Unknown Fallacy!

Introduction to the unkown fallacy is the gateway to the world of mythbroakia.Fallacy simply means a misconception or a mistaken belief,something that people assume to be true but are far away from the reality to realize that its just a false notion.Just when i am done saying this,thats when we know that a certain thing comes under a fallacy,but what if the fallacy is unknown?

Something which we believe has a stronger existence turns out to be something thats unknown………..this word fallacy grabbed my attention a long time ago when i happened to read the black swan by nassim nicholas taleb,amazing book & an equally amazing concept by him about normal humans who generally commits a mistake of assuming something that can happen or not.

Then i discovered this world of mythbroakia which was as dark as it could get and possibly the concept behind this darkness was the emptyness of the soul making it appear ghoulish.Its USP was the various myths that filled the world with,myths which are nothing but a part of fallacies were a part of this world.You are the soul of this world and to make yourself free from the clutches of these societal myths that hinders progress,you need to break every myth that remains there.For every myth broken you shall define a new you with a new power unleashed in yourself.

basically to make an identity with progress on a global scale that lets individual success also to make its name alongwith the country one should break every possible myth that surrounds us.

So take the plunge……… uplift your spirits and enter the world of mythbroakia your licence to break the myths and make this world a better place.a slight word of caution this world is really very gothic,the picture of this world shall frame up in this blog as the other articles sum up the whole experience,thereby defining a new platform!

so ready to get yourself a new identity!the rules of entering this world shall be stated shortly stay tuned and stay scared!


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