriotism and believed in ‘Racial Hygiene’. He always had an hatred towards jews, at the beginning he only made laws forbidding Jewish and Non-jewish marriages but then he eventually decided to eradicate the jews for the development of the Nation. The holocaust (Final solution of the Jewish Question ) was executed in 1942 killing mass number of jews, which makes Hitler one of the cruelest persons in the history of mankind. His tyranny had spread through Nations and nobody wanted to get into trouble with Hitler. Hitler unified with Japan, Italy & Austria to form the Axis power. In the beginning of 1939 Hitler thought Poland obliteration as a sovereign nation was necessary as it was a prelude to their goal of defeating their greatest enemy – Britain. He was quite offended by the British guarantee of polish independence and he threatened Britain to denounce the Anglo-German Naval agreement if they persisted to it. He wanted Poland to be either a german satellite state or it would be neutralized to secure the reich’s Eastern flank, and prevent a possible British blockade. The offer was denied by Poland and hence he decided to invade it. Only but this time nations like Great Britain who were afraid of hitler couldn’t sit quiet and joined the war. Hence the World War II between the allies and newly formed Axis. Initially Hitler had a great hand over the war. His war techniques were incredibly potent. He believed in Blitzkrieg i.e. lightning fast offense, first by bombing the enemies with aerial attacks and then weakening their strength by strong naval and army offense.

But in mid 1941 things began getting out of hands and that is where led to the path of defeat. The german troops failed to give a strong response to the russians owing to the harsh cold climate of Moscow & the strong Soviet resistance. Basically Germany was against a war with coalition that included world’s largest empire Britain, Worlds largest financial power United states of America & world’s largest army Russia. Hitler’s military judgement was quite increasingly erratic as it was believed he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and hence was going weaker & weaker by day. Realizing this fact and that defeat was inevitable, many plans were made to assassinate Hitler from 1939 to 1945. The most well known was ‘operation Valkyrie‘ planned by Stauffenberg. A bomb was planted in the conference room called ‘the wolf’s lair’. Hitler narrowly escaped the bait as someone accidentally pushed the briefcase containing bomb to the end of the table. So when the bomb exploded the table deflected much of the blast away from hitler. After realizing that germany was near defeat he ordered to destruct all the german industries as a part of the plan scorched earth so that it wouldn’t fall into the hands of allies, but it was quietly disobeyed by the arms minister Albert Speer. Hitler declared that he will stay in Berlin until his death. Eight days after his Birthday he married to his long time fiancee Eva Braun. But his marriage lasted about 40 hours, as on 30th April Mussolini was declared dead and the soviet troops were marching towards them. They tried to resist but failed even before the troops could reach Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide. Eva Braun bit a cyanide pill and Hitler shot himself. Then their bodies were carried out to the emergency exit and was set on fire. Thus with the death of Hitler The ideology of Nazism burst like a bubble. Without its leader National Socialism had come to an end. The ideology was considered to be immoral as it brought war among people and devastated the whole world with Germany suffering the most. During the Nazi regime nearly 21 million civilians were killed & during war nearly 29 million soldiers died.Even after his death their were many things unclear and was quite a shock to learn a man of such caliber would commit suicide, basically certain things still don’t fit into place.

Hitler’s body and those of his fiancee was set on fire even before they could reach unto them but it may not be necessarily be their’s as the technology and Forensics Science were not so strong. Since the people realized that defeat was inevitable, a man with a higher level of thinking like Hitler wasn’t he able to realize the same? Didn’t the plans to assassinate him, like that of operation Valkyrie make him on guard? Would a man so determined like him give up on his Dream of making Germany super power & commit suicide? This is where the conspiracy theories evolve. Based on the loop holes of the history i would be evolving a conspiracy theory of my own. Story by far is true but after this it will be a pure work of Fiction.

Coming soon – DEZENTE VORHERRSCHAFT: Chapter I

Words of wisdom: “Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.”

Politics of the Zombies!


Politically correct sometimes refers to being Politically "Zombie".

(Disclaimer:The following is a pure work of non-sensical philosophy which bears not a single amount of resemblance to any possibly related thing. A satirical look on the political scenario about a coming of age Pakistan, where a young and newly elected MP for Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in Pakistan goofs up a statement which he makes on “War” and the misinterpretation may cost him his job, the politics which follows around cannot be possibly justified though the titles says it all. The language used might be objectionable as far as politics is considered and the ethos of the nationality of a country(Pakistan) is concerned, but this is a futuristic political fiction drama which necessarily does not imply anything at all. Note that the language is highly offensive, the character Mr.Noorani was tailor-made for mouthing cuss words, in no way this be made into an issue about being abusive, it is a work of fiction.)


You worry about the unkindliest of the neurotic beings that happen to walk freely in this world without being called zombies, the highway that leads to the parliament, that must be difficult, even then its a pleasure meeting you, Mr Noorani, i am…….” the words that came out of the newly appointed special advisor for Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, that was Mr Aseem Khan. This new guy just joined office today, and he looked every bit unfit for the job as far his health was concerned a blow of breeze would snatch the life out of him, as far as his mind was concerned it minted bullshit every fifteen minutes, a problem he encountered the day he watched the bollywood film by Aamir Khan Ghajini. His name was kashmiray ul-haq and he was very badly welcomed by Mr.Noorani who happened to be the Director of Communications for the prime minister and also looks after the members of parliament and their election campaigning. Mr.Noorani shouted back “What of you Motherfucker, how did you get the fucking balls to speak those fucking-jane-fucking-austen-thoughts of yours, this is not a fucking fairy tale, where cindrella is a slut and begging for cocks to serve her, get to work you dildo, not a word till i say you son of a cocksucker”.

In political lingo, "WAR" has got different dimensions!

Introducing Mr.Noorani, an outspoken minister who controls the speeches of every minister in the cabinet, specially the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs , since the statement he has to make has to be globally accepted on an international level without causing any trouble. Despite the fact he controlled speeches, he never controlled his own, the mouthful bounty served to Kasmiray ul-haq was just a slice of how he is when he is normal at work. There is another reason for his cuss-words-in-their-full-glory state, that is because the new minister of foreign affair did some unthinkable statement making at a press conference, something which was highly misquoted, something which he spoke on war. Definitely something which went beyond the limits that Mr.Noorani had set for Aseem Khan, the minister.


A day ago………………………


A media person asked, “What is your views on War amongst “Nations”? Well the media person did stress on the words nations to get an expected reply or rather a provoking guesture. The new minister was up to face the media and he spoke in reply to the question, “I believe…. it is…. an unnatural thing and…..” he was taking some pauses in between to frame his words in a proper manner as to arrive at something which he wishes to convey(with a good-intention) “in its very fabric….. of ….. of …. nature, something truly and highly unwanted”. “……………Unnecessary spate of events contributing…… themselves…… miserably to the…… alliance of a disturbed state of mind and a state of mind which is…… um….. very sure about being evil”. By now it was quite unclear what he meant and he himself was getting confused by what he was saying, but he had to finish it so he went on… “I support my theory by stating this fact that war is a totally misinterpreted dilemma which has an ulterior motive which nobody tries to understand and that i believe needs to be focussed on as its very important, we should not be afraid of Wars”. This longish statement had made the minister quite beaming with joy and made him feel like a boy who just had sex with a whore whom he fooled by bargaining for an amount which was quite less according to him.

But just as the statement made into its headlines in the newspapers the other day, the statement he made was highly misquoted and rather than going against the war, the statement sounded like a necessity to have a war to understand the nature of them. It was as if his statement sounded like some kind of experiments that needs to be done so as to understand them. This misinterpretation had drew much flak and his reputation as a minister of foreign affairs was at stake. This was just the beginning of the worst phase of Mr.Aseem Khan as the statement created quite a stir in India as well and as much that the minister at the indian counterpart said, “I believe our friend needs to play safe, experimentation on an irrevokable thing is like playing with fire, there is only one conclusion —- DEATH”. There was a political tension all across Pakistan. This is where Mr.Noorani steps in to save the drowning ship.

“Do you have any fucking idea about what you said to the fucking media yesterday”.

“Yes, i believe i was asked to make a statement on Wars and i happen to phrase it quite rightly i suppose and at the same time by being politically correct just the way you had told us, i remember being politically correct” and after saying this Mr.Aseem Khan gave a smile of satisfaction as if he had indeed done it correctly.

“Well… here’s some fucking news for you, badass. The fucking people out there are probably percieving it as a fucking idiotic statement, they believe that you are on an experimental terms with war, Oh gimme a break…… was your ass riding on a horse cock when you opened your fucking cocksucking mouth of yours to cum bullshit after bullshit of your statement-making spree, you have earned a fucking reputation of “the pain” in this country’s a…..”.

Before Mr.Noorani finished, the minister interrupted, “Okay, look i am sorry, i was a little excited to speak, i did not mean what i said, i didn’t have the slightest idea that this would go so far, and stop embarassing me, and i don’t like horse cocks okay, and plus i am not a gay, and i can fix things, i mean we can fix things, i believe”.

“You ass, you should be running for covers, the statements you made about war is already spreading like the “fucking disease” spreads, and your fucking chances of winning are as less likely as Paris hilton growing boobs”.

“Don’t bring her here, i get nervous, i promise i shall not screw things tomorrow, call me a press conference i will clear matters before they get worse”.

“Lets see what you do tomorrow, pervert!”


The next day………………………..

The media shoots again…” Do you stand by the statement you made earlier about war?”. “Well, um…… yes, i believe……… i was misquoted, when i said to improve matters, War needs to be understood, where i actually meant was in order to get to the root of matters, we need to get into the core of it, from where it all begins, It is like climbing Mt.Everest, difficult but not impossible and ……. and……. we need to conquer……… war, we….. we….. need to climb the mountain of conflicts to understand the nature of them”. Just as the statement was made, the minister once again was quite happy with himself and this time he felt like he just recieved a good blowjob.

Avoid climbing "the mountain fo conflicts"

Kasmiray Ul-haq the minister’s advisor said, “Well, that answer was really a blowjob”.

The minister got startled to hear that word which he thought of just a moment ago and said, “What the fuck? huh!?”.

“Yes, like a blowjob… i mean the words the way they were flowing in and out of your mouth, you could……… like beat a professional cocksucker, i think that is really awesome way to give a……”.

The minister cut him short and with a disgust tried to complete his advisor’s unfinished sentence, “A blowjob!?”

“No. Sir i meant to say a statement, i never thought about that”.

“About what?”

“That you may want to give a blowjob”.

“Oh shut up! now don’t piss me off”.

“Okay, sir i won’t, but in first place i wasn’t at all pissing you, i think so”.

“Will you just shut your mouth, connect me to Noorani, i want to know his reactions”.

At the minister’s office…………

“Welcome, little fuckers…., you blew it again this time you just confirmed that the statement you made was actually to provoke a war amongst nations”.

“Well, but i never said India, i was conscious not to be misheard, i tried to be politically correct, what is wrong with that?”.

“That was a pathetic fuck, you sick dick, i got a phone call from the prime minister, he is under the pressure to send you marching orders, now your fucking days of being a minister of the new-age Pakistan is practically over”.

“No… don’t say that, my days have just begun here…….. i don’t want to go home, please do something”.

Mr.Noorani did help as he could to try and save an honest minister from getting misinterpreted. But he could not save his ass. Mr. Aseem Khan on the request of Mr.Noorani gave his own resignation just to save the humiliation of getting suspended and making it into a more horrible political scenario. A new minister is now appointed at his place. As for Mr. Ul-haq he too had to leave office, and before going his single act of bravery infront of Mr.Noorani backfired so badly that his middle finger on both his hands got fractured, Now Mr.Ul-haq can possibly not show his middle finger to anyone. This was just a piece of a politics that happens away from the eyes of a normal man, the citizens who despite having amazing amounts of failures in their personal life at the end of the day look up to the government to fix things up, to be righteous and to end all their worries, but little do they know that all the ministers inside are pretty fucked up, and what they play with their nation is nothing but the Politics of the Zombies!

Politics is most often played by people who are rather........

The Controversial ‘BOOK’ Of Politics!

Banning on what grounds?


Since every one is talking about lions,tigers,cubs & puppets i thought of showing the limelight to those who would correctly deserve it.Lets take some few names before we get started though,Salman rushdie,Dan brown,Taslima nashreen,Arundhati roy,Rohinton mistry.I might have missed out on some other names as well,but apart from the common link these names share as being famous authors they also get categorized under one section for a reason i would shed light towards the end.First of all extremely commendable works of fiction on paper have been given out by each of the above writers.Now lets get back on track,i personally do not believe the above fearless people wrote their work keeping in mind that their work would be the cause of chaos,in fact they had written every word in their book just to introduce their own personal views and represent the times we are a part of.

In the blockbuster hit movie ghajini, aamir khan had a dialogue that its good to do your work with emotions & not emotionally.It cannot be denied that we are a part of the society which is emotional to a large extent,and there are too many personal views on one single thing,it is that we cannot agree on a single thing.Now after that if banning some books gives any amount of satisfaction then people go with it.But it only reflects the ideology of a society which is still not ready to accept anything beyond what they can take.Hence,i wouldn’t want this book banning thing to happen,because i myself am thinking of writing a book & it won’t deter me to now write on certain issues which i feel needs to be touched by.But one thing has made me glad that by now the people of our society have been able to recognize what needs to be done and what not,i am not at all surprised by the support everyone is garnering for Such a long journey,it only means that people are taking their stands if needed to be heard,i may declare this the beginning or the awakening of the much-awaited new india that we all were looking for.Finally i reach to the category i was talking about in the beginning,that sees the above mentioned names together & they fall in the category of ‘independent writers of the contemporary era’ who love to explore what lies beyond.So lets become a part of this group and keep on writing,reading and possibly clear the misconception surrounding the phenomenal craziness of banning books.

So there are some people out there who make their way inside this controversial ‘book’ of politics,and try to bank on it as an easy way to declare their arrival.The smartness lies in actually knowing the difference between reality and fantasy.So if not the first time around let’s hope the ‘cub’ does something sensible in the future and as far as the ‘puppet’ is concerned let’s hope this folly was his last time.

A reason not good enough!

Things started getting more stupid as i started growing up.Lucky enough to recieve my education from a convent school and thereby growing up as a valued citizen.Soon i realised this world is a laughing stock if you saw it from EMINEM’s point of view,indeed it is.Since i now realized that after 18 years of my existence there is sometimes no reason out there for something that happens and the one which demands a reason!A little confusion is always called for in this case(cant help thats my nature,but go on!)but this case has a reason not good enough…….. so what exactly i am talking about?

Hmmmm….. well,presenting to you some interesting unknown and unanswered questions that we face today which still doesnt has any reasons attached to it.This goes back a long ago to a time when people considered that the one who was well acquainted with mythology knew everything in this universe,he was a source of enlightment,knowledge and wisdom.The one who knew the vedas,shloks was a divine personality in the eyes of the people.It is during those days that an unknown incident took place and shook a belief for once.A kid(their innocence is something you cannot escape)went to such a scholar who was referred to as the one who knew it all and this very person had taught the kid about ramayana and mahabharata and the teachings from them.Seems like the kid wasn’t satisfied enough he went on to ask his master”was lord rama actually a god as they say?”.the master got amused,he simply gave a smile and said”why don’t you think so?”.The kid replied”well if he really were a god,he would have rescued his wife using his powers and not sacrificing the many soldiers in the war against ravana,is the purpose of being god just to see the personal side and not the other innocent ones”,the priest found himself in a bit of confusion and was looking for an appropriate answer to this one but couldn’t produce.As to why certain things happen and the reason is unknown well its also unknown.But there might be several takes on this theory by the kid but you cannot be certain on any one.Well this was just the beginning,i have more for you from todays world!

Now have you ever imagined that why does a politician never commits suicide?Well you have almost every one out there in our country using freedom of expression used in a suicidal way starting from the student who failed his exam to the celebrity who was depressed,but nowhere do we get a (good)news that a politician has commited suicide ever wondered why so?well,basically you need a good reason to end your life and politicians well they have lots of reason for existence than to die.Feelings,thats another thing you require when you are planning to end up your life(not necessarily but feelings are a reason that leads to this sin),so when actually a politician is not ending his life does that means he doesnt has any pressures,or does that means he does not have any particular feelings?(oops! no feelings then is a politician a human?)then we can say a politician doesn’t has any emotions then!

Never mind the one who blames others is also at fault.Yes now its our turn,people whatever we do sometimes it seems we dont have any work rather than relating things to issues and thus ending up in protests well a few trendsetters we have Aaja Nachle,the movie starring madhuri dixit garnered the angst of the people just because the lyrics of a certain song in the film didnt go down well with some people,the same happens in shahid kapoor starrer kaminey where the chartbuster song Dhan Te Nan had to edit out some part of its lyrics.We have controversy with aamir khans film Fanaa and Rang De Basanti in the form of aamir supporting the narmada bachao andolan for the former and the display of certain characters in the latter.For god’s sake now we really don’t have any better job than to hunt for a new controversy however lame the reason maybe(i say again a reason not good enough!)Taslima nasreen to salman rushdie to dan brown for their masterpieces have also identified themselves with this stupidity as well!

Time and again we seem to take the freedom of expression too seriously for mostly the wrong reasons.(really! wonder if this would have been used for all the right reasons many talents would rise)this thought never seems to cease the mind that why do people resort to such means.This brings us to the rise of the news channel of a different kind where you get to know all about the things that you never thought of or the one’s which you thought were never existing.Thanks to their effort now we know how kareena got her size zero figure and broke up with shahid or even better what does aamir say on his blog about SRK.Then even more you get about what did mr.bachan eat today for snacks……. someday we are waiting that they shall tell us why do they do this for(the trend continues and finally finds its way in gossips amongst the youngsters)get a life people! stop being crazy!

If its so then i shall show you whats called as going crazy and that too with reasons(ha ha i have many but i shortlisted a few good ones).Ganga is considered to be the holy river in hinduism,we believe that Gangaji came from the heavens,so all the dams be demolished which contains the water from this holy river.(ouch!).And not to forget ma sita was kidnapped and taken to lanka,i wish the government must attack SRI L ANKA and avenge this insult.(that could be crazy……way too crazy),oh! our beloved hanumanji as stated in ramayana flew to the himalayas for sanjeevni    buti…..the path travelled by him thus becomes sacred,therfore all the flights crossing this airway be banned………(silly demand……but thats the height we may actually go some day). people may actually come up with issues which possibly may or may not have a good reason but its we who have to understand about the scenario and in the light of the moment not support such baseless fallacies.

I mostly believe in todays world issues which needs attention are less focussed on and rather issues without a reason.Can’t we produce a better proof of our stupidity……… and by far this stupidity has been observed mainly in INDIA,think about it this is a reason enough for our country to be eluded from achieving its deserved position in the world!

Work towards eradicating this unknown fallacy!

Having a reason is better than a belief!